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    posted a message on I would like to change my forum name

    There cannot be dashes in usernames. Underscores are okay. The only one available was the last one you listed.

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    Greetings all!

    A lot has changed over the years. We, the staff, have been discussing changes for the forum for a while now. We have many changes and a list of things we would love changed on the forum but require a bit more work than just a flip of a switch or a line changed in the backend code. For now, we'd like to start off with something that will get the ball moving to prepare for future changes.

    It's no secret that we are extremely strict, and going forward we'd like to ease up and foster a better relationship between moderation and members. So for starters, I'll list a few things that are in discussion.

    • Reviewing our stance on Profanity.
    • Bumping as a whole and especially in the Server Section specifically.
    • Removing Section Rules and just expanding the General Rules

    We'd love to hear your feedback and will be taking everyone's opinions and suggestions into consideration. We'd love to discuss everyone's thoughts on what needs adjusting, what people think should be removed, or even if there is something members would like added to the rules going forward.

    I'd like to add information and add points which you all have been making. I may not have everyone's exact wording but a lot of suggestions were similar. Those have been combined and are as followed as below:

    Regarding Servers

    • Only allow server owners to share their server once every X amount of days.
    • Require server owners to use offsite applications or private messages instead of forum thread replies to put “popular” threads on the same level as “new/unpopular” threads who do not bump/have responses to keep the thread active on the front page.

    Regarding Bumping

    • Review bumping in the server section. Possibly loosen up what is or isn’t considered a “significant” update.
    • Allow forum server owners to bump their thread once every X amount of day/s.

    Regarding Profanity

    • Ease up, but not outright remove.
    • Clarify openly about what is and isn’t allowed.
    • Allow self censoring.
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    posted a message on Are You Hosting A Java Minecraft Realm?

    With the release of Mojang's new version of Minecraft that allows cross-play between the Xbox One, Windows 10, mobile editions and more of the game, the new version has been renamed to just Minecraft.

    What if I'm not playing Mojang's new Minecraft?

    That's perfectly fine, Java servers and realms are still playable, nothing has changed besides the game being renamed to Minecraft: Java Edition. You can still share your Realm for others to play on in the section linked below.

    Java Minecraft Realms

    If you would like to read up on the new version of Minecraft, you can follow the link below.


    Q: What will this version be called?
    A: Going forward, the Bedrock Engine-based version of Minecraft will be called simply Minecraft on all platforms. Our general rule of thumb is that if a version can play together with the others, it’s called Minecraft. The original Java PC version and all other isolated versions will have “Edition” names, like Minecraft: Wii U Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition.
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    posted a message on What happened to Vattic and his Faithful resourcepack thread?

    Vattic didnt delete his thread. what happened was he became inactive due to irl problems. When the ownership of MCF changed hands to a european company, according to EU law, users are required to state that they allow the new owner to store their info, or else their account and info gets deleted. V|attic was inactive and missed all that. |Hopefully he will be able to restore both his account and thread.

    Magic Find, the Company that now owns us, and the previous owners, Fandom, are American Companies. The rest of this statement however is correct.

    If Vattic returns they can submit a request via our support email to try and recover his account. If we can, thread recovery would come later.

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    posted a message on Future Changes to Site Rules
    Quote from journeymanmc»

    So I just want to add one thing, on some of the pages such as Minecraft Forum List, I'm having a hard time reading some of the headlines (silver-grey on white), is it possible to add text-colors with bigger contrast?

    Just to clarify what you are asking, are you referring to the header that contains "Forum", "Latest Post", "Threads", and "Posts", or "Recent Updates and Snapshots" along with the latest thread responded to, to the right?

    If its neither of these you are referring to could you provide a screenshot, if possible, so I can be sure to understand what you are asking?

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    posted a message on No more 'Link Removed'

    Asking them to not post is futile sadly as they are only interested in sharing the link and not actually being a member of the forums.

    The people posting those are not always bots, but people who were led to believe that they would make money by sharing videos here via spam youtube videos on "how to get rich". We catch a lot of these, but if we miss any please help by using the Report Button below their posts.

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    posted a message on (edited - my issue with moderators has been resolved and there appears to have been a misunderstanding)

    I'd like to add that the forum has no setting that blocks a member from posting on an active thread. Claiming that we purposely blocked you from posting on a thread is something that is impossible. If it is open (not locked) anyone is able to respond to the thread. If you had posts removed without requests there are times we do remove posts.

    Circumstances are as followed:

    1. Member requests a post to be deleted/or post breaks forum rules. If someone replied/quoted this post we normally try to remove posts that quote/respond to the post. No warnings are issued.

