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    How about the structure block?

    Can you talk about it?

    This is cool and useful, thanks!

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    This is the best map I've ever played, except maybe for one Arcadia something that was great too. The world looks beautiful and it takes you in a mostly linear adventure but at the same time it lets you explore the church at depth. It was extremely satisfactory when I managed to unlock a new area, or when you believed you had wandered off the church into one of the dungeons and suddenly you found yourself back there. The minigames had brilliant redstone. My favorite was the match game against God.

    I only cheated once, in the moment when you fall into a hole and needed to use the dirt to go back up, I misplaced one of them, and I broke it, since it was the only way to progress. The map has the right difficulty, and it feels alive even without all the fancy commands other maps have. The final video almost made me cry.

    Awesome job!

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    Sin fotos, no hay descargas. [SPANISH]

    No pics, no clicks. [ENGLISH]

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    Okay, let me see...

    This is what I think you and the OP said:

    1: Minecraft's youtube community is oversaturated and butchered.

    2: You defeat someone in PvP and they whine about "you h4cking".

    3: Lots of players have gotten bored with building and want to do nothing but PvP.

    4: Mojang is changing the game to appeal to this people, and they make combat even more complicated and begin to stop adding tons of new blocks.

    These are my answers:

    1: Watching Youtube is not related at all to the enjoyment you can get out of a game. Also, read Taigona's comment above.

    2: That is true. Does it suck? Yes. Does it ruin a game? No. There are still plenty of nice players out there, and the ones who aren't won't stick with you for long if you're in a big server and you can call the operators if you're in a small one.

    3: And it's fine! Saying building is objectively better than PvPing is plain elitist. Also, building is usually an activity people do alone or with friends in private servers, and they get into other servers to PvP, so you only see them doing that last thing.

    4: 1.10 added bone blocks, magma blocks, nether wart blocks red nether bricks and structure blocks, while I'm pretty sure there wasn't a change to the combat system. Also, I don't get what's wrong with Mojang trying to make their players happy.

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    Sounds great.

    EDIT: It is great!!! I spend hours just flying with it, and I recently made a sky battle with some friends using the levitation effect and the elytra.

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    This is my story! Feel free to ask anything you'd like and comment if you liked it!

    Images of the main characters!:

    The Killer Pixie:




    Steve had digged a hole in the floor that night, sealing it with a block of dirt.

    His eyes were wide open, and he was breathing too fast. He was not afraid about them. He didn't care about the zombies that bursted into his house, nor about the skeleton that shot his father down, nor about the creeper that blew Alex up.

    He only cared about it. About the thing he had seen. It barely had a shape, but there was something in it... It wasn't evil. But it was something he wasn't supposed to see. Nobody was supposed to see it. If that unbreakeable rock hadn't broken, nothing bad would have happened. What Steve saw down there would never leave, it would never escape his head. He was now part of the Void. But he wasn't the only one.

    Steve heard footsteps above him. Monsters moaning, without a trace of their old souls. He crouched and expected they didn't noticed him. The steps got closer, and small pieces of dirt fell on his face. He tried to conceal a scream. But a sound came out of his mouth. A zombie growled and the footsteps stopped. For a second, he was sure they were digging above him. But, suddenly, he started hearing the monsters again, slowly leaving.

    Finally, the noises the creatures made faded away, and he thanked everyone and everything in the world for it. Steve waited a few minutes, just to make sure they were really gone. Then he broke the block of dirt.

    The creature that was standing in the border of the hole, staring at him, backlit by the moonlight, was hideous. Steve tried to scream, to place the block of dirt again. At the end, he found himself on his knees, begging for mercy. But the creature, that pitch black creature, would have none. He knew it for its eyes. Its eyes were the Void.

