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    HELLO I HAVE A CLAN CALLED , The Warriors (castle clan ), and I have been delaying it so I want to bring it back by versing another clan if YOU have a clan or a group of friends you can join . It will have to start on saterday and Sunday because some people have school . You need to pick 3 people to be with you and help .we will have a 10 minute grace period so we can't attack for 10 minutes I already have my people hope you guys respond soon

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    Ready for some sky wars to play all you have to do is leave your PSN In the description or add me my PSN is BEEEZO and also send me a message saying sky wars so I know that you wanna play age doesn't matter but when we start the sky wars if you have a mic it MUST BE OFF I will tell you to turn it off 1 if you don't your kicked tell your friends about the server and invite them if we play have a good day

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    We will take recruits until August 11 . There are different groups of this clan . The Archers, Builders , Knights , Assasins , Farmer , Miners , and KING ,

    The archers must be good with a bow and must know there surroundings you will protect the castle and sometimes go into battle if needed the Builders will build the base for everyone but keep in mind yoou will not being going to creative only survival

    Knights will attack the enemy I will explain who that is later

    Assasins you will assassinate people who disobey the king

    Farmers must gather food for the clan

    Minors are accutly most important and get paid most u must get ores for weapons and armor

    And the king the king must lead the castle and I am the king for now who ever does best or who I think does best will be king and when a new king is found I will be a archer

    Now to the enemy you can either choose to be a good team or evil team I will be a good team member but you can decide

    my PSN is BEEEZO leave this information in the comments



    pvp level


    what you want to be

    why you want to join

    if you are good or evil

    And if you are a boy or girl

    If you want to add me make sure to send me the friend request and you MUST say the word CLAN or I will not except

    Do to the shortish of evil team you may be moved to the evil team if needed

    We will be versing other clans

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