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    posted a message on Survivalaria [Semi-Vanilla] {1.15.2} {Whitelist} {Discord} {Dynmap}

    In-game Name: fantabeverage

    Age: 17

    Do you agree to the rules: Yes

    Country: Canada

    Gender: Male

    What made you decide to look for a new Minecraft server today: I haven't consistently played Minecraft in a while but have been wanting to get back into

    it. I tried modpacks but they just aren't for me so I figured I'd go back to just survival minecraft.

    Minecraft is a very do what you want kinda game, what's your favorite thing to do: I'm pretty bad at building but it's really fun to mess around with.

    You have to live in one biome forever, what one do you pick: Jungle.

    Since the day you bought Minecraft. how many servers have you be a part of: I bought the game back in 2011, so the amount of servers I've been active on is probably around 30 or so.

    Do you prefer to play alone or constantly have guests stopping by: I wouldn't mind guests stopping by, but I constantly AFK in game so I might not always be active at the time they stop by.

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    posted a message on 🌀 Blade SMP 🌀 Vanilla-Survival/Friendly/New/Whitelisted - [1.15.2] - (APPLY NOW!)

    Discord: Fuad#4345

    Age: 17

    Minecraft Name: fantabeverage

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    posted a message on 📜 Isle Of Kyros ⚔️ | RPG MMO SERVER (8/3 THREAD UPDATE) We Need: Builders|SkinDesigners|Plugin Developers|ResourcePack Creators

    1. (11+)Age: I am currently 16 years old.

    2. IGN: Kimpf

    3. Discord Name (ex. Billy#0000): Fuad#5021

    4. Why Do You Want To Join Us: Recently I've been getting into literature, but haven't been feeling all too inspired to begin writing anything, mainly due to the lack of purpose that the writing would have. That being said, I am confident in my ability to write above average works and successfully create a believable world and interesting characters to go with it.

    5. What Role Do You Want And Why: I would like to apply for a position in the lore team mostly for reasons I've already stated. I believe I can make an impact and create a truly unique experience for the server.

    6. How Long Will You Be On Each Day (avg): On average I suspect to be on for a minimum of two hours, while I may not be writing for the whole time, I will be open to taking advice from the rest of the team, and am willing to help with any minor building tasks.

    7. How Long Have You Played Minecraft: I've played Minecraft on and off for the past five years, having more playtime in the summer due to minimal interest in most online games as I travel to the Middle East over the summer, but Minecraft is relatively easy to enjoy despite having a poor connection

    8. What Sort Of Experience Do You Have On Other Servers If Any: I have assisted in many servers similar to your own, but very few of them do manage to take off, and for the few that do launch, they die shortly after as their ambitions were much too large for what they were capable of at the time.

    9. What Time Zone You Are In: Arab Standard Time.

    10. Are You A Chill Boi? I'd like to think so.

    11. Anything You Want To Add/Anything We Need To Know Or You Feel You Should Say: I will be going on three flights in the following 11 days, so I may be inactive some days.

    Hope you consider me as an asset to your lore team,


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    posted a message on TwiCraft | 1.13.2 | SMP | Hard | Whitelist | Community | Mob Heads | Shops | Enchants | Spawners | Anti-Grief | LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Discord Username: Fuad#5021

    Main Minecraft Username: Kimpf

    Secondary Minecraft Username: [If you have one].: N/A

    Play Style: [I.E. Do you build a lot, redstone, exploration, etc.]: It has been quite some time since I have played Minecraft, and thus I have no current playstyle. That being said, I used to be a huge fan of building albeit poorly, but that is something I hope to get into on this server.

    Why you'd like to join: Asformentioned I haven't played Minecraft in some time, but due to the recent Hermitcraft season peaking my interest I have been looking to join a whitelisted server to ensure a kind and active community.

    How long do you think you'll play on this server?: I intend to play on this server for a minimum of six months, and if all goes well I would love to keep on playing on the server after the yearly reset!

    Thanks for your time, and I hope to join and become part of your community very soon!

    Just reread the post. Apologies for misunderstanding the post, super tired right now. I'll keep the app to ensure that this edit makes sense. Mind if I get a discord link?

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