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    Hach Contact
    "The Draconians, where to begin? I suppose I should start with our incredibly violent first contact above our homeworld, where we had to hold off a battlegroup of their ships with nothing but ground based missile defenses and four starships, two of which were civilian. Then they actively tried to destroy the homeworld of one of our allies, and then they decided to attack the Triarians. That was a very bad idea, they we able to defend against the Draconian fleet. Finally, they came to attack a colony that left the Earth Alliance after we decided to change our economic model. For us, that was the last straw. We sent everything we had to defend that planet, and eventually succeeded. That battle was where we used the nature of our communications systems to defeat them, the resulting wormhole swallowed their "beast" whole. They always test new species."

    Fergus McClain rips out the cord connecting him to the ship's computer, and turns to the rest of his crew.
    "I've got it! It's an 8 character computer code! Run it through the adaptive translators again, make sure that they go through all of the possibilities!"
    "Yes sir!"
    After a split second, the combined processing power of the entire fleet finds the most likely translation. While still a bit fragmented, the crew gets the idea of it. A message is sent to the moon below by Fergus himself, using the alien code.
    "This is Admiral Fergus McClain of the Earth Alliance, it is an honor to meet your people. We too hope for long and peaceful relations, it appears that we differ in size quite a bit, our artificial gravity will be deactivated to more easily accommodate you."
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    Overly soft sci-fi ("How does this FTL work?" "It uses something called a plot field generator" "How does that work?" "It just does")

    Racism (Still desperately trying to fight back the urge to brutally murder someone over this)

    People talking religiously ("You just need to have faith in god!", etc.)

    Young Earth Creationists (You can be wrong in my book, but not that wrong)

    Sexism (Don't even get me started)

    People that still can't differentiate from Communism, Socialism, and evil dictatorships (Yes, the United Federation of Planets IS communist! It works perfectly because they have infinite resources! NO! It being a democracy does not mean it's not communist!)

    All baseless hate (Oh god! How dare you X and Y without having it actually affect anyone negatively! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!)
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    Hach Contact
    "For planetary needs we use Helium-3 to run fusion generators, but our ships use something called negative energy for fuel. It is quite a versatile substance when it comes to transportation. It folds space in such a way that our ships can travel faster than light without needing to break into another universe or break the laws of physics. It can also be used to generate wormholes. We also use it in our communications devices, and believe me, being able to generate a wormhole with a radio has come in handy before. Anyways, generating this less-than-nothing requires a lot of space and time, that's why we have entire planets devoted to it. We call those planets distortion worlds, and they really are quite a sight. The gravity lensing from the constant warp effect makes the light just bend around them, and if you catch it at the right angle at the right time you can see some really amazing light formations. As for our inferiority doctrine, we do not actually consider technology, territory, or even physical strength when we talk about how good a species is compared to another. We consider mainly history, morals, and behavior."

    Distress Signal
    After receiving a distress signal from an alien fleet apparently being attacked by pirates, an Earth Alliance patrol fleet warps in and begins firing on the pirates. They send messages composed entirely of fleet positions to the alien fleet, forming a strategy that they hope that they will follow.

    As new blips appear on the radar, everyone is quite surprised to see that some are using smaller versions of the standard human warp drive, as no other species that uses it has been contacted yet. The fleet decides to wait until they have resolved the current issue before speaking to this new species, mainly because this is getting really hectic.
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    ((Aww, c'mon. Space charades is fun!))

    "Agh! This makes no sense! Even after running through the algorithmic translator it's just gibberish!"
    "Run it through again, put it on the intercom, anything! With any luck, somebody here will just happen to be really good at code-breaking and figure this out!"
    The crew had been fumbling around for the past few hours simply trying to make sense of the message. The algorithmic translator has so far had a 98.7% success rate, but now it's worthless. Admiral McClain has even resorted to plugging himself into the ship to add his brain's processing power. However, it is clear that unless all of the ships are contributing their computer capacity to the problem as a whole, there is simply no chance.
    "Attention all ships!" Cries our Fergus McClain, breaking out of his seemingly unconscious state "Dock together in a hoop formation, we are going to get all of the computers working on this as one!"
    The ships of the fleet move into position and lock together, forming an absolutely massive hoop above the moon below.