    Chapter 1: The Beginning

    Killer Pixie woke up with a smile on his face. "My birthday, finally!" he thought. He wasn´t really called Killer Pixie, and he wasn't a killer at all, but even his closest friends referred to him as Pix or Killpix. He used to like that knickname, he believed people thought he was strong or dangerous. He only understood its real meaning when his uncle William killed a fairy with his bare hands and everyone started calling him Weak William. In that moment, Killer Pixie had understood he was the "Killer Pixie" because of his naive, innocent and kind soul. But he wasn't really thinking about how they called him, specially in such a special day as that day, his twentieth birthday. That wasn´t completely good, though, twenty years meant he had reached full age, and that meant he would have to go to war if he happened to be found and recruited by the Pixie Army. "And I can not go to the army, I would die. The faires would capture me and kill me in my first battle".

    The conscription had been operating for three months, after the war for territories against the fairies had intensified, and there were more recruiters in the village each day. Many of his friends had gone to war, at least he may see them again.

    He stretched in bed, and then he stood up and went down the stairs in the hollow log that worked as his and his parents house, trying to hide the worry he felt.

    "Hello?" he asked, "anyone there?" "A surprise party, maybe?" Nobody answered. Finally, he got to the kitchen, with the logs and the stairs that worked like a table and chairs. His family was there, "Even Uncle William!" he realized.

    "Surprise!" they all said.

    "Wow! I can´t believe you're all here! I thought you were fighting in the war, uncle!" he answered, happy to see Weak William again.

    "I was, but I had to go see you. You're twenty now! And guess what? While I was coming, I got some ingredients, we can make a cake!". That surprised Killer Pixie, the village had few resources and he had never eaten cake. He almost forgot about his parents, that were trying to congratulate him too.

    "Happy birthday, son", said his mother. There was certain sadness in his voice, “She knows I'll be recruited”

    "Thanks, mom and dad, for everything", he said with a smile. "Shall we make the cake?"

    "Well, there's only a small ingredient left", William said. "We need an egg, would you mind coming to the woods with me and help me look for one?"

    "Sure. Let's get going!" “I really want some cake”, he thought.

    A few minutes later, Killer Pixie and Weak William were exploring the woods surrounding the village. He was a bit scared, as he never had ventured outside the town. “The fairies are outside”, he remembered.

    "Are you scared?", William asked while they walked. "This place is safe, fairies never venture so far into our territory."

    "Are you sure?"

    "I'm su..." William was interrupted by an arrow coming from behind that travelled through his chest. He only had time to look down and see it before another two arrows hit him in the back of his head. He fell in the grass, face down. Killer Pixie was too confused to react at all, until a group of about ten fairies came from behind the leaves of the oak trees surrounding him.

    They looked like normal human women, except for their bright, colorful, butterfly wings and their beauty. Even the one that looked like the leader, with multiple facial scars and a completely shaved head, looked completely stunning. Three of them carried bows, and they all had iron armor. When Killer Pixie saw them, he instantly understood what had happened, he fell on his knees and started sobbing uncontrollably.Fairies never venture so far into our territory. This place is safe.

    "NO!!! Don't, please!" he cried. The fairies only looked at him. They all seemed amused, except for the leader.

    "I'll kill him" she said. She grabbed a beautiful sword, it wasn't made of wood, gold, stone, or diamond. It was red, like her wings and eyes. "My name is Flijax" she said to Killer Pixie. He had heard about her. Flijax, the Queen of Fairies, with her beautiful red wings. She was a terrible legend amongst pixies.

    "Please! Don't!" Fairies never venture so far into our territory. This place is safe.Two fairies forced him to look down, and he waited for the sword falling above his neck, but he never felt it. When he raised his head, another battle had started.

    He saw humans, he saw Flyjax killing a horse, he saw two men stabbing a brown haired fairy with diamond swords and he saw, almost as if everything had happened in a second, tens of dead men, and five dead fairies. The rest of them was defeated by a group of about twenty five men, dressed with complete diamond armor and carrying diamond swords. Their leader was a green bearded man on horseback, for a second Killer Pixie thought it was William, before he remembered he was dead. The bearded man circled him and the surviving fairies.

