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    posted a message on FTB Ressurrection LAN and Server both aren't working.
    We've tried all of the IP addresses so far (Hamachi IP4/6, Machine IP4/6, et cetera), yet to no avail. Thank you for the response, however.
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    posted a message on FTB Ressurrection LAN and Server both aren't working.
    Just another bump.
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    posted a message on FTB Ressurrection LAN and Server both aren't working.
    Just bumping the thread.
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    posted a message on FTB Ressurrection LAN and Server both aren't working.
    The past couple of days, one of my friends and I have had a lot of trouble getting a server running. As of now, we're both using FTB Ressurrection pack. Here's a few key details about the hosting --

    • I have not port forwarded. (my router just never wants to work)
    • We aren't in the same location.
    • We are, however, using Hamachi. (I have Win7 and they have Win8, if that's an issue)
    • We've tried using the integrated LAN and the server never showed up in the list.
    • I've also tried putting up the server software on another computer (in the hamachi network). When this was tried, I could join it, but they received "Unable to connect to server".
    However, the weird thing is, I have another friend which was able to join with no issues on the server (they're on Win 7).

    The firewalls on all PCs are down as to not interfere with Hamachi. Also, if it's important. I can ping to the working friend, but not the friend having issues (they can ping to both of us). In my experience however, as long as you could ping to the host computer, it wasn't an issue.

    If any more information is needed, be sure to let me know, as to I'd love to get this working as soon as possible.
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    posted a message on Help Wanted! YOU WILL BE PAID!
    Quote from Akitori


    A modpack maker...just puts all the mods in one mods folder o-o

    Not quite. A modpack maker also addresses any compatibility issues between permissions, item IDs, and just mods totally hating each other.
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    posted a message on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas GTA 1:1 Minecraft full scale map. 36 sq km
    Oh my... this will probably end up being one of the most amazing Minecraft builds I've ever seen. Honestly, I couldn't have done it, or even gotten as far as you have to this point. Kudos to you, my good sir.
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    posted a message on Who's your favourite Dubstep or electronic artist?
    I feel that Madeon, Zenji, Wolfgang Gartner, Nero, Modestep, Savoy, Vibeizm, The Glitch Mob, Pendulum, and RamesesB are among the best.

    However, the 3 that stand out most of those would have to be Madeon, RamesesB, and The Glitch Mob.
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    posted a message on Desert -Written by Somnium_Deus_Novus
    I feel that's quite a nice poem (At least, that's what I suspect it is; without labels, you can never be sure).

    The rhyme at the end (Anew, Through) was a nice finish. I also enjoyed the section beginning with "Heat", it really stands out. Your diction is also quite fitting, and isn't boring and cliché.

    However, I might suggest modifying the layout. As of now, it seems a bit unorganized. You could always do the simple yet effective "section per line" technique, but I feel that you could have an interesting almost moving layout going by the title of "Desert" and movement of the sand being referenced multiple times. Just keep in mind, often times, layout can make or break a piece of literature.

    I'm not entirely sure if you were looking for feedback, but since I've found what you've written to actually be good, I figured I'd give a bit just because.
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    posted a message on Xbox ONE vs PS4 - your take on the two?
    I firmly stand on the belief that Xbox ONE is just a tracking tool and shouldn't even be messed with, and that PS4 is hardly an improvement from the previous systems. However, PS4 will be getting some good games (And has pulled a few great game devs), so I'd have to say it's the better of the two.
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    posted a message on Opinions on a new avatar I created
    Well, I recently got photoshop, and decided to revamp my avatar for most forums and sites.

    All of these were done with a touchpad/trackpad on a laptop, using only the tools provided in Paint.Net/Photoshop respectively, without any reference photos or tutorials.

    This is the avatar I've been using on most sites up until now (Including this one) -

    (Done in Paint.Net, and as a last-minute thing if I'm correct)

    Now, after having Photoshop for about 3 days, I figured I'd take it a step further and try it out. I'm pretty happy with my results, which are here -

    (EDIT - Added a lighting demo version, as to I've gotten replies about the 3D realism being off)

    (With the letters) (With the letters + Lighting)

    (Without the letters) (Without the letters + Lighting)

    I'd love to get some feedback, to see if there's anything that stands out greatly that needs improvement. Thanks for checking out the thread!

    (By the way, the pen in the picture is a Lamy Safari for anyone interested; quite a nice pen)
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    posted a message on [1.5.1 // ALL] [SMP] [Forge] [RPG] - The Legend of Notch: Reincarnation - Minecraft RPG Mod - {[1.6 Launcher Compability]}
    I seem to be having the same issue as everybody else. Whenever I load the world (The world found in the DL file), it shows all of the GUI's and a label saying "Null" for a split second, then Minecraft crashes. Here's a small list for those interested in helping -

    I followed the install instructions exactly in the order they came.
    I have deleted my mods folder every time Minecraft starts.
    I have moved all of my saves with the exception of the required world.
    I am currently using a 1.2.5 Forge compatible Optifine.

