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    Version v0.92 Released!

    This datapack is a system I devised to scan chunks as they load, check what biome it is, and randomly pick from a pool of possible structures to spawn. Essentially, it allows for new structures to be added to the world generation relatively efficiently, which might be one of the craziest thing a datapack could possibly do. I started this datapack kinda as a personal challenge, but I wanted to make sure to push myself to release it in a polished state as modded in buildings aren't something players get to enjoy as often in these new version of the game & this pack also makes it easy for players to add their own through modular packs.

    No modloader needed due to being a datapack, working in the latest versions of Minecraft Java Edition 1.15+, designed to be modular which allows for other players to make and share their own pack modules, and the frequency of structure spawns can be adjusted through an in-game menu!

    Structure Generator Banner

    - Short Trailer -
    - Technical Overview Of Changes In Version 0.9 vs v0.8 -

    More Screenshots (From My Modules):

    Downloads & Pack Modules:

    The Base Pack - Required for everything to work: (MediaFire Download)

    Mega Mix - Recommended Download, all of my structures in one pack: (MediaFire Download)

    Combined Base + Mega Mix Download can be found on Planet Minecraft Page.

    My Seperate Pack Modules:

    Biome Towers - Simple towers for every biome: (Returning Eventually?)

    Procedural Places - Randomly generated dungeons & biomes: (Returning Eventually?)

    Misc Buildings - Anything else that doesn't fit those themes: (Returning Eventually?)

    Community Compilation Pack:
    Looking for contributors!

    Modules Made By Others:

    None yet, please tell me if you end up making one so I can link it here!

    Legacy 1.14 compatible v0.8: (MediaFire Download)

    How To Install:

    - Download the Base pack and all the Module packs you want to install, the Base pack should come with a Read Me that includes the full installation instructions.

    - Currently only Mega Mix is available as a Module for the pack, so download that.

    - Installing the Datapack is as simple as dragging and dropping the unzipped Base pack and all of the Modules you want to install into your save file's "datapacks" folder, then opening the world in-game, typing /reload, and following the in-chat information. Cheats need to be enabled.

    Also, to avoid complications make sure that the folder names for your Modules are alphabetically listed after the Base pack.

    - You can install new modular packs at any time, just remember to type /reload into chat after modifying which are installed.

    - There is also a video tutorial for how to install, which includes a little bit of troubleshooting help:

    How To Create Pack Modules:

    - The first step is to download the pack prefab I made: (MediaFire Download)

    - This prefab will be the basis for what is needed for your module to play nice with my generator once plugged in.

    - The next step is to read the tutorial & tips files that are inside the prefab's folder, these should contain all the info you need to get started on making a pack, keep in mind the limitations of what you can design are only as limited as what you can manage to do with commands. I was able to create procedural dungeons & flying islands with commands, so if you know what you are doing those limitations shouldn't be so bad.

    - Completely optional, but you can also download this Debug pack, when installed it will generate pillars for every biome and it can give you a good idea for where and how commonly different biomes spawn: (MediaFire Download)

    - If you have structures saved as Structure Block files but don't want to put the work into making a full pack, message me a link to your structure files with some information about how you want them to spawn and I'll add them into a Community Pack down the road!

    - Also if you want, you can watch this 50 minute extensive tutorial I made which covers a lot of the same stuff the text files do, it's messy and likely not worth your time as I'm not good at these kinds of videos, but it's there if visuals help make sense of what you need to do.

    Don't forget to post here/tell me when you've made a module so I can add a link to it in the list of them.

    Why is it only version 0.93? Mostly because I consider it to still be beta and in need of testing, I have only tested LAN multiplayer with 1 person for a short while & I'm sure I'll find more improvements and optimizations down the road.

    Current Features:
    - Overworld, Nether & End chunks scanning & biome detecting.
    - Full biome detection, 116 total when including custom Sky & Cave biomes.
    - Seamless Module Pack Installation.
    - Nether Portal & Teleportation will not break the generator.
    - Allows for as many modular packs as a player installs.
    - Scales to render distance.
    - In-Game configuration menu including increasing/decreasing spawn chances & protecting chunks from spawning new structures.

    To Do:
    - Utilize Jigsaw blocks in my personal packs.
    - Look into the new 1.16 datapack settings, it might be possible to put some structures directly into world gen finally?

    v1.0 Progress Reports:

    8/11/2020 - Small update v0.93. Pack no longer removes all forceloaded chunks every tick. That was a messy old method.