    "We got nice material here!" he said, laughing. "We'll take the pixie and the bald fairy, the rest are yours"

    "But she has an advantage!" Said another man.

    "That's easy to fix". Another human looked at Flijax and smiled. Then he grabbed a diamond axe and approached her. The piercing cry of the Queen of the Fairies when he cut her red wings echoed throughout the
    entire forest.

    Killer Pixie was too disturbed to think properly. The only things fitting in his head were the arrows that murdered Weak William and the blood that bursted out of Flijax's back. He thought the men belonged to the pixie army.

    "Are you going to recruit me?" he asked, still crying. "I can't go! I have a family! I need to stay! Please! I can't go to the Pixie Army!" The bearded man looked at him, puzzled. Then he laughed.

    "We're not recruiters!" he said. "Well, not from the pixie army."

    Chapter 2: No Wings, No Fairy?

    Flijax felt slightly envious when she looked at the pixie sleeping in the minecart. She was too alert to even try it, and she kept feeling a stinging pain in the place where her wings used to be. She would have kept them, at least to remember them, but the bearded man kicked her in her face when she crouched to take them after the slaughter.

    Then, they had taken her and the pixie through a square tunnel inside a hill not far from the place where her fairies had died, with walls, floor and roof all made of stone. A minecart track, with a powered rail exactly every five normal rails, started there, and kept going through the tunnel as far as she could see. They all left their horses, took minecarts from a chest on the floor and placed them on the track.

    After that, the group traveled for exactly twenty and eight sunsets without ever stopping, but counting the days, the hours, the minutes, or the powered rails wasn't the only thing Flijax did. She was always trying to find a way to escape, but it would not be easy. She was in the middle of the line of minecarts, and all the men kept bows with arrows and splash potions of slowness, damage and poison. She had discovered that one day when the pixie asked too many things to the man behind him and he threw one to him. Flijax was next to the pixie in the line of minecarts, and the potion splashed her too. She felt a strong pain in the stomach, and her shoulder swelled so much that she thought it would blow up, not to speak what happened to the pixie. Fortunately, the swelling completely disappeared in a few seconds and she quickly felt better.

    The young pixie kept trying to speak with the humans, but they didn't payed him any attention. To Flijax, instead, he never said a word. That didn't bothered her at all. They had traveled through mountains, a desert and under the ground, and she had never opened her mouth, neither for the murderers of her friends, nor for a weak member of the most pathetic race that had ever existed. The pixies were scum, no fairy knew exactly why, but they all knew they were.

    She had became the queen of the fairies before she turned twenty, after killing the old one, Alara, too coward to defend herself after Flijax defeated her guards. Alara had started a peace treaty with the pixies. Other fairies didn't like it, but she called herself a “Free Thinker” and questioned other fairies about what really made pixies so inferior. Flijax herself had her doubts about the answer, the war between the fairies and the pixies was really ancient, and nobody remembered any reason for it apart from controlling the other's territory. Sometimes, it was slightly hard for her to feel hate towards the pixie travelling with her. He had never done anything bad to her, after all.

    Suddenly, Flijax opened her eyes and she realized she had slept for the first time during the journey. She slowly looked around and saw they were on a savanna. To the left, there was a tall cliff, and beyond, the sea. To the right, a roofed forest started. The men in the minecarts ahead were in a heated discussion about cake and stew and, in the one behind her, the pixie looked at the sky, surprisingly quiet. Nobody was looking at her.

    It all happened in a second. Flijax could have jumped off the minecart, and sprinted towards the forest, but she remembered the pixie. For some reason, she quickly turned back and hopped on his cart. She almost felt like flying for a second, using her wings again, before she landed. She pushed the minecart off the track and used it to shield her and the pixie from the arrow she instinctively knew it was coming towards them. Then, she grabbed him, covered him with her body to protect him and ran for the woods.

    She blocked everything. The pain caused by an arrow in her thigh, the men shouting and stopping the minecarts. She only perceived them when she was deep in the forest, running away from the track with the pixie.

    “Thank you”, he said. Flijax didn't answered.

