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    Hello everyone, idk if any of you remember me from way back when, but I used to go by gamex101. I just wanted to let everyone one know I'm getting back into the now "resource pack" community. I plan on working on my pack I started over a year ago.

    I have alot to catch up on from format changes to the new community of artist and users.
    I hope you guys will lend me a hand when I get stuck on something becuase like I said it's been a-looong-time

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    posted a message on [128x][MC1.3]Bold n' Glossy - HD Defualt in 3D Updated!(7/9)[1.2K + DLs] Mod Support!
    Thanks Everyone for Over 1,200 Downloads

    This texture is now a public source anyone who wishes to continue it may, just give credit were credit is due.
    What is bold n' glossy?
    Well its a twist on the default terrain first of its HD 128x only at the moment will make it 256x and 64x soon. Also the terrain items are alot more smooth and has less pixels. I have made it look as if the textures have depth without any mods or alterations.

    What is complete?
    • Terrain 100%
    • Items 100%
    • Title 100%
    • GUI 100%
    • Mobs 87%
    • Font 100%
    • Armor 98%
    • Art 100%
    Pictures I recommend viewing the textures in-game for better results before you judge

    Credit: Water,lava, and font from Ovo's Rustic

    How to install a HD Texture Pack:

    1. Download either MC Patcher or OptiFine if installing an HD texture pack.
    2. If you downloaded OptiFine, skip to step 3, if not, run the .jar file and proceed to click “patch.”
    3. Install OptiFine like any other mod by opening Minecraft.jar, and placing the .class files in.
    4. Move the texture pack (do not extract it!) to … and drop it in.
    Windows: “C:/%User%/AppData/minecraft/texturepacks”
    Mac OS X: “%User%/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks”
    4. Open Minecraft, and on the main menu, click “Texture Packs” and select the designated texture pack.”

    In order to use HD texture packs properly (32x and up) you will need to either patch your Minecraft using MC Patcher or using OptiFine. OptiFine is preferred as it includes all of the features of MC Patcher, and greatly increases game speeds and graphics settings. OptiFine and MC Patcher update same-day as Minecraft Update.

    Download Statistics:

    Download Latest Version v2.4 for MC1.2.5/1.3 updated 7/9/12
    *****This Pack Requires MCPatcher or Optifine*****
    By downloading this pack you agree to not redistribute any materials or works included without written permission for"Gamex101". If you make any changes to the pack the are for non-commercial use only. You may not share this pack via thread or post unless given permission. The only way you may share this pack is via banner or personal msg.
    Main Link: [Download] adfly help support the pack
    Planet Minecraft: [Download]
    To use this for the snapshots place the Gui's from the alt folder into the gui folder and delete the previous creative inventory

    Mod Support
    To install mod textures just copy the file into "Bold n' Glossy vX.X"
    Connected Textures: [Download] by morpheus_017 and aSakofDonuts [link] now included in download
    BuildCraft 3.1.5: [Download] [link]
    Random Mobs: included in download

    Change Log
    • Added new Gui
    • 2 different downloads
    • New top grass texture
    • New obsidian texture
    • New bolder, better items
    • Alternative armor set
    • Fixed mobs textures
    • New banner
    • Fixed armor textures
    • Fixed misc terrain issues
    • added ad.fly link
    • added mobs
    • New item textures
    • Finished terrain
    • Pack Logo
    • Armor textures
    • Custom font
    • Few tweaks to fix tiling issues


    Please hit that button it really helps
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    posted a message on [1.7] Resource Pack Central & Assorted Tips
    I will always have second post :)
    Good-bye everyone
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    so been trying out SAI, I think I prefer it over PS

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    posted a message on [MC1.4+]Gamex's Texture Spotlight Map v0.2

    Do you need to test your textures or are you looking to review a texture pack well then this map is right for you featuring every block and item in Minecraft as of 1.4.2. All textures are labeled with a sign to help you with those confusing textures.

    Please inform me if I forgot something

    Download Latest Version

    [Download provided by GoogleDrive]
    To Download press Ctrl + S

    Regular Blocks + wool

    Slabs + Stairs

    Vegetation + decoration blocks

    Redstone Related


    Miscellaneous + Paintings (mostly stuff I forgot)

    Mobs to spawn make sure on hard and press button by Coco Plants
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    posted a message on [16x] Aleysia v.Aa3 [WIP]

    Hello, and thank you for checking out Aleysia.
    Aleysia is a simple 16x texture pack that uses the colors provided by Steelfeathers for the
    Simple Pack Showdown.Download links will be made available once I have finished the terrain at least 80%. Also all the textures on the 1st picture will not be used some were just experiments, by the way the ores have been shaded the other way from the display shot. This pack will have tons of CTM support in the near future as you can see I have already begun with some of the textures.

    Please give me some "Command & Conquer" on these textures.

    Fall Edition | Regular Edition

    Coming soon

    16/10/2012 - Version Aa3

    -Alternative Pumpkin Textures
    -Bookshelf Textures
    -Tall Grass Texture
    -Glass Textures
    -Mob Spawner Texture
    -Snow Textures
    -Mycelium Textures
    -Sugar Cane Textures
    -Iron Bar Texture
    -TNT Textures
    -Material Block Textures
    -Glowstone Texture
    -Redstone Lamp Textures
    -Lily Pad Texture
    -Furnace Textures
    -Torch Textures
    -Lever Textures
    -Mushroom Textures
    -Redstone Textures
    -Enchantment Table Textures
    -Ladder Texture
    -Rail Textures
    -Door Textures

    Previous Change Logs

    All textures/artwork done in this texture pack (unless mentioned specifically below) are protected by a copyright and is NOT free to redistribute without permission from the original author (Gamex101). Please notify me before posting ANYTHING that includes textures that I have created.

    Mojang - Default Textures (currently placeholders)

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    I am now officially part of the TAU it feels so GOOD :)
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    Hey Everyone
    I think it's that time. I would like to apply for membership into the TAU.

    They pack I will be using for my application is Aleysia a "simple" 16x texture pack. I am currently about 90% done the terrain and will have it done by this weekend.

    Here is some info regarding the pack

    The Link to the Thread
    Aleysia v.Aa3 by Gamex
    There you will find all the pictures of the textures I have done so far and here are some I have not added to the OP yet.

    Also here is some other works of mine most recent

    Why I would like to join the Texture Artist Union.
    Well I think that the person who judges other packs should be a member of the TAU. Also I love the community here I always have no problem with getting the proper C&C on anything I post. But most importantly I would like my works to be protected with the TAU being the Texture Police of the Interwebs, I wouldn't have to worry about someone getting away with stealing my work.

    I would like a Gold Emblem
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    posted a message on [16x] GreatWood - Ready for 1.8.1 !
    no why did the creator of summerfields break the most important rule PICTURES BEFORE POST :(
    U have those amazing progress bars but no pics yyyy???

    I couldn't let that comment be in response to this awesome texture pack
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    posted a message on [16x] Aleysia v.Aa3 [WIP]
    Quote from Plenty_of_Fish

    That is extremely rude.

    Now the creator is probably sad. And all because you decided you were going to be a jerk today.

    It's even a 1 word post.


    Get a life, or post nicer, smarter, better things.

    I am not sad
    I am simply disappointed, now I know everyone is entitled to there own opinion but come on if you are going to say my pack is "gross" at least explain why. We believe in a thing called constructive criticism here on the forums and thats how opinions should be stated.
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