    Draconian Diplomacy
    The human shuttle docks next to the Equestrian ship, and the occupants depart. "The occupants' being six elite guards, two diplomats, and a sickly looking person, most likely from Earth. If the Draconians knew where the president of the EA resides, then they would easily identify this individual as the current president.
    Sending him was either very brave, very trusting, or as stupid as the cardboard that the Earth Alliance military can defeat.
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    Quote from Eon

    Name of nation: Cammatar Empire
    Species: An advanced race of human Clones
    Description of government: Ruled by an emperor and an imperial family. Democratic in terms of advice for the emperor, but everything he says goes.
    Description of military: The Cammatar Empire is rather militaristic, having to have fought off invader after invader to achieve dominance of their galaxy. Their military has a wide range of weaponry, including, but not limited to, lasers, railguns, high-caliber projectile weaponry, warp disruptors, and much more.

    Frigate: Jaguar
    The Jaguar is designed to be a fast moving scout ship that is hard to hit. It is typically fitted with a microwarpdrive, and usually have artillery or autocannons attached to them. They are also usually fitted with a Shield Booster, that helps its shields recover faster.
    (Microwarpdrives increase a ship’s speed drastically)

    Battlecruiser: Hurricane Fleet Issue
    The normal Hurricane was originally considered too powerful, so they turned it into the Hurricane Fleet Issue. They are usually fitted with artillery or autocannons, as well as missile bays. The Hurricane Fleet issue is typically seen leading squadrons.

    Dreadnought: Naglfar
    The Naglfar is the heavy hitter of the Cammatar military. Typically fitted with some of the largest artillery cannons, they deal heavy damage. They can also be fitted with Siege Modules, which divert power from the ships propulsion and warp systems to increase power to its offensive and defensive capabilities. This also makes it invulnerable to all remote effects (Warp disruption, etc), even friendly ones. It also cannot move using standard means while the Siege Module is active.

    Titan: Ragnarok
    The Ragnarok is the largest ship in the Cammatar military, being 18KM long. Only one has ever been made, and is stationed at the Cammatar home system. The Ragnarok is fitted with similar modules to the Naglfar, but it is equipped with a doomsday device called the Gjallarhorn. It is also fitted with a Jump Portal Generator, and a Clone Vat Bay. The Jump Portal Generator allows the Ragnarok to jump between solar systems without the use of a Jump Gate. The Clone Vat Bay allows the Ragnarok to let other members of its fleet “Respawn” inside it.

    Jump Gates: Jump Gates are what the Cammatar use to go from system-to-system. They allow the Cammatar to go from system-to-system within minutes.

    Mining Barge: Retriever
    Mining Barges are the only ship that can be fitted with Strip Miners. They are used to mine asteroids in the Cammatar home galaxy.

    History: The Cammatar were originally a small colonization mission sent by the original humans. Contact was quickly lost, though, and the ship ended up drifting to the Cammatar home galaxy. The Cammatar empire resided in a measly 5 solar systems. They were surrounded by alien races that were extremely hostile, and determined to destroy them. At some point, the Cammatar began to expand their military, and this eventually lead to the invention of the clones. Shortly after, they began to go to war with the enemies that surrounded them, and this quickly wiped out all of the original humans, as they were replaced with their clones.

    These wars raged on for centuries, and mid-way through the war the design for the Ragnarok was invented. Work on constructing this behemoth began immediately, and after another century it was finally completed. This massive ship turned the tides of the war in Cammatar’s favor, and slowly the other empires in their galaxy were driven out entirely. By the time the war was over, the Cammatarians were the most advanced empire compared to their enemies.

    After the war, the Cammatarians have lived in peace for the past century, but still kept their militaristic ways. They are exploring outside of their own galaxy, a jump gate to their neighboring galaxy nearly complete.

    ((Quick note, no, they do NOT reside in the Milky Way. I can’t be bothered to name the Galaxy they come from.))

    ((Accepted! Also, very good use of the Eve Online ships.))

