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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] Dragons [WIP][v2.4.2]
    I'm having some trouble with this mod... it appears to be partly working, but not totally. TooManyItems has the eggs & other gear, but I don't see any dragons in the world.
    It could be that I'm not giving it enough time, I don't know. What kind of environment do they require?
    Anyway, here's the error-checker results; any advice you can glean from it would be welcome.
    ===Simple Minecraft Error Test===
    Starting Minecraft...
    16 achievements
    151 recipes
    ModLoader Beta 1.7.3 Initializing...
    Overriding /gui/items.png with /dragon/dragonscale.png @ 38. 129 left.
    Overriding /gui/items.png with /dragon/dragonscalegreen.png @ 46. 128 left.
    Overriding /gui/items.png with /dragon/scaleswordblue.png @ 61. 127 left.
    Overriding /gui/items.png with /dragon/scaleswordgreen.png @ 62. 126 left.
    Overriding /gui/items.png with /dragon/dragonsaddle.png @ 91. 125 left.
    Overriding /gui/items.png with /dragon/dragonstaff.png @ 101. 124 left.
    Overriding /terrain.png with /dragon/dragonegg.png @ 30. 82 left.
    Overriding /terrain.png with /dragon/blueegg.png @ 54. 81 left.
    Overriding /terrain.png with /dragon/greenegg.png @ 76. 80 left.
    Mod Loaded: mod_Dragon Dragon Mod v2.4
    Mod Loaded: mod_TooManyItems 1.7.2 2011-07-01
    WARNING: Found unknown Windows version: Windows 7
    Attempting to use default windows plug-in.
    Loading: net.java.games.input.DirectAndRawInputEnvironmentPlugin
    Failed to initialize device Wacom Virtual Hid Driver because of: java.io.IOExcep
    tion: Failed to acquire device (8007001e)
    Starting up SoundSystem...
    Initializing LWJGL OpenAL
        (The LWJGL binding of OpenAL.  For more information, see http://www.lwjgl.or
    OpenAL initialized.
    Commands: 116
    SoundSystem shutting down...
        Author: Paul Lamb, www.paulscode.com
    Finished session
    Right click, Select all,
    Press Enter (This will copy the output to your clipboard).
    Then paste the result on http://www.pastebin.com
    Press any key to continue . . .
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] Dragons [WIP][v2.4.2]
    When are we getting a 1.5_01 version? I'd really like to load this!
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    posted a message on Minecraftian Library [Hiatus]
    <downloading mod at once> I support this idea all the way. It's freakin' awesome in ten different ways. Don't lose hope! And let me know if I can help in some way.
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    posted a message on Octavian [Survival] [Towny] [No whitelist] [1.1]
    Here's a new application for you:

    Name: Nate
    Age: Well over 13
    Ingame name: KingMudkip
    Country: U.S.A.
    How many hours a day are you online: Less than one
    How long have you played Minecraft: ...I don't really know. All I know for sure is that I bought it at least two months before the Beta announcement and I've been playing since then.
    What is the reason you want to join this server: Because it meets all the requirements I have for a SMP server that I'd want to participate in.
    Any past experiences from other MC servers: I've been on both the Zelda Universe and Steam Group SMP servers.
    Write down 3 of the rules: 1) No 1x1 towers. 2) Lava bucket griefing is illegal. 3) Respect other players & mods/admins.
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    posted a message on Looking For Server, Details Inside
    All right, guys, thanks. I'll be applying to one or both of you soon.
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    posted a message on Looking For Server, Details Inside
    So I was poking around the Steam Group SMP Server just now, and it scares me.
    Really, it does. In my single-player progress, I have naver worked up to the stage where I'm building things that look like they're out of a crazy dream. That server is filled with skyscrapers, palaces, and huge honkin' holes in the ground.
    I can't play on a server like that. It's great to look at, but I play MC so sporadically, I get demoralized by looking at all that stuff and comparing it to my little house.

    So here's what I want:
    ->A SMP perver that hasn't been completely built up.
    ->But it should still have some big structures.
    ->Must not require a huge commitment of time and effort.
    ->Pleasant community is a must.
    -Preferably it would be running... whatever it is that lets players on the Steam Group SMP lock doors and chests. It might be MCBans, I don't really know.
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    posted a message on Alpha crashes within 10 sec. of loading
    It might have something to do with rendering terrain in front of you. I worked my way into a cave and now it's not happening. I'm going to try playing with the fog settings tomorrow and see if that helps.
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    posted a message on Alpha crashes within 10 sec. of loading
    It has done this half a dozen times now. I'll load my save file and everything's OK for a few seconds. Then it dies. It just started doing this today; in fact, earlier it was working just fine, It's very odd that it should abruptly start doing this; I've never had problems with Alpha before. (SMP, yes, but who hasn't?) Other symptoms include loss of inventory items that were moved/placed before the crash. I'm not running any mods or texture packs.
    Any idea how to fix this?
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    posted a message on The new boat elevator *UPDATE 16/10/10*
    This... this is epic. You get a half-dozen cookies. I have GOT to build this.
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    posted a message on Perfect spawner/dungeon trap guides
    Looking at this, I realize what a fool I was to destroy the two spawners I've come across. I will not make that mistake again.
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    posted a message on Any Non-Backward-Compatible Content?
    Are any of the Halloween Update elements incompatible with existing saves? I'm only asking because I've yet to discover pumpkins and I've heard that certain things were not added to existing saves when they were added to the game.
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    posted a message on Need Video Recording Software
    I'm thinking that I'd like to start a video log of my Minecraft adventures, especially before I start exploring the Nether. Mainly for my own amusement, but this way if I die a humorous, pig-zombie-related death in there, I can share it with all of you fine people. :smile.gif: Can anyone recommend some good, reliable, FREE video capture software for WinXP?
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    posted a message on So theres this spider outside....
    That's why you don't save with a spider hanging off your door... :wink.gif:

    Seriously, though, that's downright odd.
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