    In a few minutes, they were hungry, tired and sore, the men were on their heels. Night was falling and they couldn't run anymore. Suddenly, Flijax saw someone standing in front of them in a clearing. For a second, she thought it was one of the men, but the person wasn't wearing their diamond armor and only carried an iron sword. The pixie stepped back, scared, but Flijax simply examined whoever was in the clearing. He wore black jeans and a white hoodie, with bright green cuffs. He wasn't a human, a pixie or a fairy, his face was completely black, and his eyes were blue with irises the colour of his shirt. He was still, staring at them.

    “Who are you?”, Flijax asked, ready to fight. He didn't answered.

    “Please! We need help! There are some people chasing us!”, cried the pixie. Flijax was about to tell him to shut up when the being spoke.

    “Come with me”

    Chapter 3: No Wings, No Fairy

    Why me? Why it had to be me?

    That was the only question the Killer Pixie made to himself while running behind Flijax and the strange creature that would supposedly help them. He had abandoned all hope. Not when his uncle William had died, nor when he had been captured, but in that moment, while he ran through the seemingly endless forest and for some reason knew what lied ahead was just the same thing that was chasing them, somehow.

    Why me?

    The light was making its way through the leaves of the woods and dazzled the pixie. Sunrise, or maybe sunset. It could as well be midday or midnight, it could be the moonlight, or a village on fire. People surrounded him, a fairy, humans, he didn't care about them, he knew he had to run, but he also knew he was doomed. So he just thought,

    Why me?

    Maybe he had done something wrong, maybe someone wanted to hurt him. Or maybe it was Flijax's fault.

    "You idiot! You're taking us back to the tracks!". The fairy was screaming at the black creature, without stopping running. Killer Pixie blinked several times and looked at them. He knew she didn't trusted their helper, but she had followed him without any hesitation. Maybe she had no hope anymore, like him. But no, Flijax had never been a real victim during their trip. Somehow she had kept herself deep inside her body, where she was still the queen of fairies and had a great pair of red wings. He had known people with that kind of pride back in his village. Many were meant to be important, but many others just died, killed by fairies or by their own braveness. He was never a part of that kind of people, he didn't like taking any risks, but then,

    Why m...

    Killer Pixie's thoughts vanished when he tripped against a minecart. He fell on the grass and rolled a few blocks. It was like an awakening, a burst of hope came to his mind, ironically, when he stood up and looked as Flijax, the creature and himself were surrounded by the humans, near the minecart track. The green bearded man took a step ahead, smiling, and spoke,as if he was just acknowledging someone for finding his tools, "Thanks for taking them back to us, buddy, what's your name?",

    "I am Alan, and I want to play", answered the creature without showing any emotion.

    "Oh, well, that's sad, 'cause happens we already got all the players we need", said the bearded man with a mocking sad face. Killer Pixie didn't understand what they were talking about, but he listened carefully. Flijax stood without moving, looking menacingly at Alan. She seemed ready to fight. He believed it was probably her most glorious moment, the queen of fairies had been mutilated and captured, yet she kept on foot, unbroken.

    She is very beautiful, he thought. And strong.

    "That's easy to fix", said Alan. He unsheathed his sword and jumped towards Flijax. Three quick slashes were enough against a disarmed enemy and the queen of the fairies never stepped back until she fell on her knees, and then face-down, without a sound. The blood pouring out of her chest flowed at her sides, and took the form of two beautiful red wings, amazing the Killer Pixie. The bearded man kicked the corpse, similng; then he looked at Alan and pointed to an empty minecart, "What are you waiting for? Hop in!"

    Chapter 4: Arrival

    Thanks MetaDestroyer for letting me use his character!

    His adventure had started when he was captured along with Alice, one of his makers. She had been the first person MetaDestroyer had seen when he was turned on for the first time. She was also the only of his creators still alive. They made his body black, with shiny red and yellow stripes all over his metallic cover. He was able to see through a visor on his head, covered by red glass. It was highly advanced technology, specially when Alice proposed his makers to give him
    emotions. She was always like that, kind and lovely, and MetaDestroyer had developed a strong affection for her.