    Name of Nation: Kingdom of Drughani Species: Drughans – A Sasquatch-like humanoid race that has existed and evolved for over an epoch. Physical Characteristics are as follows: · Average height – 7’ 6’’ · Average weight – 250 lbs – 300 lbs · Thick hair covers the vast majority of the body excluding the palms, soles, and face. The hair starts out dark brown, or black, in youth and noticeably begins to gray at old age. · Average lifespan of a Drughan is 150 years · Extremely strong and tough Description of Government: Monarchy The monarch holds all of the power and he/she is the only who can make decisions in the Kingdom of Drughani. The monarch can give out temporary and limited power to certain individuals in certain times of crisis. Hereditary succession has always been done. Normally monarchs are succeeded by the eldest son upon death, but if no male children have been born at the time of the monarch’s death, then the eldest daughter succeeds instead. Should the monarch have no children, which is extremely rare, then it would go to his/her sibling starting with brothers then moving on to sisters. It should be noted that in order to become a monarch a person must have “royal” blood, and a person married to an individual with “royal” blood will not be at all allowed to become a monarch. Description of Military: The strongest point of the Drughani military are the quality and quantity of the ground forces. The weakest would have to be the spacecraft. The military is equipped with plasma and energy weapons, as well as titanium and carbon fiber being used for armor. 1. Infantry Katarg Reserve – Semi-decently trained, equipped with whatever they can get their hands on from the other infantry units, and are basically soldiers that were given mandatory military training at the age of 25 in case a crisis arrives in which their training would come into use. Reyari – Mediocre training, equipped with standard gear, and are the backbone of the army. The Reyari can carry out any mission requested of them with undying courage. Vortak Guard – Extremely well trained, equipped to the max, and ready to sacrifice themselves in order to protect the monarch. Only a handful of these soldiers exist, and they are stationed near the monarch at all times. 2. Vehicles Targgar – Terribly armored infantry carrier with no armaments except for small holes in the sides for infantry within to fire out of. The Targgar is used only for transporting infantry to and from the battlefield, and should never be used in the actual fight itself. Gartor – Tank with above average armor, but only a decent main cannon with also a machinegun mounted on the top of the turret used for anti-infantry and anti-aircraft. The Gartor has above average speed due to the light material used in the armor. This is the main tank used in the Drughani military, and constant upgrades and modifications are pushed forward in order to better the tank itself. 3. Spacecraft The Drughani military prefers to not engage in space battles due to the vast majority of its ships lacking shielding and firepower. The Drughani fleet is used mainly for taking over planets and it is designed to defend and transport its ground forces as effectively as possible. Theonbur-Class – Small fighter with light armor, light shielding, decent armaments and fast speeds. This is the main fighter that the Drughani Military uses. Helmcrom-Class – Assault/landing ship used for invading planets by dropping in infantry, vehicles, and other supplies needed to take over the planet and defeat the enemy. This ship hovers in atmosphere while military units and resources are sent to the ground using much smaller drop ships. This ship has decent armor, light shielding, and a few turrets that are capable of providing support fire for the deployment of Drughani troops. Krumtak-Class – Heavy frigate used for escorting and defending Voranvor-Class ships. This class has decent armor, light shielding, heavy weaponry, and average speed. Voranvor-Class – Very large carrier that can hold many Theonbur-Class and a couple Helmcrom-Class ships, as well as large amounts of soldiers, vehicles, and supplies. This is heavy armored and shielded, but its turrets are extremely ineffective against anything that isn’t a corvette or smaller. 4. Defenses Drughani turrets are long-ranged, accurate, large, and powerful. These turrets take a while to set up and they take enormous amounts of energy to fire. Most turrets are only able to be placed on planets with solid ground. They are capable of taking out ground vehicles and some are even in capable of firing and critically damaging ships in space. History: · 1,000,000 BCE – First Drughans appear from evolution on the cold, thick forest covered planet of Grumdrak. Early Drughans are very primitive and savage. · 900,000 BCE – Drughans learn about agriculture and begin to focus on other tasks besides hunger. · 850,000 BCE – Language and writing system is formed. · 825,000 BCE – Tribes begin to form all around Grumdrak, and with these formations, conflicts begin to arise between the tribes over territory. · 800,000 BCE – Physical fighting is common between the tribes and no peace is ever made nor is any progress made technologically. · 700,000 BCE – Drughans now learn how to use sharpened wooden weapons rather than their hands, pebbles, and branches. · 600,000 BCE – One tribe learns how to domesticate animals, and soon after the other tribes begin to do it. · 500,000 BCE – The first houses are created and are believed to have been in trees. They appear to have been simple pads resting above the ground on branches. · 450,000 BCE – Houses become more complex with rooms and walls. Fighting is still persistent between the tribes. · 250,000 BCE – Intelligence has barely risen and savagery is still a prominent feature in Drughans. Population never rises above 25,000 due to constant killing. · 150,000 BCE – Meteor strikes Grumdrak wiping out half of the population. · 100,000 BCE – The total population of Drughans is still at a constant 12,500. · 25,000 BCE – Evidence shows that the Drughan brain begins to have significant progress in terms of increased intelligence. · 22,500 BCE – First signs of projectile based weapons being used. · 20,000 BCE – Surface mining begins and iron based weapons and tools begin to sprout. The wheel is also invented and better transportation for materials is created. · 17,500 BCE – Job specialization is invented, but all Drughans are still fierce warriors that commonly fight. · 15,000 BCE – Certain tribes begin to unite with each other forming bigger, stronger tribes. Conflicts are still the same, and the only thing that has changed is the largeness of battles fought and pillaging done. · 12,500 BCE – Bronze weapons and tools are created. Widespread use of this material shows it was more effective than iron. · 10,000 BCE – Grengar Drughan, a wise leader, unites all of the tribes, big and small. This brings peace for once in a million years. Grengar creates the first government in the form of a monarchy. Grengar starts the Drughan dynasty when he passes on the position of monarch when he dies to his eldest son Ranca. · 9,750 BCE – Complex cities and towns are created in the trees with advanced architecture being shown. · 9,500 BCE – Grengar Drughan begins to be praised long after he had died. The monarch, Raknan Drughan, dedicates and names multiple things after Grengar and the family name. This includes the name of the race, kingdom, and language. · 7,500 BCE – A milestone is reached with the Drughan population reaching 1,000,000. · 5,000 BCE – Significant technological advancements have happened and peace has been consistent with each new monarch; however, Krumo Drughan, the monarch of the time, decided that an organized fighting force be created should the time of peace ever end. · 4,000 BCE – Drughans learn how to harness the power of the large raging rivers of Grumdrak. The industrial revolution begins and automation is on the rise. · 3,750 BCE – Large amounts of power are being generated by these extremely large river, so production and manufacturing are on the rise. · 3,500 BCE – All technology, including military, takes a giant leap forward with the invention of dams. The Drughan dynasty still continues with excellent leaders coming with each generation. · 3,250 BCE – Another milestone is reached with the Drughan population reaching 1,000,000,000. Overcrowding is now becoming a problem so finding a solution becomes the main priority. Grumdrak has multiple moons that appear to have similar features as Grumdrak. Drughans begin to conduct studies on their bodies to learn how the function and it is concluded that oxygen and water is necessary in order to survive. · 3,150 BCE – First spaceship is created and launched into Grumdrak’s largest moon, Riswig. Landing is successful and atmosphere proves habitable. · 3,000 BCE – Large amounts of spaceships are produced and Drughans begin to colonize all 5 moons surrounding Grumdrak. · 2,500 BCE – The Drughans take a significant leap in technology once more with the invention of plasma and energy weapons, as well as nuclear technology that provides even more power than the already working hydropower. · 2,000 BCE – The Kingdom of Drughani seeks to expand itself from its small planet and moons of Grumdrak by invading the largest planet nearby, Grandea. A couple of Drughani explorers investigated Grandea and found it to be inhabited by intelligent, but still primitive, life. Rarican Drughan, the current monarch, decides that the species be eradicated and that the Kingdom of Drughani take it as theirs. The Drughani fleet is sent out and the planet was taken in a couple of days. · 1,000 BCE – The military is developed further and technology has become extremely advanced. There have been n
    o real threats to the Kingdom of Drughani, so being prosperous came easy. · 0 – The Kingdom of Drughani no owns 5 planets, all nearby. The Drughani military is fierce and strong, so no one has dared opposed it yet. No advanced intelligent life has been found. · Present – Mangar Drughan is the current monarch. There have been no recent conflicts and the overall state of the Kingdom of Drughani is excellent.

