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    posted a message on Sphax PureBDcraft (14/09/2019) - All resolutions / 100% complete
    Good job on this great texture pack, can't wait for your 1.9 textures. The enderman is looking sweeeeeeet.

    Also I get a black screen when I try to run with 512x textures, any idea? I allocated 4GB to Java, I think I tried 6GB too but that didn't help any. Anyway not really a big deal, everything still looks awesome.
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    posted a message on 1.5★★ TITΛN ★★ Griefing ✔ PVP ✔ Factions ✔ Craftbook ✔ LVL ✔
    In game Name:KinoftheFlames
    Why you want to play here:Vanilla Hardcore PvP
    What you expect of this server: ...vanilla hardcore PvP, preferably with lots of people, no downtime, and no lag
    How did you hear about us?: forum browsing
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    posted a message on [TheMMOProject] Dead Miner Society clan
    :Pig: The warpig approves of raping land and pillaging towns. :Pig:
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft 🌟 Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer 🌟 THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010) Heroes RPG!
    in-game name: KinoftheFlames
    location and age: MI, USA / 21
    previous bans: none
    referral: none
    reason you should you be accepted: I'm mature and this server sounds like what I've been looking for
    information you would like to add: I founded one of the popular vanilla servers when SMP came out
    Special Key: {+99+}
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    posted a message on KinoftheFlames Vanilla (We have cookies!) [10/9/10]
    Due to a lack of funds, the server would be going down at the end of the month. Actually, the server should have gone down at the beginning of this month, I've been paying out of pocket to cover the costs up until now. In order to get more donations for the server, we allowed more people to join. More people = more trash/cheaters/griefers = more work. Except donations didn't increase at all and now I've had to spend far more time maintaining small little things on a server I'm hosting out of my pocket for other people that I don't even play on anymore. So the server is shutting down.

    The point is I'm not trying to take the server away from you guys, but that the server work is taking my time and money and I get nothing out of it. So I'm quitting. If anyone else wants to run the server, be my guest! There are links below for the server map at the time of shut down and the server software and settings that was being used such as the whitelist (doesn't include the map). I would love for the server to live on (and especially get the chance to play on it again in the future with the new updates!), but again - I do not have the time nor resources to devote to maintaining it any longer.

    Map: http://www.mediafire.com/?0mue8w04tzh3c6h
    Server: http://www.mediafire.com/?004pb16qz20pbto
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    posted a message on KinoftheFlames Vanilla (We have cookies!) [10/9/10]
    Quote from Lethes »
    Someone set spawn on fire again, and I can't connect long enough to stop it. It keeps saying that connection is getting reset.

    FlamFlam was removed from the whitelist and the connection issues have stabalized
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    posted a message on KinoftheFlames Vanilla (We have cookies!) [10/9/10]
    Server is back up!
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    posted a message on KinoftheFlames Vanilla (We have cookies!) [10/9/10]
    Yes the ISP the server is hosted from is having server-wide issues right now which will hopefully be resolved soon.

    Quote from GTommo »
    By the way, people asking for an increase in player limit: This server is already the highest 'sensible' spec you can get - infact it would run a 40 player CSS server without a doubt. But it is more the problem with Minecraft being an extremally resource intensive game, you would need a supercomputer to have a 40 player Minecraft server without lag or crashes (with a map this size and complex).
    Hopefully, when Minecraft is developed further it will be much more stable, efficient and able to hold more players without using as much resources. :biggrin.gif:

    Actually this computer is fully capable of running a huge server. The issue is not Notch's fault, it's the server's internet connection. It's "internet" isn't fast enough to handle all the connections. If people chipped in the server's connection speed could be upgraded.
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    posted a message on KinoftheFlames Vanilla (We have cookies!) [10/9/10]
    Quote from Colonel Thirty Two »
    Can we increase the server cap? I am pretty sure it was reduced to 9 because of the server crashing all the time back when it was unstable, but now the software is much more stable.

    It's actually due to the upload bandwidth limit. You have three solutions: wait for someone to leave, donate to get a reserve slot, or donate toward purchasing better server specs. Or you can always go to another server if you are impatient and broke.
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    posted a message on KinoftheFlames Vanilla (We have cookies!) [10/9/10]
    Quote from Xbob »
    The fire has been contained, Spawn Island is now safe again! Though we will hunt down the one responsible for this and punish him or her severely. I may restrict some players of their building rights. It's nothing personal. This is to make sure the server won't be griefed and to find out who did this.

    Look at:

    Quote from tonic1080 »
    Quote from Xbob »
    Also note: Telling other people in the server how to (ab)use any of the bugs/glitches that are presently in the game is a definite no-no. The chat on the server is logged and there's no way to deny that.

