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    posted a message on Minecraft Festival / Minecon 2020?!? - Who's going?


    It's a official Minecraft event that's basically a rebranding of what would be Minecon 2020! :D

    Who's going and if so, let's meet up! :)

    Maybe I could even reserve a panel if enough interest pops up!

    So hyped! Hopefully tickets don't sell out within 5 minutes of being available..

    https://www.minecraftfestival.com/ - For more info and tickets!

    UPDATE! -

    Quote from DeadTOm76 >>
    Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Minecraft Festival has been postponed until next year. While this really sucks, it's probably a good idea.

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    posted a message on Titanz is looking for a ⚡️Co-Owner⚡️ or a Team of people.

    Applied ;) - RainbowKappaMC

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    posted a message on Nitrosphere - Explore Earth and Beyond the Stars! - Recruiting Staff : Admins, Mods, Devs, Builders, Helpers, Managers!

    Hello, My Name is KimbroZack01 or more commonly known outside of MinecraftFourm.net as RainbowKappaMC. Today, I am here to annouce applications have now opened up for Nitrosphere.

    What's Nitrosphere? -
    Nitrosphere is a enchanced version of Survival Multiplayer. Let's say GalacticCraft but in vanilla Minecraft. Our plans is to have a earth* map as the spawn / first world. *Earth wouldn't be a replicated map, just a normal survival world.
    The deal is you would need to build a spacecraft to fly to the height limit (or you could build up a dirt pillar if you're more skilled) with most likely a custom armor set dubbed as your oxygen supply in space.
    It would be likely to give you a potion effect named oxygen and you would have certain amount of time outside your spacecraft to wonder around before you would have to return to it or die in space.
    The plans is to allow you to build in any of these places (Space, Earth, Other Planets, Etc.) assuming you can survive in the conditions. I hope to allow players to have countless hours of fun with this kind of expansion to vanilla survival multiplayer.

    ^^^ More to come as development continues.

    Other Notable Features Coming to Nitrosphere! -

    - Nitrosphere will be one of the servers apart of the GeyserMC network, a similar proxy solution to DragonProxy. It allows Bedrock to Join Java servers and vice versa! - This is still in WIP though but it looks highly promising!

    - Economy, Towny Usage will be involved most likely to encourage wars and trade and make it more realistic!

    Please Note -

    You can fill out applications as a comment or on our discord, but keep in mind, You will get a quicker response via the discord.

    Nitrosphere Discord

    Current Positions Needed - Admins, Moderators, Developers, Builders, Discord Managers, Event Manager, Helpers. If you're position isn't listed, still apply but put your desired position in the "Rank Applying for :" spot.

    Application format (Paste under or in our discord!) -

    First Name:
    Rank Applying for:
    Age (13+):
    Previous Experience?:
    What would you bring to Nitrosphere compared to others?:
    Any more information?:

    Thanks For Reading and Hope to see you soon! - RainbowKappaMC

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    posted a message on Looking for partner for future server project.

    - Position has closed.

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    posted a message on Looking for partner for future server project.

    Hello, I'm RainbowKappaMC or KimbroZack01 on here. I'm 17 and am looking for someone 16+ to help form a new and unique server and/or network experience. All I need for you is to be 16+, and add me on discord - RainbowKappa#1689 if interested. :)

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    posted a message on Looking for Someone to Run a Network With!


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    posted a message on HermitCraft Type SMP (1.14.3) Whitelist
    1. Name: RainbowKappaMC / Zachary
    2. IGN: ToycatIsYes
    3. Age: 17
    4. Discord: RainbowKappa#1689
    5. Timezone: CST
    6. Why would you like to be apart of the server?: I been looking for another SMP recently after getting burnt of my previous one and left. I thought this upcoming server would be nice to apply for. I also am a twitch streamer with 760 followers and looking into Twitch affiliate. Will definitely stream the server if I'm accepted. Link - https://twitch.tv/rainbowkappamc
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    posted a message on HermitCraft Style SMP (HybridMine) (1.14.3) Whitelist

    - Message Deleted -

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    posted a message on :grass: Project Universal Minecraft - Recruitment Thread! :Notch:

    Hello my fellow Minecraft players, my name is RainbowKappa or as suggested my the Minecraft fourms, KimbroZack01.

    Today, I would like to introduce a ambitious project that I'm willing to work on and invest in called "Project Universal Minecraft".

    The reason why it's called this? I have played Minecraft myself since 2013 (1.4.7 specifically) yet I know many people have played prior to this...

    and want to relive this. I'm introducing this project for the reason of connecting as many versions of Minecraft together on 1 server and making it universally connected together. Yes, I'm aware this will be hard, but if you look at existing projects and plugins such as viaversion or protocolsupport, this could very well be used as a base for the project. Protocolsupport, imo, would be better as it has a wip branch supporting bedrock edition. I hope people will be excited and be intrigued for a project such as this! My end-goals of this project are to support Minecraft Alpha, Beta, Releases, Bedrock, and future releases to come. I was going to include Classic Minecraft for software like Classicube, but Minecraft Classic is only creative and we'll most likely use survival. What type of server will this be then? Survival is the core gamemode of this server, Freebuild survival specifically as it was one of the original gamemodes in Minecraft. Sounds great, can I apply for staff and/or developer? Definitely, the more people the better! If you would like to apply, or just ask for more info, contact me on discord, a free-to-use chat for gaming, at RainbowKappaMC#1689.

