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    I have a few ideas you may like.

    Siege weapons such as catapults which can be made from sticks, a bowl, a stone block and some string.

    Waypoint Torches: These could be used to make waypoints for soldiers to follow. Can make guardable areas with this. a wand or something similar could be used to select the soldier you want to follow the waypoint, and could also be used to create the waypoints between torches.

    "buildings" such as barracks, field hospital, siege shop, which could be used by soldiers to craft weapons, heal and create siege weapons.

    Generals: A soldier can be promoted to a general, which will then have a certain amount of soldiers follow him. This could be used to create battalions for some better strategy elements.

    The king should also be limited to a specific area such as the fortress, this will allow the generals to have more purpose.

    When the king dies, a buff should be activated on all soldiers related to that king which increases defence and attack damage.

    When a king dies, the player/army has a specific amount of time (say 2 minutes) to crown a new king or all soldiers of that player's army will be turned to the enemy army ( or killed)
    Those are some ideas I think could be put in the easiest

    Here's another which may be a lot more difficult

    Classes for the army: Soldiers, archers, medics, generals

    Soldiers are the basic unit which can deal decent damage with melee weapons but decreased damage with ranged

    Archers are quicker than soldiers, have less armor but better accuracy and damage with ranged weapons and less with melee.

    Medics cannot attack, but are very quick and can heal friendly units and revive fallen friendlies.

    Generals, as said above, can make units follow them (much like a king) but once following a general, a unit will be in that general's "faction" and cannot join another general unless his first general dies.

    adding this would be adding a lot more depth and strategy element into the clay soldiers mod, doesn't change too much of what's already there, and isn't asking of an impossible feat. I believe others will agree at least on a few ideas like the waypoint torches.
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    Yeah they're from doom3, they do look a bit different and the look from the original would probably be easier to make.
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    I'm working on a DOOM map using various mods and a special DOOM texture pack. The only problem is the mobs just don't give that DOOM feel. That's why i'm asking any able modder who wants a simple project to create this small mod. You will be given credit of course. I need a few different mobs, textures and AI for the mobs, and if you're up too it, a few special weapons from the DOOM games.

    What I need:

    Imps: These are creatures about the same size as a steve, they have claws, 10 small red eyes and can crawl on walls and ceilings. They can shoot fireballs, leap at the player causing a knock back effect and can poison.

    Maggot: Basically the same size as an imp but has two heads and orange eyes. It can crawl on walls and ceilings just like the imp, and is a lot faster but doesn't have any other specail effects.

    Pinky: A scientist who was bound to a wheelchair, he was mutated into a large beast. It has two huge legs in the front, and its back side is composed of what was left of the wheelchair. It has massive jaws and is incredibly strong. I am planning on using this as the first boss, but it may be difficult to add to the game so I wont worry about it too much.

    Trite: Similar to a spider, but with a human head that has been mutated and turned upsidedown. They are small and deadly in large numbers, but are easy to kill when there's only a couple of them.

    Cacodemon: an organic flying demon that is roughly spherical in appearance, resembling a large, inflated demonic head that slowly floats across areas. It has several eyes and a large mouth filled with multiple rows of teeth, similar to a shark. I want these to have an explosive effect like creepers, but only damage entities, not blocks.

    These are just a few of the mobs I want, but it would be a bit overwhelming to add the entire list here. So if you're interested in the entire list, i'll add it. But if you could just do a few of these I would very much appreciate it.
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    I'm currently working on a DOOM inspired map. It will feature puzzles, boss battles, a storyline and other goodies. One major problem is it uses over 25 different mods. These are mostly for asthetic purposes but some mods are actually used for the puzzles and such.

    Another major problem is these mods are all for minecraft version 1.5.2 , some mods have been updated but a lot of them havn't yet and i'm not sure if these mods will be compatible with 1.7.2 so i've come to this. It's up to you guys to decide the fate of this map. IF these mods will work on 1.7.2 there will be no problem and I will continue, but if it doesn't I will need at least a few people who are willing to use the MC version 1.5.2 to use this map.

    I have currently only worked out about 10% of the map which is actually quite a lot being that it's going to be a large map. It is based around an underground facility which branches out like the roots of a massive tree. There will be severeal levels to this facility which will require access codes (using computercraft) to enter so you will have to find these, as well as complete puzzles, battle bosses and other great stuff.

    I've been a fan of DOOM ever since it came out and being that minecraft is another of my favorites, it's awesome getting to combine both. So if enough players are interested, i'll start posting up some pics and a sample of the readme i've created which will have all the information about the map. I will also post a section about what mods you need, who created them, info about them and where you can download them. I will also be using a DOOM themed texture pack although I have forgotten who made it so I will have to research that and definitly give him credit.

    Also, if anyone is a good modder and you are interested in a modding project, I will be posting a mod request in that forum section for a DOOM mod. It doesn't have to be a big mod, all i'm really looking for is mobs from the DOOM game and maybe a few weapons from the DOOM game.
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