    They had travelled for days through a long railway, caught by other people. MetaDestroyer felt bad for not being able to do what he was made for, he was a war robot. The travel through the railway had ended suddenly, joining with other rails into a big city he had never heard of. The buildings were hundred of blocks tall and, beyond them, people rested, lying on the sand of the beach. Alice tried to ask for help, but nobody payed her any attention. They had travelled for a few minutes more and a gargantuan shape started to appear in the horizon, backlighted by the setting sun. At first, MetaDestroyer thought it was a mountain, but when the minecart caravan got closer, he had found out it was a building.

    “Ohhhh” Alice whispered.

    The building looked astonishing with its quartz walls and its colored windows so large, a giant, like the ones from the legends, could walk through them. Above, a gold pilar rested upon a dome made of huge gemstones, emeralds and diamonds. The sun reflected on its top and created a light beam falling on the building's entrance, an iron bars gate covered with exotic wood. When the minecarts approached the building, a complex mechanism raised the gate, and the caravan came into a hall, with a rug representing a battle scene and three arches leading to other rooms. Many people were already in the hall, thought they weren't even close to fill it. A few of them wore the armor of the people who kidnapped Alice and MetaDestroyer, but most of them looked like captives. They definitely came from many different places, as they looked very different among each other. MetaDestroyer was specially curious about a young boy, with blond hair, blue eyes, and an arrogant grin on his thick lips, followed closely by a scaled green creature with red eyes, which frightened him.

    The last person he noticed was a pink-skinned young man, with a big mouth, squatting in the corner of the hall, shaking and crying.

    "Alice, what is happening to him?", asked MetaDestroyer pointing at the pink man. Alice had been mute since they entered the building, but she blinked and answered.

    "Let's go ask him", but, when they were about to talk with him, they started hearing strong explosion sounds. A large group of people, all in diamond armor, entered the hall from the front arch, escorting an unarmored man in fancy clothing. All the captives stopped talking to look at him.

    "Welcome, my friends!", he said with a loud voice. Then he started saying something else, but was interrupted by the blond boy.

    "I demand to know were we are! Answer me, I'm from the nobility!" The man laughed and replied smiling,

    "This are the Survival Games, and being a noble won't save you"

    The hall bursted in chaos.

    Chapter 5: Stars

    Thanks Pr0kKiLler for submitting a character!

    Pr0kKiLler took another bunch of arrows from the chest in the training room, he was still wearing his brown and black clothes, and a scarf covered his neck and mouth. He had been shooting the whole day, partially to keep in shape, but mostly because it was the only thing that reminded him of his times as a guardian, in the icy palaces, far north.

    He was not afraid of the Survival Games, he had faced worst things when he protected the secrets beyond the great spikes, using only his deadly acuracy.

    That didn't save him from being captured, though.

    He traveled in minecarts along with another prisioner, caught before him. There was an orange and blue shape drawn on his face, and his hair was bright red. When Pr0kKiLler asked him his name, he said he liked to be called Rocket. Rocket spent his time looking at the sky, he said there were things in those bright spots, the stars, and that he would travel there one day and meet the starmen. Pr0kKiLler wasn't sure about what he said, but he never considered it ridiculous. He himself had seen many things people would never believe.

    The rest of the trip was quiet, then, they arrived at the city and were told about the Survival Games. Its mechanicals were not complicated, 24 persons were put into an arena and forced to fight to the death, until there was only one standing. The most repulsive part of it was millions of people watched and enjoyed the bloodbath. Pr0kKiLler would normally refuse to fight, but his duty was out there, in the north, and he had to survive.