    If you're going to apply, keep this in mind -

    At this time 7/2/19 , for all applicants, you'll need a mic and be presented a application most likely on DM.

    For developers, you'll get paid IF you can show relevant previous works. Salary will TBD if you're accepted.

    At least 15 years old.

    For ALL staff, You'll need to be 13 years old, also 13 for discord from its' tos.

    You can reapply after a week of rejection assuming apps are still open.

    Thanks for reading this project by the way, I know this is ambitious, but I am dedicated towards the Minecraft community and want to help boost it further. - RainbowKappaMC

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    posted a message on DecadeCraft - The Minecraft 10th Year Project! - Recruitment Thread

    Hello! My name is RainbowKappaMC or by my original internet name, KimbroZack. I have been playing Minecraft since 2013 in version 1.4.7. I'm currently a student in High School about to be out for Summer in about 2 weeks. For the past 2 weeks as well though, I been trying to make a server for Minecraft's 10th anniversary somehow. Tomorrow is that day, and I'm would like your help to make it a tribute to Minecraft. What I need is the following : A Co-Owner, 2 Head-Admins, 3 Admins, 1 Head-Mod, 4 Moderators, and a unlimited amount of Helpers. We also need players when the server goes live soon.

    Now, the server at hand is a Survival Server. What is the unique part of the server you may be asking... At first, it's going to be a Basic Vanilla Server, over time though, we'll definitely plan for community events and different "phases" to do... "What phases?" .. Oh crap... I said too much!

    In order to apply, please join the discord server. Please make sure to look at the format channel in discord or below.

    Discord - https://discord.gg/8DhpEBK

    Staff Format :

    Name -

    IGN -

    Age (13+) -

    Rank Desired -

    Why you want the position / rank -

    Have a Microphone & willing to use it? -

    Any other info? -

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    posted a message on Looking for someone to start a server with me

    Hey I would love to help make a server with you, especially a economy server. Honestly, I been wanting to make one of them for the longest time but would like to do it with someone! Do you have a discord or a way for to contact me if you are interested in talking more? My discord is RainbowKappaMC#1689 if I'm offline or you prefer discord private messages. - RainbowKappaMC

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    posted a message on 🔮 Server Owners Look Here! ⭐ Special Project! 🎈

    Hello, My name is RainbowKappaMC and I run a server, please contact me at RainbowKappaMC#1689 . Thanks!

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    posted a message on Need a couple of people who are willing to work with me to build a server.

    I'm down to help, but discord link is expired.

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    posted a message on Looking someone to co own my server. Im paying! Comment down below

    Hello, I'm interested. :3

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    posted a message on Project Universal Minecraft Network - Looking for Staff, Builders, and Potential Server Host

    ^_^ Hello! My name is KimbroZack01 on the minecraft fourms, but nowadays you can call me Zakka! I recently have been thinking of ways to enhance the Minecraft Experience. I been playing since 1.4.7 aka 2013 so I know most of the events in Minecraft's recent history, but now I'm thinking to the future. Will Bedrock succeed or will Java stay superior? Currently in my opinion, I think Java and Bedrock will be almost tied, but one will be dominate for some and the other for the rest. I personally like Java more though since of my past history with it. My hope and vision in this project is to make a experience that allows almost any recent minecraft version (since the beginning of the 1.6 launcher) to now. This will be a Minecraft Network as that's my goal, but until a host or our funds appear, we will have to use our resources. What I want for sure in Project Universal :

    • Hub with Event Area
    • Minigames (Custom & "Classic")
    • Economy Based Survival
    • Complete Vanilla Survival (Very few Staff will have OP)
    • Staunton County - A Custom Apocalypse Server

    What I'm not confirmed on yet :

    • Factions
    • Skyblock (not including Skywars and other Sky minigames)
    • KitPvp

    - We may accept additional servers YOU own to be apart of the project. Reply below or Join our discord for us to talk.

    Now, what most of you are here for : The Application.

    Just follow the format in a post here on our discord - https://discord.gg/vRJHBz4

    - If you're interested in providing a server for us : Join our discord and mention with @ZakkaGames that you're interested.

    IGN -

    Age -

    Rank (Network Manager, Admin, Moderator, Helper, Builder, Tester) -

    Maturity Level (out of 10) -

    Discord with # -

    Do you have a microphone? -

    Any Past Experience? -

    Why do you want to join our project? -

    How often can you be on the server? -

    (If applicable) How much money would you be able to provide towards server funds -

    Anything else we should know? -

    Thanks for reading about our project, I know there's 100's of servers out there , and I am deeply thankful people still look for new ideas and still play Minecraft as a whole. Please come by anytime, for staff or just to hang out, my doors are always open to chat. ;)

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