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    posted a message on 1.8 mushroom spread changes.
    From the wiki, it states that they were changed so that if there are 5 mushrooms within a 9x9x3 range of the seed mushroom, there will not be any more mushrooms grown from that seed mushroom.

    This is upsetting as I had a 50 tall, sticky-piston using, mushroom farm, that would produce a TON of mushrooms ... and now with this modified system, it's useless.

    Now of course though, find yourself a skeleton spawner, turn it into a mob grinder, then just turn all the bones into bonemeal, find a spot on the surface, plop down a mushroom, bonemeal it into a huge mushroom, and reap the benefits. Still sucks though that an automated farm that was quite large now is useless bedrock - to - bottom-of-ocean hole in the world.
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