    You were not banned for laying down minecart tracks.

    Yeah, would like to see that log.
    Yup, 100% sure a legit log that has me doing anything of the sort does not exist. But by all means, please make me eat my words.
    Better yet, own up to the fact that you messed up and learn from it.

    Thanks for reinstating my white list access but I think I will find myself a new home.
    Have fun folks.

    I can tell you there is a 99% chance the one who did this was the guy who got banned for suspected cheating, begged his way back to the server, then decided not to play on the server anyway. He probably just logged on, started a fire, and left. Though I'm not quite sure HOW he did it since placing using a lighter is nerfed, placing fire is nerfed, and lava starting fires is nerfed.

    Needless to say both he and his friend have been removed from the server's whitelist. And as a future reference to everyone who gets unduly removed on suspicion - here's a prime example why we don't like to let people back in regardless.
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    posted a message on Lock this thread (hMod thread)
    Is max players working properly? I have "max-players=9" in my server.properties file and non-admin, non-reserve list members can still logon.

    Please help this is lagging my server and I need a player cap in place.
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    posted a message on KinoftheFlames Vanilla (We have cookies!) [10/9/10]
    Quote from tonic1080 »
    BTW, Mine Cart Update

    Just looked in on two other servers and Mind Carts are banned from the servers because there is a known memory leak issue that causes people near the placement to crash. (When they are bring placed)

    The server and client only load and distribute info within a close proximity to where you currently are standing. If you are in a close proximity to the mine cart tracks being placed you can crash.

    Here's another post notating the mine cart AND tracks placement memory leaks...

    All the server admins on the other server were quick to know the problem and answer. If your admins are banning people, please make sure they research the issue first.

    There is a known issue with crashing when using/placing mine carts/tracks.

    obviously wish I knew this before hand

    BTW, Jason_Rhodes was online when we were having mine cart issues and talking about them in chat trying to fix it / get info on it.

    Thank you for that link. I'm obviously not opposed to letting people back in if they can justify themselves succinctly, but otherwise it is too much to handle individual cases. I can verify that since the server policy was changed to open recruitment there have been two instances of the server crashing due to memory leaks, which is suggested by the thread you linked as well. So to me it seems plausible that you were getting disconnected from the same bug.

    Please refrain from laying minecart tracks for now while the server software is buggy and I will personally add you and your friend back to the whitelist. Please PM me your in-game name as well as your friend's in-game name (and forum name to identify his earlier application).

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but the zero tolerance in suspect policy is based around having only 2 active admins, 1 active moderator, and an average of 3 applicants daily. We have to be vigillent against possible griefers and cheaters.
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    posted a message on KinoftheFlames Vanilla (We have cookies!) [10/9/10]
    Quote from xVALLENx »

    yeah Every time we laid tracks down the mine it got real laggy and we had to disconnect and rejoin for it to stop.

    on a further note i just tried to log in and it says I'm not on the whitelist anymore. Any chance i could get put back on?

    IGN xVALLENx and if could check my friends rights also his is Tonic1080

    There is no-known lag issue related to laying down tracks. There were two "subway" tunnels with many tracks laid with no complaints prior to you two joining.

    However there is a duplication bug associated with disconnecting from the server. I would assume that you've been removed from the whitelist on suspect of cheating. You're welcome to talk over the decision to remove you with the moderator who did (which I believe was XBob), but you will most likely not get back in.

    If you're connection issues happened to emulate the same behavior a cheater using the duplication bug would go through, that is unfortunate. But some people must unjustly suffer for the rest of the players to be happy. Ideally we'd have some kind of appeal system, just how US freedom is kept by presuming innocence over guilt. Unfortunately we don't have the resources (mainly time) to perform such investigations.

    If you decide to donate to the server we will take that as an act of good faith on your part and allow you back in under the presumption of innocence, but that does not mean you would be exempt from suspect in future cases.
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    posted a message on KinoftheFlames Vanilla (We have cookies!) [10/9/10]
    Quote from Jason_Rhodes »
    Quote from KinoftheFlames »

    It seems to me like this is likely a software error as the server has a LOT of memory to access from the server box. Any thoughts?

    Though, I didn't have any problems -- a couple people complained of lag spikes and disconnects last night. (A couple people were attempting to lay tracks(or so they say) and kept getting crashed, as well).

    On another note:
    Is there any chance of this server leaving Vanilla after the major bugs are fixed?
    The current freedom is fun, but I wouldn't mind an added element of lite-RP.

    No matter what else happens this server will be vanilla, or with modifications to fix bugs in vanilla and modifications to support administration. There won't be any game-changing features. The idea is to be Survival + Multiplayer verbatim
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