    ((Accepted, sorry, I didn't see the app.))

    Earth Alliance 1st Fleet
    "Coming up on the wormgate now, sir."
    The 1st fleet, having recently been refitted with newer technology and small additions to the hulls of the ships, prepares to enter the wormgate which will (hopefully) take them to the star cluster chosen for exploration. Of course, if it doesn't then the fleet will be able to turn back as long as the wormhole stays open.
    "Activation sequence complete, wormhole open, acceleration in 3... 2... 1..."
    Just before the officer can say "zero", the ship rockets into the wormhole using chemical boosters. After many tense hours of wondering where they will come out, the fleet exits on the other side, still in one piece. However, there is something that they weren't expecting. A small moon, with what seem to be radio signals. With any luck, they won't attack in paranoid self defense after seeing a huge fleet of warships appear over their homeworld.
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    Quote from Eon

    ((All you need is an explanation of how the humans got to that galaxy))

    [b]Hach Contact[/b]
    "First of all, it is an honor to be meeting with your people. Being involved in a peaceful contact is what every one of our diplomats dreams of. Anyways, my species are known as humans, and we come from the planet we call Earth. We call our nation the Earth Alliance, and we control about 800 star systems as of the latest colonial report. That might sound impressive, especially when you factor in that about 200 of those systems are devoted solely to creating fuel for our ships, but our military is actually a bit... well... it might be able to take on a particularly smart chunk of cardboard. Our ships just use up a lot of fuel. You may have noticed that we referred to ourselves as the inferior ones earlier, you see, our people have a doctrine that says we are inferior to all other sentient species."

