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    posted a message on What's your favorite mob?
    I like spiders. They are cool! They jump high! They have different behaviours! They make string!
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from TheCometCE

    I might be the screwball of the group, but I kinda like the ocean biomes a bit

    granted that yeah, early on they're a pain in the ass, but I've got a thing for building underwater sealabs and building huge tower systems, so with some reeds and cobblestone, I can put together some elaborate underwater mine systems.

    in agreement with the swamps, I keep getting them next to my starting zones and I watch countless boats getting blown up by lily pads of all things :/

    I'm not decided on the ocean biomes, yet, but I am currently living near what looks like a realistic long lake or superwide river. Whether this is caused by the ocean biome, I don't know. I just know I like being able to travel quickly down this thing without having to wind around and crash into corners like I do on the usual creeks that are supposed to be called rivers. It strengthens the travel aspect of the game, and I can go far from my house to harvest resources more often. So with oceans, I guess I'm leaning towards the positive. I'm just afraid of spawning in a seed like the famous 292202.

    I think swamps are a useful biome and would be much improved if they simply did not have to transition their water colour. Give swamps the same colour water as everywhere else. Why not? You still have shallows and lily pads to make them distinct. Perhaps change the colour of the soil under the water, or make it all dirt or all clay (currently it's a mix of clay and sand).

    The problem I have had is always spawning in the same biome surrounded by exactly the same biomes in the same directions from one another. I always spawn in a snowless taiga. There are mountains in the distance behind me. In front of me is a river - if I follow the river left, I get to a swamp; and if I follow the river right, a desert. Behind the desert is a plain. My map is always the same.

    Recently, I got frustrated and keyed in a fifty-two character seed with spaces and a comma. Okay, it's a teeny bit different. I'm closer to the mountains, and instead of a taiga it's a regular forest. But when I take my boat ride that I have already mentioned, I get to a place that looks suspiciously like what I normally spawn in. Anywho, here is my seed: "at the hundredth meridian, where the great plains begin" without quotes. I had to hike a bit to get to where I'm living.

    Why in the world doesn't the taiga have snow any more?
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    The Tiaga doesn't get snow any more? It was my favourite biome because of the snow.
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    posted a message on video card driver problem
    Quote from redneck king »
    im having the same problem.

    Me too. Similar error message, too. It was working fine on this computer last time I played (that was a few weeks ago).
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    posted a message on I have PTSD. :/
    Quote from Peri »
    I don't know what to tell you. If you're ever scared, just remember that nobody's going to mess with the guy with the metal beard and manly Russian accent.

    Quote from Dark »
    Am I the only one on these forums who isn't a chronic drug addict?

    I feel sorry for you OP, post traumatic stress disorder is horrible :sad.gif:

    I don't see any chronic drug addicts here.

    Nonsense. Using drugs at the occasional rave automatically makes you a chronic drug addict! And the only qualifying factor is that the drug must be illegal.
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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    It's a late introduction, but hello everyone. I'm Canadian, I'm studying to be a Librarian, I eat Hungarian food, and I love Jesus. I play other games, and I crochet. I love watching letsplay Minecrafts and cartoons. I mostly listen to Creative Commons skapunk and hipster artrock right now. I started playing Minecraft as a true wimp and have had to work my way up to not being afraid of mobs.

    Thanks for keeping the forum active and interesting, everyone!
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    I also enjoy Stratego and Memoir '44, but I prefer the "simpler" games like Othello and Go because they allow more creativity.
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    posted a message on Should armor take *minor* fall damage?
    Can somebody give me some advice here? Does armor reduce the fall damage you take? If it does, then it should take fall damage.

    Also, saying that only boots should take damage is assuming that your dude always lands on his feet. I mean, he "does" because of the way that the game is limited, but nobody in the real world falls too far and hurts only their feet.

    Oh, and Minecraft isn't about making sense or not. Some stuff makes sense, some doesn't. It's its own game, it doesn't need to care about what makes "sense."
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    Quote from Brad387 »

    I'm typing very quickly, as my parents will probably soon work out that I'm not at bed. I don't, unforuntately, have time for perfect grammar. Please read the rest of the thread, before you begin to make judgements on me. If you really call b******* (no need for bad language), then I'm not asking you to stay. Thanks for checking out the thread, bye.

    Maybe your parents are more than strict. Is there no anonymous youth phone-counselling service in Great Britain?
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    Quote from Bondo »
    I'm sorry about your parents. There are still plenty of parents who's opinion of video games are still strongly rooted in the media coverage of Mortal Kombat from the 90s. And even though he was laughed out of town, people like Jack Thompson and their appearances on television as video game "experts" still sits in the mind of some of the more less informed people out there.

    My advice? You aren't going to change your parents mind about video games. Sorry. But since they already think games are going to steal your soul and turn you into a delinquent, you should counter that with other things.