    7/28/2020 -
    Released version 0.92, this officially contains the new cave and sky biome settings but doesn't yet utilize it for more than changing spawning frequency of the existing structures, no ice or desert caves in my Mega Mix pack yet. This version contains the new huge fortress structure, I take heavy pride in how well they came out.

    - Another hotfix, somehow made a mistake that didn't break 1.16 but broke 1.16.1.
    Currently re-balancing the spawn frequencies in Mega Mix as a break from working on the huge fortress, the fortress is nearly complete and mostly just needs interior decorating.

    - Uploaded hotfix v0.91 to fix bug and allow for 1.16 compatibility.
    Also getting back to working on adding a few new structures to Mega Mix including a HUGE dungeon.

    Added Biomes Region value to allow for Sky and Cave structures to vary without needing variations for every single biome, just a small handful of climate regions. Likely going to be v0.92.

    v0.9 Progress Reports:

    4/29/2020 - All my structures are updated, new structures added in, new tutorials complete, just need to make a new trailer video but that can wait. Releasing the pack!

    - Pack v0.9 is basically done, just need to update the prefab module and my own module packs. I've replaced the old linear-slice chunk scanning system with a new outward-spiral scanning system which scans a consistent number of chunks per second to avoid the massive lag of high render distances, this system also shuffles between players in multiplayer seemingly about 30% faster than the older system? Still need to test server stuff. It can slow down a lot on servers over 4 players still.

    All the biomes are now added in, Overworld, End, and Nether, I've even prepped it with the new 1.16 biomes, which I haven't tested but it also doesn't break the 1.15 version of the pack so it's fine. Let's see what else... also fixed some block tag issues? Oh, and there is now a check that should stop it from running with no players logged in to a server.

    - Latest work I managed to do included some optimization, 1.15 has some weird lag issues with datapacks but the current optimization trick I added compensates for this decently. In the process of creating this optimizatoin method I also finally found a way to allow pack modules to be installed seamlessly without needing a "pack pool" file, this should make the next version of the pack as user friendly as I always wanted.

    Downside: Only one structure gets spawned per tick, however this downside can only really be seen if the game is lagging heavy and needs to catch up on structures to spawn, or if you have the generator set to spawn an unholy number of structures. This downside is also an upside because it means the pack lags the game less often and it is what allows for the seamless pack modules.

    2/13/2020 - With the time I've had to work on the pack I've created what I think should be all the needed predicate files and I've made decent progress wiring them in, I currently have the Land biomes working and have fully upgraded my Debug pack and am using it to test quality and accuracy so far so good. Along with testing I've also added several more biomes to the list upping the total from 104 to 110, extra stuff Minecraft doesn't have biomes for like rivers biomes on land or the edges of deserts & snow biomes where you might not want your dungeon to spawn and awkwardly overlap outside of the theming.

    Next up, wiring in Ocean, Sky, and Cave biomes, luckily now I've already done most of the work for these due to having written the predicates & updated the Debug pack. No idea when the update will be done, but I sure hope it wont take too long... here I go updating a version behind again as 1.16 comes out before this is done lol.

    1/30/2020 - I have researched predicates and have begun optimizing the pack for 1.15 with them. The pack's biome count/accuracy looks to be taking a huge jump from 43 to 104 while at the same time gaining optimization. This is a huge step forward for the pack and I guess it's time for me to start writing those I think 81 predicate files for this.

    Due to caves not being biomes in Minecraft's biome list (yet?) along with sky heights and various other things like nether oceans aren't yet biomes I still need to run a little bit of my own biome detection, but besides that it's mostly predicates now checking which biome the generator entity is in. Really nice.

    For optimization perspective, the old block-detecting system for land biomes needed to run roughly between 100 to upwards of 900ish commands, this new system lowers that down to 20 maxing out at 70 from what I can tell so far. Crazy huge optimization WHILE also increasing the accuracy to 100% matching the game's biomes.

    Don't forget, if you make a module of your own, inform me so I can add a link to it in the list.
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    Got super busy lately, so that has delayed the completion of the next version a bit, but I just want to make a quick post mentioning that the pack appears to no longer work in 1.16 until I find a workaround for an issue introduced in Snapshot 20w21a.

    They changed the Dimension NBT tag from numerical to namespace ID, meaning I'll need to update the files that utilize that to detect which dimension to scan, which I could create a hotfix for really quick except I've been trying all kinds of different ways of doing it and can't for the life of me get it to work with entities other than the Player now...?

    I'll keep posted on if I find what I'm meant to do to fix this, just figure I'd pop this here in my search for a solution.

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    Ah yes, I added a new "surface" variation. Though I believe in that version I need to fix how often I set things to spawn in that surface-cave region as it's meant to be a lot more uncommon than it appears to be.

