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Remember when you were 7 year olds...playing Minecraft, Life was simple , Minecraft was simple.. That all changed, Minecraft is not Minecraft,

I cry everytime i listen to C418 Calm 1, 2 and 3... Maybe i can say the same for other people, But Things change, And so do we, I loaded up an

old world, 1.6 ..I just can't describe the.. nostolgia, Tears Of Saddness, Why has it become so complex, The old minecraft was better,

*Sigh* The music keeps me playing, Those soft piano notes, If only there was an updated version.. which reverted back to the old versions, no foodbars, no endermites , no guardians, no end , no nether portals, But dreams sometimes never come true...


Minecraft, Soundtrack Of Minecraft.

Location Nowhere..

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