    How are your grades? You should make sure your grades are good before you make such demands. Parents aren't going to spring for something they think will have a negative effect on school if you already need to improve your math grade.

    What have you done for THEM lately? Go rake some leaves, or clean out the garage, or scrub the toilets. Prove you deserve to have them break out the credit card. I know it's unfair, but you're a kid. And as much as you hate it, parents are the boss... for now anyway.

    Sit them in front of classic mode, and let them take it for a spin themselves. I remember my own mom never played video games. One day I handed her a game boy with Final Fantasy Adventure on it. (Must have been 7th or 8th grade.) I didn't see my game boy again for days. After she completed the game, she handed back my game boy and said "This is why I don't play video games. They're too addictive! I get sucked in."

    If none of this works. I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe you can trade your parents for more liberal ones?

    I disagree that this will work. If your parents are so simple minded to just believe that "ALL GAMES ARE BAAAD," then I don't think you'll be able to change their minds. They're wrong, but what can you do? But by all means, do nice things for them. If it doesn't get you Minecraft, it will at least improve the family harmony?

    Also, your friends don't think you're poor. They're just grabbing at any weak spot they can just to be mean to you. Kids are monsters. Find better friends.
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    posted a message on How to explain MC to parents
    Quote from Snapy »
    Quote from marfig »
    It's a game that exercises creativity and educates on such broad themes as time and resources management, planning and building, deadlines, or defining project workflows (all broadly categorized into strategic thinking). It also contributes to exercising spacial-temporal reasoning, which is an essential skill of architects, many types of arts, decoration, and essential on one form or another in everyday life.

    Those are some of the reasons I got my daughters into playing it. Another is that, while being fun, it's a game that doesn't fall prey to the "sex, drugs and violence" environment that surrounds most games. It's an innocuous game which doesn't try to mimic any social behavior, or impact on the social behavior of whoever plays it.

    It's however, also a very addictive game. So parents should take a certain care in monitoring the time their kids spend playing it.

    cool story bro

    Looks like your effective explanation is making people uncomfortable. This is the internet. Act stupider!
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    posted a message on Good and Bad About the New Map Generator
    Quote from dylloop »
    There are some good parts about it but I still dont like it. first the good parts then the bad.


    There seems to be iron alot higher up now i have found it sticking right out of my spawn.

    I agree that this is a good point, if it is true. If Notch is going to make us reliant on flint and steel (by making torches go out), he needs to make iron a bit cheaper. However, I haven't experienced more abundant iron, yet.

    Quote from dylloop »


    hard to find coal because of lack of mountains.

    I think the game likes to spawn you on sand which means your always either on a beach or in the desert no coal mountains or anything.

    I'm having trouble finding coal, too. Maybe we should spawn on the taiga. That should be hilly and have enough trees.

    To be honest, I haven't even been finding coal on the side of mountains since the update.

    Quote from OpticalShadow »

    biomes as a whole dont matter to me, honestly the only things biomes did is make sand more plentiful, theres almost no other reason to have them, and in their current state i wouldnt miss them if they ever came, i really want the diffrent biomes to have some kind of real effect.

    Well, I'm not sure how relevant this is, but I did find my first patch of clay today. Wasn't in a desert, though, it was in sand by a pond. Next to my spawn, actually.
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    posted a message on SUPER TORCH AND LANTERN TOPIC
    This thread is too big, so I haven't read it. But here are two things I want to say:

    1. I don't know if it's true or not that he's turning torches into lanterns, but I'm prepared, just in case. I'm crafting and placing all the torches I can, so that they might all be turned into lanterns.

    2. Are you sure that making torches go out is a good thing? It will make players reliant on flint and steel earlier in the game. On some maps, iron is hard to find without considerable work. Some players may be stuck shallow-mining until they find that lucky shallow iron vein and can craft a few flint-and-steels to go further. If torches become a weak option for anybody who hasn't found iron yet, will anybody even bother using torches any more? The only reason why I would choose a torch over a lamp after the update is if lamps also contain iron.
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    posted a message on 1000 things to do in Minecraft.
    46 swim
    47 drown

    (edited numbers, as somebody posted at the same time as me)
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    posted a message on Well thats just massively disappointing, Notch. =\
    I do agree that biomes will be more believable when they get bigger; however, tiny biomes will be so ridiculous as to make the game entertaining.

    I wonder if Notch has a system for deciding which biomes border which others? It doesn't make sense for a rainforest to be bordering a tundra. It would also be nice for colder biomes to occur at higher elevations. This would make it more believable. Though speaking of believability, permafrost in the tundra might be a blow to the gameplay.

    I did look at his chart but had trouble with some of the scribbling, so if I missed anything about locating biomes, let me know.
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