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    posted a message on Diamond Anvils
    I really like this idea and think it could work. People are either claiming it to be UP or OP, I think it is neither. Its gonna cost you a whopping 31 diamonds, nearly half a stack, so its not exactly gonna be something that you can just throw together. I think this would be really good for mapmakers, and a new goal for those that like to show off their survival worlds. I totally support, and think this is a very 'neat' and tidy idea.

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    posted a message on Crafting Idea: Name Tags
    Here's an idea I've had for a while, and I am finally going to post it.

    The idea is for Name Tags, crafted with 1 string and 1 paper (in the same way flint and steel is) and would be a really neat item for adventure maps and everyday survival.

    The tag can be used to give a new name to any item in the game, e.g. a weapon or block.

    Take this example:

    Iron Sword --> 'Sexy Katana'
    Iron Sword

    I can apply any name I want to the item. If I had effects, I could make it:

    Potion of Invisibility ----> 'Sneaky Potion'
    0:50 Invisibility 0:50 Invisibility

    This would mean for adventure maps names could be given to items, to make the situation more realistic. Or alternatively, players could 'name' their items on multiplayer.

    I think it would be a fun and straightforward idea, and it is loosely inspired by the item tags in Team Fortress 2, which I think added a lot to the game.

    Please tell me what you think of the idea.

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    posted a message on My Modding Ideas!

    I can do the Glowstone torch one and might be able to do the pumpkin stew one :laugh.gif:

    Really! That would be amazing! A gold for you ! :GoldBar:
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    posted a message on My Modding Ideas!
    Greetings! There are lots of cool modding ideas out-there, and I would love to here yours. Below, provide me with your idea and/or crafting recepie ad I will add it! Enjoy the list!!! :LA:

    Glowstone Torches

    Seriously? The Only point of glowstone dust is to make glowstone! At least clay balls can be used to make brick! Please Notch! Give us a use! Anyways here is my idea: glowstone torches, a stick and some glowstone dust makes 1 torch (similar to redstone ones). They light a greater area then coal/charcoal ones!
    Glowstone torches are crafted by placing one glowstone dust above one stick

    Brick Stairs

    I've always wanted more use for brick! Brick stairs seem like an idea! Crafted like any other stairs but with bricks instead of brick blocks, these could be really pretty!
    Brick stairs are crafted like regular stone or wood stairs but with bricks instead of brick blocks

    Brick Slabs

    Again, these would work well with the 'architecture' vibe. Crafted like any other slab!
    Brick Slabs are crafted like regular slabs but with brick instead of brick blocks

    Pumpkin Soup/Stew

    Pumpkins are cool, but I have always wished they just had a use! (other than to make Jacks-o-lanterns). If mushrooms can do it, so can pumpkins!
    Pumpkin Soup is crafted by placing out pumpkin above a wooden bowl, pumpkins soup heals 4.5 hearts


    I really want this!!! It would finally give a use for dye, wool is not pretty and far too rare to build a house out of. Paint would 'wear down' like tools do, (maby 40 applications?). They cover a face of a wooden plank block the colour of the paint! Water would wash it off! It could make houses sooooo pretty!!!!
    Paint would be crafted by placing one dye above one water bucket

    Glowstone activated by redstone

    I would love it if there was a way to control light in minecraft. Redstone is the closest thing minecraft has to electricity, This would not make sense with torches, so why not redstone! If current was applied to glowstone, it would go dark! How 'bout it?

    So what do you think of my ideas? Please write your own! I would love to hear them! If any are silly/pointless then they will no be put up (e.g. Ray Gun). Just think 'could I actually see notch adding this' as a rule!

    If you wouldn't mind, please click the green box :Green: , it means ALOT to me, but if you don't want to, then I'm not goind to launch my creeper army on you or anything! :SSSS:

    Anyone who comments something useful gets a :Diamond: , :GoldBar: and a :Bacon: !

    Your Ideas |
    V :-(o):
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    posted a message on Tips for making great adventure maps!
    I'm not saying that I make the best adventure maps ever, but after playing quite a few I thing I have found quite a few good tips on making good ones. An adventure map can be improved by doing small little things, and you don't need to be a pro to do them. So wiggins further ado, here are my tips!

    1. Building
    If the map looks awful, then mediately there will be a negative atmosphere with the player.

    1.Make a theme, and stick with it. Pick a colour, style, block, and build with it. If your map is a mess of grass, stone, brick, wood and gravel, then it looks bad, and the player thinks that you have not really grasped the point of your map. Here is a good coded to stand by; for a plain, simple map, use iron blocks (you always want you map to be bright). For a scary one, cobble, obsidian or bedrock is a must. If it's arid and hot, sandstone. And for a water themed use lapis blocks and gold (the gold compliments the lapis excellently). Wood is boring, as is stone, as the player most likely sees it every day when he or she is playing mine craft. :DPA:

    2.Keep things evenly sized. If one room is ten times bigger then the previous one, than it looks uneven. Small rooms are never good, but big ones should always be decorated somehow. Even just a patteron the wall, a window, some paintings, a sign with some text on it, it makes the room mo interesting. :_:

    3.find a good checkpoint system. 'nuff said. :Zombie:

    2. Puzzles
    Perhaps the most important bit.

    1. Make you puzzles unique. Even if only one of them is, classic annoying puzzles like the water bucket and black wall are easy to make but BORING. Try to make your own puzzles, even twists on classic ones. It is easier thN you think. :Notch:

    2.No stupid puzzles. Don't you just hate puzzles when all they are are lots of leavers and a sign saying 'only one opens the door'. A monkey could design that. If you do make jumping puzzles, make them blend in with the environment, and be colourful, like jumping around on bookshelves, or if it's jumping on trees, make it in a park. :YFlower:

    3.getting noticed
    Really important

    1. Make a forum post. Put the map on the forums, and give some screenshots, if you have a good trailer, than people will practically pay to play it. Make the post colourful, and try to get some good comments on it. :Frame:

    2. Make it easy to install and download. Make a simple media fire of adfly link, and let that be it. No complicated website crap please. :DPANTS:

    3. If someone plays it, win. If you can get a you tuber to play, then people will often play it. Even small ones (don't bet on the yogscast plating it yet!) :--+:

    I hop all this was helpful! Please tell me about you adventure maps, and I will play them, and hopefully advertise the best ones here!
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