    2. The entire thread has been requested to be deleted/breaks forum rules.

    3. Possibly a site error as they are not too uncommon around here, but generally will correct themselves.

    4. If a post you created breaks forum rules but is not recent we would still remove rule-breaking threads/posts but not warn. We're strict here, but we're not so strict we will warn you from a few weeks ago.

    • The exception to this is more glaring in the server section. There are cases where we will close old threads after new information is brought to light. These cases are normally regarding review rewards or if a server owner shows that they do not plan to follow the forum rules. Servers have been banned from posting on our forum for violating the spirit of fairness.

    Edited to add a point for an exception to 4.

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    posted a message on Welcome to the new Minecraft Realms Section

    The Minecraft Realms section is for sharing and inviting players to your realm. Below are some tips to advertise your Realm.

    How to Effectively Promote Your Multiplayer Thread

    So, you're looking for advice about how to format your multiplayer thread? Or perhaps you'd like to optimize your existing thread to garner more views? In this guide, we will cover the very basics of creating a clear and well presented multiplayer thread.

    The aim of a multiplayer thread is to entice players to join your game or help with your projects. To do this, we have to start from the very beginning:

    Your thread title is important

    The title of your thread is incredibly important in attracting people to your topic. Here is a list of ways to clearly format your titles:

    • Always create a clear, to the point title
    • Threads which do not have a clear title often look messy and unprofessional.
    • Include key details about your game or project in the title, using [prefixes]
    • Are you playing Survival? if so, put [Survival] in the title. Maybe you have specific type of Survival server. Maybe you have factions. in this case add [Factions] to the title. Perhaps your game is geared towards PVP? Add [PVP] to the topic title. If you often run building contests, add [Contests] to the title. If you are looking for friends, staff or need help building something? We have [Friends], [Staff] and [Builder(s)] prefixes also.
    • To Add Prefixes to a New Thread

    • To add Prefixes to an already created thread.
    Step 1

    Step 2

    Good titles:

    Titles which clearly display your game name, or purpose for your thread.

    • [Survival] [Factions] [PVP] Kingdom Quest
    • [Builder(s)] [Staff] Minigames
    • [Friends] [Help] New to Minecraft

    Bad titles:

    Titles which are unclear, messy and non-descriptive.

    • JOIN NOW!
    • ATTENTION: More players needed!

    The contents of your thread should be inviting, clear and descriptive

    The layout and look of your thread is equally as important as your thread titles. Let's list a few things which will help your multiplayer thread stand out and shine:

    • Imagery
    • Having either a banner, logo or some form of an image at the top of your thread is a big plus. This will be the first thing potential members see and are drawn towards. Images and videos elsewhere in the thread will help a lot too.
    • Introduce your game or request
    • A short (or long if you prefer) introduction is important to explain exactly what your game or request is all about. If you're focused on PVP and fighting stuff, make this clear in your opening text. If you're more geared towards co-operative building, add this within your introduction. If you need help, let people know exactly what you need help with.
    • List your Realm's features
    • Do you have a list of jobs that your game has? If so, this would be a good time to list them. Similarly, if you have a list of member ranks, put them beneath your intro.
    • Rules
    • Being clear about your rules is incredibly important. Display them somewhere in your thread, or you may find people just do what they want.
    • Provide an application form
    • The best way to invite players into your game is to provide them with a list of questions to answer. This helps them know you're serious and helps you know who may soon be a part of your game.
    • Application form example:
    Name (IGN/GT):
    Location (timezone):
    Minecraft experience:
    Why you want to join:
    How you'd contribute:

    • Keep the text formatting simple and clean
    • Format your threads nicely, but don't overuse bold, underline, excessively large fonts or a crazy amount of colours. Threads which over use text formatting can look messy and amateur.

    That's it for now. If you have any questions or suggestions about formatting multiplayer threads, feel free to add them as a reply to this thread.

    This is not a recruitment thread. All posts looking to join a realm or using this post to advertise will be removed.

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    posted a message on pronouns option

    The Minecraft Forums welcomes everyone from all walks of life. While we don't have a specific profile field for gender there is nothing stopping you from adding that info to your profile's bio at this time.

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    posted a message on Regarding disappearing threads, posts and users

    This is not something we have forgotten about. With the closing and then "reopening" of the forum we've not had time to look at this issue. Right now the focus is transitioning owners and things on the backend of the website which I'm not personally apart of/have much knowledge on so I can't really say much.


    We are looking into ways, but please bear with us as we continue to find a solution. We are hoping to provide better support moving forward.

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