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    posted a message on Mine Quest!: Faction PvP, Hunger Games, and Pure MC Survival!
    Be very careful when voting for this server on Planet Minecraft. Three of us voted tonight and then logged out and can't get back in. It seems we have been banned.

    And because Planet Minecraft sucks we can't even leave a comment on there.
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    posted a message on ♛[1.6.2] Adventure-Craft ★ [Hardcore Factions PvP] ★ [No Lag] ★ [PvP Enhancing Plugins] ★ [Great Staff]♛
    Don't bother with this server. The /back command is for ops only. So if you die out in the wilderness or a cave somewhere you can't get back to that spot to get all your stuff.

    Complete waste of time. There are many many other servers to choose from.
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    posted a message on [WraithMC]
    If you like building medium to large farms then don't join this server. It can't handle the lag from the farm.

    I built a wheat farm that had 30 plots of 6 X 7 and when the water was turned on to harvest it the server lagged so one of the owners deleted my farm and wanted to give me a spell in exchange for it. I guess he thought I was a little kid and expected me to get excited about having a spell.

    I'll find a different server.
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    posted a message on Survival Server - [1.4.7] [Noob Friendly] [Lag-Free] [Grief-Free]
    My favorite thing so far is that no one has tried to kill me LOL.
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    posted a message on The Lost Woods [PVP-Towny-McMMO] [75 Slots - US host - 3GB Ram]
    Quote from Swainooo

    IP: join.thelostwoods.gb.net
    Slots: 75

    Welcome to The Lost Woods. We're now around 3 months old and getting stronger by the day. We're a PVP server with Towny as the backbone, we've tweaked Towny to be as PVP enabled as possible.

    The main feature being the ability to claim other members towns and raid, just like you would on a Factions based server.

    Check out our forum for an in depth tutorial into Towny http://thelostwoods.gb.net/index.php

    We also accept donations, In the not too distant future we hope to upgrade from out current hosting package. Donation info can also be found on the forum.

    Our World and Goal

    We have a beautiful main world with an amazing seed, we've implemented a world border, so members can't build 30k blocks away from each other, this is to subtly improve the amount of PVP.

    We went down the Towny route because we personally prefer to see awesome looking Towns built outside, instead of little caves built underground. On our server you can build an amazing town outside and not have to worry about it getting griefed because of the Towny Protection.

    Our Goal is to improve the quality of the server by listening to the users and adding things if necessary. Something we will be hopefully implementing soon is the addition of hand made quests. This will give our members something to do when they have had enough of beating the life out of other towns.


    We have a time based ranking system. Once you reach the rank of Noble or Elder, there are some hidden bonus's in store.

    0hr - 1hr = Peasant
    1hr - 24hr = Settler
    24hr - 3 1/2 Days = Citizen
    3 1/2 D - 7 Days = Noble
    7 Days = Elder

    - No racism
    - No childish behavior
    - No spamming
    - PVP is encouraged
    - Have fun and kick ass!


    McMMO, MultiWorld, MultiInv, MobArena, NoCheatPlus, Votifier, Towny, ChestShop, Buycraft, AntiPVPLogger, Lottery+, SecureChests, SpamGuard, WorldBorder.

    There is no explanation of Towny on the website and the link down below doesn't even work. I'm not going to even bother trying out this server.
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    posted a message on Survival Mode Engage! [New] - [Survival] - [PvP] - [Economy] - [No Whitelist] - [24/7]
    Quote from DABOMBER

    Survival Mode Engage !
    Server IP:
    Server Rank's:

    Explorer: Default Rank !

    Watch-Guard: Patrol the server and watch for any griefing hacking and glitching etc !

    Chat-Guard: Watch the chat for any spam swearing cap's and advertising etc !

    Moderator: Keep an eye on staff and the server chat etc !

    Admin: Watch over other staff and keep them in line. watch the chat and look for hacker's etc !

    SeniorAdmin: Your in charge of the staff and looking after the server when the owner isn't available and watching chat looking fir hacker's and glitcher's etc !

    Server Owner: Dabomber

    Server Rule's !

    Hacking: Instant Ban!
    Glitching: Temp Ban / Ban !
    Racsim: Temp Ban / 45Min Mute!
    Swearing: 2 Warning's Then 5Min Mute!
    ​Swearing: 3rd Warning 45Min Mute!
    Cap's: 2 Warning's 5Min Mute!