    [b]Draconian Diplomacy[/b]
    The Earth Alliance has prepared an launched a ship carrying multiple diplomats towards the Draconian gate, Fergus wanted to go, but his bridge crew convinced him that they needed him.
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    Quote from Empour


    ((Accepted! And in response to your latest post, exactly. A people that cares more a bout the whole than th eindividual would also be much more open to those tactics than other species. Plus, hitting one of their fighters would be as hard as swatting a fly, but you happen to have bad eyesight. All in all, I think a species like this would be really fun to have, especially if the other species they made contact with is a breakaway nation of a certain species that I really, really hate.))

    Hach Contact
    "Acknowledged, proceeding in accordance with your orders."
    The diplomatic ship turns and after it has reached a safe distance it makes a burn for the fleet, and once it has reached the planet's atmosphere the seemingly decorative design shows it's actual strength as an atmospheric craft. It docks at the specified air station, and a diplomat exits the craft, carrying a tiny nano-adaptive computer chip.

    The Earth Alliance has begun organizing an expedition to a small star cluster just outside of the galaxy, to do so, they have begun constructing a structure in the Sol system that will be used to generate an artificial wormhole to the star cluster in question, as normal warp travel would take too long and they don't have the money for one of these newfangled quantum gates. If they wanted to, they could keep it open constantly, but that would require a lot of negative enemy and only an outside source helping to maintain it could accomplish such a feat.
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    Quote from Roguesteeler
    ((Oh my god.)) ((Quantum Gates could.... allow oneself to travel through time. With the theory of Quantum tunneling, in my mind, that 2 points can be connected without regard of time and distance, you could connect 2 points not on a 3-D scale, but on a 4-D scale. X axis, Y axis, Z axis, and the 'U' axis. The Time axis.))

    ((And then the Earth Alliance goes back in time and kills Hitler, prevents the Common Sense war, and guides cavemen after giving them warp drive. They then take over the multiverse and make sci-fi references.))
    ((Also, yes, I approve of that gate. Now to steal that MAD Cannon thing and make the Draconian homeworld go boom and assert human dominance! MUAHAHAHAHA!))

    Renn System
    The EAS Boulet warps into the system, along with a diplomatic shuttle that came using a wormhole. While faster, it consumed a ridiculous amount of negative energy to operate. The Boulet seems to sit off to the side while the shuttle burns for one of the alien stations, and a message is transmitted.
    "We are the Earth alliance, the inferior ones. We have to come to meet with your people, please tell us exactly where to go."

    The Earth Alliance, like, can't afford one! Gee, that sucks. I guess they'll just have to go flip some more planets inside-out with negative energy stores and generators so they can build wormhole gates.

    Colonial Report
    New colonies established by the Earth Alliance 2nd and 3rd fleets have just reported in! Per command's orders, they have colonized one hundred star systems, with 623 planets between them (barren planets were made into distortion worlds for producing negative energy, and planets too close to others for that were colonized with biodomes). Both fleets have been dispersed and ordered to transport cargo between the new colonies and patrol them, as was done with the first six waves of colony fleets.

    Ship Design/Production
    The Earth Alliance has begun building a fleet of lightly armed colony ships, which will be used in a similar fashion as the exploration ships that made up the 2nd and 3rd fleets. Along with this, multiple new ship classes are being designed. These include the following:
    -Challenger Class: A small ship with no artificial gravity rings designed purely for maneuverability and firepower.
    -Icarus Class: A new long-range exploration ship, with light armaments and more accurate sensors than the former Armstrong class.
    -Prometheus Class: A fusion of the outdated Ares class with new technology, the Prometheus class is a massive warship.