    I'd appreciate any help I can get, as to I played this mod for a long time when it first came out, and was quite excited to see that it got a few large updates since the last time I tried it. Thank you to anybody who attempts to help!

    EDIT - I tried to play it without Optifine, and it happened to work. It seems Optifine reacts badly with the mod itself and renders it unplayable. I'd love you see Optifine compatibility in the near future, for it's about the only thing that makes Minecraft playable.
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    IGN: Khranos
    Age: 16
    Why us?: However I have a regular server already, I've never been on a role-play server in my lengthy Minecraft career, and felt it's worth a try. This just seemed like the best I could find in the category.
    Have you "liked" this thread?: I just did.
    Have you voted for us at Planet Minecraft?: If I enjoy the server, I might.
    Did you join our forum?: I will when I get the chance.
    Define Role-Playing in your words: Taking on the mind of another character made up in your or another's design, and interacting as that character in ways the character would act.
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: It's when you know things that you shouldn't know. Basically, it's like if you walk up to a stranger, you won't know anything about them. The same goes for Minecraft. Here's an example - "I saw your app, you're 8! I personally don't think 8 year olds should play Minecraft, Steve111, as your name says".
    Define Power-gaming in your words: Basically, being way too powerful, and being basically a god. You can do anything without anybody else having a say (Which you shouldn't) Here's an example *I stare at a tree, making it explode, killing thousands of people and watermelons. Including the admins*

    Name: Khranos (I got lucky enough to get my pen-name/general role-play name as my IGN, if it can be used)
    Nickname: Some people call me Khran.
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Imperial
    Appearance: 5'11'', light skinned for an Imperial, not too lean, yet not very bulky, dark near-black long very curly hair.
    Personality: A more secluded, charming, rhetoric-based personality, with the traits of a leader. Sometimes thinks too much into things, therefore leading to a few wrong decisions, or plans that aren't implemented in time.
    In-game RP example: Khranos: *Draws sword* - Who's there! Random: *Sneaks around the many stalls, keeping quiet* Khranos: *Finds a torch to light the area* Random: *Stands, and begins to run, as to I've been spotted* Khranos: *Runs after the thief, though is too slow to catch up. Finally just lets them get away.*
    Background: (Detailed and in-depth, 2 paragraphs. Also, explain how you came to be in Akavir.)

    I grew up in Solitude, a major city in Skyrim. I was always awed by the trading that went on, and wished to be a part of it. When I turned 8, my parents were called to fight in the war, leaving me to tend to myself. I took to thieving; it was the only way I could get by in this harsh land. I never left Solitude, whether waiting to become of an older age to leave, or waiting for my parents return; whichever occurred first. When I was nearly 19, I was taking on a large heist, being trying to rob an entire pub. Needless to say, the guards were called on me. I heard them from outside of the pub, so I darted out as fast as I could.

    I miraculously made it out of Solitude, unsure of where to go. This place was my life, I knew nowhere else. From there, I boarded Khajiit caravans, exchanging stories and items with them. They seemed like they had it figured out; they weren't secluded to one place, they got to meet many new people, and most of all, they were well known traders. One time, I was on a caravan I'd never seen before, and the leader of it told me about a place called "Akavir", a land with much opportunity and new markets. I received a map, spending nearly all my coin, and set off for this strange new place...

    And I never used Skooma. Stay away from drugs and alcohol, kids!
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    posted a message on Am I the only person that hasn't seen Die Hard or the Matrix?
    Die Hard? I can't say I've seen it. However, The Matrix is a different story, that one was awesome. I haven't much care for seeing Die Hard though, so I'm fine with it.
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    posted a message on Khranos' Poetry
    Quote from Eoino

    Wow, they're really good even though I know little about poetry xD

    Heh, I'm glad that you enjoyed them! It seems like less and less people these days appreciate poetry and other literary mediums, so it's always nice to find those that do. Thanks for supporting the thread by adding a comment!
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    posted a message on Needs Youtube Username
    Let's see, I can try to offer some ideas (Unlike the guy above me).

    You could go with something somewhat cliché in the Minecraft style -
    "Hexablock" (As to you said you were working with 5 other people, hence the prefix for 6)

    Or something not Minecraft styled -

    I'm pretty blank on ideas as of now, hopefully one of those at least sprouted an idea. If I think of any more, I'll come back and add them to this list.
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