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    posted a message on Noob with dorky question?
    repeating the same answer won't help that much, guys.
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    posted a message on Water not breaking wheat?
    hmmm... on my pc it isn't showing the snapshot.
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    posted a message on The Ancient Runes [DISCONTINUED]

    Anyone here?
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    posted a message on You know your a minecrafter when...
    you know you're a minecrafter when

    you slay helpless animals for your own personal needs,
    destroy the beautiful terrain just so you have building space,
    when you commit acts of deforestation,
    cage innocent animals,
    throw the babies of chickens,
    mine all of the world's resources,

    and all of that just for what?
    Your own selfish needs. Anyway, better continue my killing spree.
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    posted a message on Various Questions
    2. If you surround the sides of an oak sapling with blocks, it has a higher chance of growing a huge one. You have to use up a lot of bonemeal though.
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    posted a message on Silliest way you have died in Minecraft?
    I was running from mobs. My hunger bar was at 3 drumsticks and I JUST made it into my house. As I shut the door, I heard a faint hsssssss

    That or just being killed by a mad bunny.
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    posted a message on Mushroom nerf
    So seeing how mushrooms weren't an option before their spread nerf, I, as a hardcore player, don't see why they would be nerfed. If you aren't playing in hardcore, it's easy to cheat items into your inventory. Even in hardcore it is possible to use TMI to get items. So why nerf something if players can just cheat it in?
    This makes me wonder if you play anything besides creative. Think about why people would complain about something before you question what we do.

    The point is, that you don't cheat. If you DO cheat in survival, you're just undignified. If Minecraft added a new food source that's better than replenishes ALL your hearts, and you can use TMI to get it, you think they won't nerf it?
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    posted a message on Mushroom nerf
    Quote from Natharias»

    It's not. If you go in there and use mushrooms, you spawned in a mushroom biome. If that were the case, you should have a mooshroom on the other side of the portal and plenty of stews present in your inventory.

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    posted a message on 1001 achievements (Now with a 1 on the end!)
    This is a list of achievements that anyone can contribute to. Make sure to leave a suggestion below. Try to go from easy to hard

    Casual gameplay-

    1. Get your first dirt block (From rags to riches)
    2. Your first death (Ouch!)
    3. Successfully obtain 30 coal (1/2 Hot Topic!)
    4. Break your first sword (Rusty)
    5. Create a wheat farm (Now all I need is some pepperoni and cheese)
    6. slay 10 undead mobs in 1 night (Buffy the-)
    7. Acquire 10 iron (Iron-man 4 confirmed)
    8. Craft all of the dyes (The colors of the rainbow)
    9. Blown up by creeper (Welcome to minecraft)
    10. Craft a full set of diamond armor (Untouchable)
    11. Receive an Infinity enchantment on a bow (Bottomless clip)
    12. Get a fortune enchantment on a tool (Lucky, lucky)
    13. Tame a dog (Good dog, best friend)
    14. Tame an ocelot (Catch me if you can)
    15. Trade with a villager (Economist)
    16. Fall 14 blocks an survive (My leg!)
    17. Cure a zombie villager (There IS a cure!
    18. Brew a potion of invisibility (I am the night!)
    19. Get shot by an arrow in the knee (Skyrim)
    20. Make an automated farm (We have the technology)
    21. Tame a horse (64 haystacks)
    22. Build a secret room (Nothing to see here..)
    23. Find an easter egg (Damn it, Dinnerbone!)
    24. die 100 times (Unprofessional)
    25. complete 5 of these achievements (Self aware)
    26. Have a chest full of food (Feastier)
    27. Kill 5 cows (PETA hates you)
    28. Enderpearl through a block (The floor here is made out of floor)
    29. Kill 10 chickens (Spies everywhere!)
    30. Make a block of TNT (Revenge)
    31. Achieve all of the below (You have too much time.)
    32. stand still for 1 minute (DUH....)
    33. Fail at crafting (Stupid cauldron..)
    34. Make a Minecraft Journal right here on the Minecraft Forums (Journalist)
    35. Obtain a stack of diamonds (Heavy Miner)
    36. Construct a Town (Mayor)
    37. Make a fishing pole (Fisherman)\
    38. Construct a big statue of your skin (Larger than life replica)
    39. Construct a beautiful fountain (The Fountain of Life)
    40. Post in the thread "1000 tips and tricks in minecraft" (Self advertising)
    41. Kill 100 witches (Salem Witch Hunt)
    42. Witness a Creeper get struck by lightning. (Sparky?)
    43. Drink a potion of poison. (I have the flu...)
    44. Drink a potion of poison. (I have the flu...)
    45. Kill the Wither (Pretty Strong!)
    46. Tame 50 wolves (I <3 wolves!)
    47. Enchant a full set of Diamond armor (Enchanted Warrior)
    48. Die 10 times (That's gonna hurt!)
    49. Craft 30 Diamond Blocks (Richie Rich!)
    50. Attack a pigman (OH GOD NONONONO)
    51. Jump off a cliff (Goodbye, world.)
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    posted a message on easy chest sorting
    i do not understand.

    mostly because of how you wrote it and your spelling
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    posted a message on Do you prefer minecraft vanilla or modded
    I become crazy without inventorytweaks,

    so yeah, modded.
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    posted a message on Crazy Finds
    made a new world, got wood, made pickaxe, mined cobble, made better pick, mined for a few minutes, git iron, repeat, and guess what I found.

    one my second minecraft day, 5 diamonds.

    almost regret not buying a lottery ticket that day
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    posted a message on All-U-Want - Create and edit items, entities, spawners, and more!
    Quote from lunchboxxx19»
    can i use this to combime a glowstone and a minecart?

    glowstone is not an entity, so no.
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    posted a message on Is 1.8 Lagging for you? POLL - Let's settle this issue!
    Seriously, minecraft?

    1.7.10-Max settings, no vsync 120-140 fps

    1.8-lowest settings, vsync off, VBO on, classic superflat, standing still 10-30 fps

    I have had the same fps from 2.0 to 1.7.10

    eh, rabbits aren't that important anyway.
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    posted a message on Mushroom nerf
    think about it though. To make mushroom stew all you need to do is go into a cave and bring a bowl.

    minecraft isn't really one to have "Physics" but why the heck would 2 mushrooms be equal to a whole chicken?
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