    Magic Gift
    The humans are amazed at their new powers, and people have already begun flocking to the schools to learn how to use them.
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    EAS Boulet
    One of the diplomats on deck walks straight over to the flora, ignoring the gold. He studies it for a time, and then steps away. Through the golden shield that protects his face, a smile can barely be seen.
    A youthful woman steps out to meet the alien diplomats as the hangar door closes, her red cape trailing her. A hissing noise is heard as the area is flooded with oxygen. She opens her visor, revealing a pale face that makes it clear that her skin has never felt solar radiation, due to living on a shielded starship for her whole life. There is a scar on her right cheek, which implies a battle at one point despite her youthful appearance. She then makes a hand motion and a robed male copies it, and nanobots form earbuds in everyone's ears.
    "Now you can understand us. I am honored to meet with a peaceful species, they seem to be quite rare in our travels. However, this ship is not a very good representation of our main culture, as we have been separated from the homeworld for many years. In fact, the homeworld often finds our culture... strange. You see, I am quite young, if I were at the homeworld I would be in school, but out here I am captain of a starship. We are deeply sorry that the Draconians had to be involved, they're usually considered a twisted species. The only reason we put up with them is because if we didn't they would drive us to extinction. You must make sure your military gathers at your homeworld, for it will soon be attacked by them. Our people have a doctrine that states that we are inferior to all other species, the Draconians are the only species that ha sever made us question that. They don't appear to have any morals whatsoever."
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    EAS Boulet
    Hangar bays open up on the Boulet, revealing them to be mostly empty aside from a few tiny pods with a ring around them, of the same design of the ring around the Boulet. The landing lights light up to guide in the smaller ships, and diplomats wait inside wearing what look like horrifically tight spacesuits. Of course, the alternative is not being able to move in any sort of gravity and giving the impression that all humans have angular white skin. A message is sent to the Draconian ships.
    "These species have helped us and do not wish war, there is no need for military intervention."
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    EAS Boulet, Uncharted Space
    The Boulet drops out of warp in uncharted space, negative energy is vented out into space from the warp ring as the ship slows to a stop. The crew is then surprised to find two ships already in the area, which will make having a massive hole in the side of their ship exactly that much more embarrassing. Hey, they've got a stressful life and mistakes happen! It's not their fault that they forgot to turn on the deflector before going relativistic. A message is sent to both of the ships, an audio message, what should work as a translation matrix, and a video. The video is a quick animation of the hole in their hull being fixed by a team of multiple different species, and awards being given to the non-human members of the team. The audio message is the following:
    "This is captain of the Earth Alliance Starship Boulet, we are requesting assistance. I repeat, we are requesting assistance. We require hull repairs and atmospheric replenishment."

    Gift of Magic
    "Ah yes, we are sending a list of the most populated planets to you now."
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    Gift of magic
    As the Equestrian leader was the one that spoke, the Earth Alliance Council has responded to the message.
    "Thank you very much for your offer, we accept. If you wish for any of our people to help with the equipment or education, you only have to ask. Someday we will try to repay this favor, I can promise you that." Says the councilmember chosen to speak, with a massive smile on hsi face the whole time.
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    ((Manhattan Project, J. Robert Oppenhaimer. Nom nom cookies.))
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    Quote from TehAlphaMiner

    Name of nation: Sazkarjhia [Sazz-Khar-Zhee-Uh) (Demonym - Sazkarjhit)
    Species: Sazkajhian - A lizard-like creature. What's known is that they have mottled, yellowish-orange skin and black, pupiless eyes. Most of their body is often hidden by a suit, as they can only breathe gaseous chlorine through their suit's respiratory system, as chlorine gas makes up most of the air on their home planet of Sazkar. The species themselves are advanced, and have large focuses on industry, but are extremely devout to their religion. The zealous Sazkarjhits worship their God of Creation--Zarwaun--as well as several other gods, such as Mazdabar, God of War, and Oparas, Goddess of Fortune. Although they have understood the fundamentals of space travel for some time, they've mostly explored only their own system and only in recent times have they begun to make discoveries in faster-than-light travel. The world of Sazk
    Description of government: Theocratic Dictatorship. The Sazkarjhits follow a religious arbiter, or holy leader/judge, known as the Grand Vessel of Zarwaun, who is seen as a prophet of sorts--being said to be the only one appointed to communicate with Zarwaun and dictate his holy law. A new Grand Vessel is appointed when the old one dies. The current one in power being Damwar Suar'kum. Anything Grand Vessel Suar'kum says goes, and the strictest punishments are issued to those who do not abide by his law. While there is a senate that help develop laws, it is up to Suar'kum and only Suar'kum to approve of them. While science has a strong presence in the Sazkarjhian community, anything that conflicts with religious beliefs are met with fierce opposition.
    Description of military: The Sazkarjhian military branches off into several parts, each with different technology:
    The Order of the Grand Vessel's Sword: The Grand Vessel's private army, these select group of Saskharjit soldiers are some of the bravest, deadliest, and most unscrupulous members in the military force. They're usually used as a police force but select groups have been sent in for special operations.
    The Sazkarjhit Center for Naval Operations and Space Exploration: The SCNOSE is the main Sazkharjian naval fleet. They operate several ships including:
    Marku: Heavily armed, armored, and very well-crewed, the Marku-class Heavy Carrier usually serves as a fleet capital ship. Weapons such as missiles, plasma emitters and magnetic projectile cannons surround the vessel
    Darbor: Darbor-class Heavy Frigates are large assault ships usually used for invading or defending fleet formations and ships. They feature most of the weapons as the above-mentioned Marku, except the Darbor also carries an Atomic Resonance Cannon--a projectile-firing cannon that's high-explosive shell creates a nuclear chain reaction several times more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan,
    Manumar: Manumar-class Frigates are standard frigates that can carry a large assortment of anti-ship and anti-surface weapons. They're small, and lightly armored, but are fast. They can be used for defense but also for devastating "Boom-and-Zoom" attacks.
    Sazkarjhit Peoples' Warriors: The Sazkarzhian army. They employ mostly plasma weaponry and are deployed onto the surface from space-borne carriers. This is the largest segment of the Sazkarjhit military and are usually the main participants in the "Crusades" that Sazkarjhit people wage on planets they believe to be heathenish in a ferocious attempt to force-convert the denizens.

