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    My Age: 16
    My Purpose: I love building, plus,being creative and making structures is what I do best, and without the freedom to spawn items, building things is quite complex without spawning in stuff
    Why Do I Want To Be One?: To express the creativity in my architecture
    Have I Ever Been Banned?: Never been banned
    Owner of a Server: I have attempted to get one, but no
    Number of Times Been Admin: 3 times
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    posted a message on Normal, Friendly, Not So Crowded, Survival Server Wanted :D
    Hey, this is KingRoy25, and some friends and I have been needing a server for quite sometime now, just a simple survival server with a friendly host. I wish to have someone that will just want to have fun, none of this "PVP, FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL or RPG". I'm talking about a good old fashioned survival minecraft game.
    ~Normal Survival
    ~Non-PVP or RPG
    ~Friendly Enviroment
    ~Just to have fun
    ~Mods (may vary between mods)
    ~If we have a enough resources, we could build a city or town
    We would love if anyone can respond soon, thank you very much :D
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