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    Next update is coming along nicely enough. I've done a bit of polishing to last update's structures, so less wagons hanging off cliffs for instance hopefully and other such tweaks that make things look a lot cleaner and more natural.

    I've also worked on an addition to the Base pack which adds "biome regions" such as forests, oceans, deserts, and such as an optional value you can use when picking structures that's a bit less specific than just a single biome - this is meant to be used for areas such as the sky or caves to allow the player some variations to work with when picking.

    Also of course I've added a small handful of new small structures.

    But of course, what we really care about here, I've started on systems for large dungeon generation today, here's some progress shots I was happy about:

    It's all still basically in the "data" phase of spawning them, but it's good progress none the less!

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    Boom! Version 0.9 is released! All links should be updated, new tutorials are in place, couple new pictures added to the screenshots collection! Seamless module install is now out in the wild! ......Now we just need more than one module pack...!

    Things I do have to do still though: I need to finish putting together the split-apart module packs, the Biome Towers, Procedural Places, and Misc Buildings packs aren't available right now as I still need to go through and divide those up into their separate packs again, with over 100 biomes this process can take a little time so those will return in a few days. I also of course need to make a new trailer for v0.9, getting the footage for that can take a while.

    Thank you all for your patience, interest, and of course kind words of encouragement! It's been a great motivator to have people interested in the continued development of this datapack!

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    I'm definitely glad they are finishing that feature, I almost thought the day would never come. If it works like I imagine it will, it may replace a few of the methods I currently use for larger structures, though likely not all of them.

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    Okay at this point I feel like I just need to record the updated videos/tutorials before I'm confident I have everything in order for the release. Here's some more screenshots from the next version I've been getting while testing it!

    I wanted to make sure this version had a lot of cool new structures, especially considering the previous version was mostly the same towers over and over. Basically I knew it'd be underwhelming to release just an update that improved the generator's back-end functions, so I added a lot of structures to liven up the world some more. No new huge dungeons yet, that'll be next update! ...Well, probably next few updates, for big dungeons I'll likely roll updates out quicker every time I add one?

    I know this is taking me forever, but we come ever closer to release of version 0.9!

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    Okay, a more legit non-vague screenshot this time.

    Hopefully this justifies a little more of why it's taking me so long. This is one of the big upcoming additions to the pack, and sets the groundwork for later versions properly having huge dungeons and other procedural stuff I hope to do.

    Only a small handful of things left to do, and nothing nearly as complex as this.

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    For most of my structures I do indeed use Structure Blocks.

    Being the Function files used in Datapacks are just the same commands used in Command Blocks, you can actually do quite a lot of complex things if you know how, the base system of my pack just picks a location and depending on the biome tells it which function file to run at that location, from there the file can be whatever you want. Some of my structures are just a Setblock command for a Structure Block and then a Redstone Block, others also spawn mobs, and the most complex one currently uses no Structure Blocks but creates a procedural dungeon entirely with fill commands... my next procedural dungeon however will indeed use Structure Blocks so it can look more aesthetically pleasing.

    As for submissions of structures, for those who only have a small few or even just 1 structure they want added in or for those who don't understand how to do commands I'd definitely be willing to compile various community packs of structures not made by me, perhaps with enough submissions it would be able to be separated into themes too. Once I am finally not so crazy busy and can finish this next version I've been sitting on for way too long, that version will make adding packs a lot easier for the end-user, requiring only drag and drop to install multiple packs at once.

    Also to make up for the next version taking so long, have a vague, strangely zoomed in sneak peek of some stuff I was working on:

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    Glad to hear it seems that glitch stopped happening. I think my next version should also be less likely to have it happen with a handful of changes I made.

    As for lack of interest, I think it's somewhat natural as datapacks aren't as commonly posted here or as powerful as mods and I'm not so great at I guess you could say "marketing" my work? Luckily though again this next version is a huge step up in terms of making it a lot more accessible than installing a mod due to the pure drag & drop installation I finally figured out.

    Speaking of the next version, I think I'm done? I should still do more testing as I see a few odd tiny errors here or there where it fails and spawns a "null" pillar from the debug module, but polish like that can wait for the full-confidence v1.0 release as this is talking like 0.001% of chunks that don't spawn right while I fly through a test world. I've still got to update the Prefab module and my own personal modules so that may take a little more time, and I need to make the new release videos, so we'll see if I can manage to release this in maybe a week?

    ...Plus I want to add more structures to my own packs, towers get kinda boring after a while y'know? I need something cool to pull people in!

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