    History: As far as reports go, it's believed that around 40000 B.C.E. several tribes of then-called Mazako banded together to form the Unity of Sazkar (The name Sazkar being coined by Daraka Sags'hum, who became the first leader of the Union). As more tribes were adopted into this union, it developed into a massive empire, which would later be named Sazkarjhia, when another group of tribes, named the Order of Jhia, merged with the Unity of Sazkar. Here, they developed a sprawling cosmopolitan empire that spread greatly. However, a religion soon began to develop, and although the originally atheist public were indifferent or against this religion--leading up to several holy struggles over a decade later named "The Ten Years' Bloodshed." Following this, however, all peoples united to form the Sazkarjhit, and soon the first Grand Vessel of Zarwaun, Sayilmar Hulun'yum, came to power. By 20000 B.C.E., they began exploring their system and nearby systems, but this travel time took many months, years. Work soon began on a project to be able to quickly traverse between systems, but it would suddenly grind to a halt. Then-Grand Vessel Taram Watku'pum was assassinated by an unknown killer, and this triggered severe rioting, causing most of Sazkarjhia to fragment into several small nations. This "Separated Nations" period lasted until around 500 C.E. when the leader of the nation of Gamra, Larans Marg'bum attempted to unite Sazkarjhia and bring forth its religious unity. She was successful, and as a result Sazkarjhia soon rose to power. In 1000 C.E., faster-than-light travel soon began to develop again, and in 1040 the first prototype of the Translight Outersysytem Engine was developed. The first ship, a small frigate, never came back during the testing phase. Work went on for centuries--tests consistently failed, the fates of the ships unheard of--until in 1800 C.E. a frigate managed to return while using the TOE. Seeing this as an opportunity to travel far in the universe to spread the religion, Grand Vessel Garanda Tam'rum began a series of several crusades lasting over two centuries.

    Besides this, little else is known well about the Sazkarjhit people

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    Quote from hacher5

    "sans-serif">=Application= (I have never done an RP before. First time, please correct me if I mess up, thank you)
    Name of nation: The Zonanese Empire (Zonan)
    Species: The Haches- An industrious yet new race that has survived numerous centuries of hard ships and war amongst its own species. Currently holds 4 planets (three from each race, plus one colonized)
    Description of government: the government is similar to the United States' federal republic, but with some exceptions. There is a tri-executive branch(one race for each of the three Hach races), and a congress with an equal number of independent senators (no political parties) for each race.
    Description of military:

    "sans-serif">Land Forces:
    "sans-serif">(standard)The Domest: The regular divisions comprised in the military, fairly trained and equipped with standard weaponry
    (specialist)The Koyots, Leps, Polls: Trained much more than the average Domests, they are equipped with standard weaponry. They are mainly used to drop from high elevations, surprising the enemy. They are trained to survive in tougher situations, such as resisting city sieges and attacks, or boarding enemy craft.
    (super)The Wolves, Liists, Grozz: Highly trained super soldiers. Used to fight in areas far of reach for normal Domests or specialists. Can undergo classified missions, defend planets, or just increase morale of the rest of the Land Forces. Usable in any situation, really, but limited in a number of 500.
    Slumtanks: The only tanks used by Zonan. Powerful and average speed. Too wide to operate in close combat, commonly used in plains.
    Condas: Vehicles used to quickly move on the battlefield, equipped with machine gun or gatlas rifle (fires quick plasma beam every second)
    SPACE: The space craft the Haches use are pretty basic: Low-class shields, average turrets, fast speed.

