About Me
Not too much info is important. This IS the minecraft forums, you know. I guess I could mention I used to be a captain of the gotei 13 clan, if anyone remembers/knows of them, but I had to resign due to lack of ability and interest. XD

I do like mods. So much so that I spend an absurd amount of time creating an 'Advanced minecraft vanilla pack'. To those interested, it contains-

~The battle axe, knife, blowgun, and musket from Weaponmod 4.1 for 4 more combat options.

~Colorful redstone 1.2 for better redstone control and ease of wiring.

~Bellthorn mob mod for an additional mobs with sentry-like purpose, friendly and otherwise.

~Whirlwinds for additional mobs with random reward-like purpose.

~Battle towers for additional mobs with boss-like presence

~portal mod for that "videogame reference" support. (like the companion cube pin in tf2) ;D

~Pistons, because they've pretty much been confirmed as an add.

~pig mounts for functionality.
Interests chillin...killin...(true true)