    Cap's: 3rd Warning 15Min Mute!
    PvP: You Can't PvP In People's Home's! Temp Ban!
    PvP: You Can't PvP Camp! Temp Ban!
    PvP: You Can't Attack Staff! You Will Be Killed And Your Item's Will Be Taken!
    PvP: Staff Can't Kill You For No Reason Or Abuse There Power's! If They Do Screenshot It And Post On Here!
    Template: Reporting: [Abusing Fly] IGM: [Dabomber]

    Donation's Are Alway's Accepted More Information In Game!

    Staff Application Form Template Copy/Paste:

    In Game Name: [name]
    Time Played On Minecraft: [time]
    Time Played On Server: [5 Day's min]
    What Rank Are You Applying For?: [Watch-Guard, Chat-Guard or Moderator]
    Age: [age]
    Country: [Country]
    If You Seen Someone Hacking What Would You Do?: [answer]
    ​Why Are You Applying For This Position?: [answer]
    Are You Mature: [answer]

    Complete The Above Question's ^

    Thank's For Your Time! I Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!

    I'll avoid this server. Seems to be a lot of little kids on it.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Vitality - The Return!

    Welcome to our MCForums Page.

    I'm sure you're here to find a server that suits your needs, impliments what you suggest into the gameplay, and listens to their players. Well, you've come to the right place, for sure. The owner of this server, as many of you may know him by, is Andy. He is pretty easy-going but not to the point that he won't take administrative actions if someone does something wrong. He codes for the server, runs it, builds it, and administrates it all at the same time, and as you may understand how tedious this can get, he needs some staff to help him around the server. This DOES NOT mean that you can apply, but it does mean that we need dedicated, helpful players on the server who can direct people to where they need to go when they need to go there. If you're interested in being a staff member, do not post here saying "Can I be mod?" or log in and staff hunt the f**k out of me, but instead be active and recruit players to join the server. Showing me you deserve it is always better than asking for it when you yourself know you don't.

    Besides the fact that this server was made in regards to popular demand, we offer you full input on what changes are made to the server. Before something dramatic is updated or done to the server, you will all be asked what you think of it. Take it as a Democracy. Most of this can be done in-game, or on the forums @ http://mcvitality.org/forums
    We also offer a nice gaming community of many people who share the same talent and enjoyment for the game as you do. We encourage PvP + Raiding, and that will be taken to the grave. We know what it means to have staff abuse, and you will NOT have to worry about that. All of the staff members on the server will be forced to be put into one faction, called 'WatchDogs,' with the exception of a few undercover mods/admins that I will not name. The donor ranks are also well balanced to disable any unfair advantages gained thru donating that many other servers will have.

    Well, unfortunately, as we just started out, it's quite small. That doesn't mean it will never grow, because everyone starts somewhere. All I ask is that you help advertise the server by commenting on this post daily, or as much as possible, to bump it to the top of the listings, and by staying an active player and member of the forums, if possible. If you have any questions, this is the place to put them (besides the forums..)

    Of course, the thing you're looking for the most!

    The server IP is:

    The website is:

    The Forums are located at:

    Thanks for your support, it has helped a whole lot lately everyone,

    Not a good server because you have to donate money just to use /back. That makes it a money sucking server.
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    posted a message on Bug with pistons
    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try out the two line feed system. I was using a redstone torch to trigger the pistons. I can't explain here how I set it up, I think. Let me try. I have a cobblestone block, redstone placed on top of that block. Then a blank space and then the two stacked pistons. I place a redstone torch on the side of the cobblestone which is at the top row of pistons.

    Sorry if that sounds like crap.

    I don't know how to take a pic and post it in here.
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    posted a message on Bug with pistons

    I made a sugarcane farm using a bud switch on a multiplayer server. It works, but I seem to be getting a glitch.

    The pistons get stuck in open and closed mode. Meaning a piston is both closed and open at the same time. You can see how the piston extends and pushes the sugar cane and then retracts. But it leaves a solid image of the extender out. And it's solid. I can stand on it and it prevents the sugar cane from growing. I have to use a pick to break the extended piece.

    Has anyone else come across this problem? It's my first time making a bud switch in a sugar cane. I copied it off of a youtube video. The video worked and my bud switch works the same.
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