    Patrol:Patrols the outer limits of all known territories. low weaponry, fast speed, low shield
    Montus: Medium class ship: Average weaponry, fast speed, low-shield
    Fanner B-class: High class ship, used as the power of the fleets: medium speed, high weaponry, medium shield
    Fanner A-class: Holds Zonan's aircraft: Slow speed- low weaponry, high shield.
    "sans-serif">History: The are three different species of Haches and each grew on separate planets. The three kinds are the Domi, Comu, Bunta. The Domi are similar in appearance to a large or medium sized domestic dog and average at a height of 5'5". The Comu are similar in appearance to a domestic cat, and average at the same height as the Domi. The Bunta are similar in appearance to a bear, and Have an average height of 6'5".
    The Domis are very spirited, they are the bulk of most land fighting. The Comu are very intelligent, used commonly in space raids and battles. The Bunta are the brutes, very powerful, very wise, but can easily be persuaded (ie. very fickle).
    "sans-serif"> Not much is known about the Bunta or Comu as both sides have almost completely destroyed their planets ancestory from conflict, but each one tells a story of four gods creating a species, seeing the species' demands grow (mainly demand for free-thinking), killing off the species, creating a newer version of the species, seeing those species kill each other, and segregating them to "distant lands". All three races share this story, which is what ultimately led to the unification of eachother: the Zonanese Empire.
    "sans-serif"> The Domi's history is still intact, however. There were originally three different "races" of the Domi, each living on 1 of five continents in their world. With numerous wars between the darker Domi, the lighter Domi, and the brown Domi, many of each race left to form a new country, the congressional republic: A cultural and scientific superpower. There was still one island, a no man's land that was considered to be the home of the original Domi Haches. This island was sacred, and was told that if anyone set foot or tried to colonize it, there would never be eternal peace.
    "sans-serif"> The myth is considered true, as the dark Domi first colonized on it, then the light, then the brown. Eventually a world war broke out for control of the island for control of its most valuable resource: uranium. The light Domi (At the time: The State of Monstrude) were the first to set off a nuclear bomb, calling it the Mother Bomb. There were five Mother Bombs set off in total, two from the light, two from the dark, and one from the brown. The war eventually unified the Haches, colonizing the No Man's Land and claiming the first city in their as their capitol: Domu.
    "sans-serif"> Space Craft later became able to reach and colonize other planets, which is when they found the Comu. The Comu were highly advanced compared to the Domi, but did not show the spirit the Domi held. The Comu came extremely close to destroying the Domi's first colonized planet, but was pushed back by the Domi's Mother missiles. When both met the Bunta, a second war broke out, with each side mainly clashing in space battles. The war ended when the three sides learned about their similar faith, creating the Empire of Zonan.

    ((I must say that your app is quite good, so accepted!))

    The Earth Alliance has accepted the invitation, eager to prove themselves to the other nations.
    And probably get some protection, because their army can still only take on smart cardboard.

    Earth Alliance Research Center, Planet Vulcan
    A tungsten landing pad is barely visible among the volcanoes and magma flows of the planet Vulcan, a primordial world used as a research outpost due to the easily available geothermal power. Every once in a while a ship will stop by for repairs, but usually the only thing that the researchers here see are messages from command. The last orders they got told them that they were to conduct further research into antimatter, which was used for interstellar propulsion until it was phased out by warp drives which were unconstrained by the wall that is 1c. It is usually considered outdated technology, but one Admiral Steck suggested an alternate use. Only the researchers know what the project actually is, but rumors spread surprisingly fast across the starlanes, and in this case, the rumors are correct.
    "Latest simulation puts the yield at 50 megatons sir. The system is still just as simple, but we're losing a lot of power due to vented atmosphere in large-scale battles that have already begun. Production would be easy, but we would have to industrialize a world with abundant power supplies and areas hot enough for normal fusion reactors."
    "How interesting, the best planet for the production would be Vulcan. Such a thing would bring prosperity to the colony here, and give us a larger budget."
    "I suppose I should inform command?"
    "Of course."
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