    The people that captured them gave a room to each couple of players, Rocket and him got one in the third floor of the building. It was homely, wooden floor, a table, a large fireplace surrounded by stone bricks, and paintings on the walls. A corridor leaded to another room with two beds, and a window on both sides from which Pr0kKiLler and Rocket could see the whole city. The light came from dust-like, dark yellow blocks. Pr0kKiLler spent most of his time in the room, there and in the training area

    They had been taken there the day after arriving, He have had a good night, and he was ready to start practicing with a bow. He hadn't talked to anyone at first, but when the guards appeared at noon, with food, Rocket sat at his side, along with three other persons. One looked like a normal woman, with black hair wrapped in a ponytail and blue eyes, her name was Alice. The other two were really strange. The one who introduced himself as Pix was pink, and had a huge mouth twisted into a worried grimace, the other, MetaDestroyer, was black, red and yellow, and didn't looked like a living creature. The main conversation topic was the stars.

    I know there's someone up there”, Rocket used to said, smiling. “One day I'll meet them. Maybe all of us come from the stars”.

    Pix always looked at them, astonished. Maybe he wishes to be there, Pr0kKiLler thought. Who wouldn't prefer the stars to the
    Survival Games?.

    He kept talking with Rocket, Pix, Alice and MetaDestroyer the next day, and the next one, training the whole night with the bow.

    When the sunlight was already appearing on the horizon, and the stars started to dissapear, he placed the bow and the arrows in a chest and went to his room, he had heard from MetaDestroyer something important would happen in the morning. When he sat on his bed Pr0kKiLler almost didn't realize Rocket wasn't there. He stood up, startled. A cat he had never seen was sleeping next to Rocket's bed, and a song of an undescriptible beauty came out of the jukebox they had in the room. He found out the glass of the right window was broken and he feared Rocket had jumped, but he did not see anything when he looked down,
    and it was impossible anyone survived that fall. He didn't managed to fall asleep again.

    Nothing out of the ordinary happened that morning, and Rocket didn't appeared. Pr0kKiLler wasn't sure what to tell everyone when they asked him what had happened. That night he decided going to sleep early, but he was surprised when nobody left the training room at the usual hour. A group of guards appeared and took everybody to a place they had never been before, outside the building. There was a quartz stairway in a semicircle shape, with hundreds of persons standing on them, like in an auditory. There was also a podium in front of the semicircle, and the man that had introduced them when they arrived was standing on it. The players were placed between the two structures.

    Hello!”, said the man. The people in the stairway clapped loudly, and shouted, excited.

    Thank you, thank you”, he said smiling. “As you all probably know, we're here today to introduce you to this year's players, and they definitely look promising!” The audience clapped again. Then the man started inviting players to the podium, and asking them to say their names, followed by more clappings. The first one was called Brayan, a big man who had difficulty to speak the language normally. Brayan was nice, but dangerous, he had formed an alliance with the most powerful players. He was followed by Alice and a black creature in a hoodie called Alan. The moon was at the top of Pr0kKiLler's head when they called him, people was confused when he pronounced his name, but he just left the podium as fast as he could. Then the man called

    Wow! What are you supposed to be? I think you're one of the oddest things I've seen in this games, and I've been in this bussiness for more than twenty years!” The people clapped again, but MetaDestroyer stood quiet.

    So, what's your name?”, asked the man.


    MetaWhat? Okay, I'll guess I'll call you... Ladies and gentlemen, Randy!” MetaDestroyer looked at the man for a second, if a robot can make a surprised face, then the face he made was one.

    At the end, everyone had already told their names, except for Pix. He walked very slowly, clearly worried. When the man asked him for his name, he stammered, and looked up. Pr0kKiLler thought he was going to start crying, but a grin appeared in his face. He had never smiled since the moment Pr0kKiLler met him.

    I'm the Killer Pixie”.

    In the sky, a trail of smoke lead upwards, and, in the tallest point, a bright new star had appeared.

    Chapter 6: Born to Run


    Remember, stay in the middle.


    Pixie took a last look at his surroundings. The 23 "players" were all standing on small iron platforms, forming a circle around a kiosk with plenty of chests. They were in an abandoned part of the city, vines grew in the monumental stone walls of the buildings, but they were on a huge dirt hole someone had dugged in the middle of the street. The crater had contacted a wide sewer, and the Killer Pixie considered it as a viable mean of escaping when the Games started, before remembering he was supposed to stay in the hole with Meta, Alice and Pr0kKiLlEr. They would loot what they could from the chests and defend the place.


    The platform at his right was empty. Rocket had pulled a great feat when he escaped, and they never found a replacement player. He was ready, he would overcome the fear of the slaughter that was about to happen and stick with his teammates.

    Okay, let's do this!


    He ran away, naturally. Without even thinking, he headed off to the nearest border of the hole, and pulled himself up. He only looked back once, wondering what would his friends think, before seeing the blond kid from the land where only slaves had names getting struck in the head by a glowing iron sword wielded by Roluth, his not-so-faithful bodyguard. Then, he just kept running.

    When he got out of the crater, his heart was almost beating out of his chest, and fright had blinded him. The only thing he could hear was the screaming, and he just knew he had to go to the opposite place to the one where it came from. After some time, it could have been a few seconds, or maybe hours, he stopped. He was in a forest, and he couldn't see the city anywhere. All around him, there were nothing but trees... and Alan, wearing an iron helmet an carrying a sword of the same material. He stared at Pixie for a nanosecond, before running to him.

    "Alan, wai...!"

    The sword struck him in the waist, and he screamed in pain. Pixie didn't try to talk again, and, thinking of Flijax, ran away, naturally. He could practically feel the breath of Alan on his neck, and the pain wasn't helping him to run faster.

    It's over now. I could have died helping Flijax, or Uncle William, but I was always too scared. Why am I so useless? So coward?

    Then, he saw a ravine in front of him, like if a giant god had scratched the ground. A stream was coming out from a hole in one of the rocky sides, and it turned into a thin line of water when it reached the bottom, about eighty feet down.

    Coward, huh? said a snarky voice inside him. And, without stopping to think, the Killer Pixie jumped into the ravine, trying to fall on the water.

    He missed, naturally, and the last thing he saw was a strange mist coming out of a hollow in the ground.

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    This is, as you possibly guessed already, a Minecraft Roleplay. It will be about a group of adventurers (you), going on an adventure guided by a GM (me). You'll face many challenges and fight many mobs and rude people. The world is like Vanilla Minecraft, but you're gonna face many special mobs and traps and weird stuff like that, like if you were playing an adventure map, except I may be too lazy to make an actual adventure map. I´m not sure what else I may say so let's get moving!


    No godmodding.

    No powerplaying.

    No metagaming.

    No swearing.

    Character application:

    (Your character can't be a mob, it must belong to the "player" species, but you can say they are a robot or a humanoid lizard or a creeper-man as long as they don't have any special powers).




    Backstory: (You don't have to keep vanilla in this part)

    How did you arrive to the tavern where the roleplay will start?: (Because all the cool adventures begin in a tavern B) )

    (You can also mention your character traits and personality, if you want to)


    Deneth Farmer - MisterSkeltal

    MetaDestroyer - MetaDestroyer

    John de Montfort-l'Amaury - ayvik

    Nakamura Michiyo - Meritania

    Matilda - Cakeandcookies1

    Mimi Hunter - SuperYuki5

    Nate - Ethansito

    Darren Malkwood - Sabertooth1114

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    Quote from MetaDestroyer»

    Hehehe... he...

    Yeah, you're taking so long.

    That sounds weird coming from someone who hasn't even made an IC post...
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    Quote from Taigona»

    ((Would it be against the rules for my character to have a pet baby creeper that can't explode? Or is that too much of a stretch? I can change it if necessary.))

    You can have her, but don't be angry if I get her kidnapped or dead very soon.
    Quote from SteveCraftwood»

    Honestly this RP might have already died, we'll see.

    Dead? Ohnonononononononononononononononono. This not dead, I was just waiting for anyone else to join. Am I taking too long to answer? If so, tell me.
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