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    Message to Luna II
    "We do not have access to Earth due to our war with it, and the pitcher plant cannot be found on Kepler 22-B or El Dorado. I will order our troops on Mars to move towards the areas that we seeded with pitcher plants centuries ago. Please tell us this: Are any of the survivors extremely pale?"

    "You are going to destroy the AoE? Go ahead, if you want a cloaked escort we can act as one."

    The tram starts going faster and faster, then stops abruptly, but the normally extreme shock of a sudden stop is completely nullified by the gravity manipulators, which were hastily bolted to the bottom of the tram after their invention. The doors open, revealing a military command center, filled with consoles. The consoles are marked with the military division, written in both Antarian and multiple Human languages. The one labeled "Ocean Navy" is manned by a new recruit who is sending orders to multiple Keplerian "ships", all of which are literally pontoon boats with an antiproton rifle duct-taped to the front, some of them are just inflatable kayaks with engines. A door at the end of the room opens to reveal a conference room, it should also be noted that the door is the entire back wall, most likely for catering to more exotic aliens, like giant slugs, despite the entire region being dominated by humanoids. It is likely that the door was made before first contact. An Antarian scientist and Keplerian diplomat motion for them to come in, taking note of their small size and decide that they must trust the AKU to come in person instead of sending a telepresence unit.

    Luna II
    The AKUS Maria arrives in orbit of Luna II, her tentacles retract into her main body and her mouth opens up, revealing a huge replicator/recycler. It beings replicating massive amounts of gravity manipulator probes and releases them, with programming to halt Luna II's orbital decay. The AKUS Maria then leaves at a much slower pace than she came, heading for the asteroid belt to feed. Bioships need to eat too, some just eat asteroids and digest them into electricity.
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    Quote from Deceptaboss

    Name of government: The Serath Alliance (S.A.)
    1. Eredarian: http://www.argentarc....org/node/30176
    A Once tribal species that used the power of there powerful urinight crystals as there life source.
    2. Levastians: A once tribal species that communicated to animals, however most of there race consisted of female and very few males.
    Male: http://photo.mmosite...t1oauj7xt.shtml
    Female: http://www.zerochan.net/814723
    3. Devastians: A very religious and arrogant race using there powers over iron and blood to there advantage.
    Description of government: The S.A. Is ruled by a man and woman of the 3 races, and these men and woman vote and discuss the overall decisions, ect.
    Each race gets two divisions,
    The Blood Devision (male)
    The Iron Devision (female)
    The Carnivor Division (male)
    The Rune Division (female)
    The Urinight Division (male)
    The Smite Division (female)
    Each division has skills and resources that benifits the alliance ultimately.
    History: Serath is a massive planet on the corner of the galaxy that contains cold, tropical, and warm climates, the planet from a far view has a bluish tint due to a chemical in the air called "despein gas".
    Despein Gas is much like oxygen to humans, only the inhabitants of the planet can store it In There cells and can go up to 5 hours without resupplying.
    The planet was split among 3 tribes(Devastians, levastians, and Eredarians.). The 3 tribes where simultaneously attacked by a a race of beasts called the horde, the horde had organic ships and structures. There bug like appearance worked well on the planet due to its thick jungles. The 3 three tribes where hopelessly outnumbered so they joined forces. There alliance didn't have a name at the time but they managed to fight off the horde and they had centuries to grow and develop with each other.
    Many centuries later all of Serath had been populated to the brim. The alliance began studying the stars, and eventually got to the point where they discovered space travel.
    Special weapons:
    "The Little Doctor"(Belongs to all divisions)
    A violent molecule scrambling ray that combusts the target within seconds, and also arches over to nearby ships or objects.
    "The Flare"(belongs to the smite division)
    Solar panels gather energy from a nearby sun and concentrate the energy into a deadly beam.
    "Consumer Shards"(belongs to urinight division)
    A mineral found on Serath, that grows on contact until it consumes it's target completely in hard crystal.
    "Acid Blood"(belongs to the blood division)
    A acidic blood harvested from a animal back on Serath, used to flush enemy's, simply Eliminate them, used as protection for example a ship would spray the acid blood and it would float in space but also making it an inaccessible route.
    "Ramming saw"(belongs to the Carnivor division)
    A massive chainsaw on the front of certain Carnivor division ships, used for shredding there enemy's apart.
    "Suicide wave"(belongs to rune division)
    An electro magnetic shock wave that turns off electronic and devices when a rune division ships(only equipped in robotically controlled suicide fighters)
    P.s. All (S.A.) ships and crewmen are especially trained for almost any situation THEY can think of.
    P.p.s. the (S.A) is a very militaristic goverment.

    Finished application.

    ((So sorry, I thought I accepted it earlier. Well, it's accepted now!))

    Equestrian Diplomacy
    "The green crystal is called Tiberium, it is somewhat of a sought after commodity. It is very effective when used as a biological weapon, and can be used to enrich lasers. We choose antiparticle weaponry over it though, but some of the previously Lance Empire ships are still armed with tiberium weaponry. We really only use tiberium for trade products and our Genesis Lasers."

    The AIF has found that insanium requires massive amounts of energy to replicate, and that it is much more practical to mine it.
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    ((Good point on Luna II.))

    "You're not Alliance? Are you planning to attack them or something?" The squad leader says, obviously hopeful that they say yes, then he adds a bit more. "Oh yeah, these ships are Allied Kepler Union fighters."

    A maglev tram comes to pick the representatives up, though well taken care of it's ancient age would be obvious to a keen eye. It's doors open up gull-wing style and the Antarian driver greets the representatives with a bow. His antennae are tilted towards eachother, signifying peace.

    Luna II
    The AKU has sent a message back to the people on Luna II.
    "The magnetic distortions from the superweapon are causing the orbital shift, a freighter is on it's way to deliver gravity manipulators to keep it in orbit."
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    Current Situations:
    Anderson Aerospace: Financially Secure, Support of the Board, Immaterial public relations, 4 parts produced.
    11icecube11: Financially Secure, Support of the Board, Immaterial public relations, 4 parts produced.
    IKWing: Financially Secure, Independent, Popular, 4 parts produced.
    OSA: State Funded, Support of the Board, Popular, 4 parts produced.
    Z's Space Labs: Financially Secure, Support of the board, Immaterial public relations, 4 parts produced
    Mars Colonization Company: Financially Secure, Support of the board, Immaterial public relations, 4 parts produced
    Space Eco. & Research Group: Financially Secure, Independent, Popular, 4 parts produced
    Front Gates Rocket Division: Financially Secure, Support of the Board, Immaterial public relations, 4 parts produced.
    OOSE: State Funded, Support of the Board, Popular, 4 parts produced.

    ((Front Gates Rocket Division is accepted!))

    ((On the next update there will be a technology breakthrough!))
    ((Yes! I don't need to be lynched... right?))
    ((Oh yeah, EST.))
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    ((*Voluntarily get's into position to be hung*
    I'm so sorry, I have a lot of math homework, and I suck at math. I can get the update up first thing tomorrow morning, and that is a promise, writing a note now.))
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    Quote from SpartanDoesAcid

    ((I know I said I was done, but I've noticed that this nation in general is quite OP. For instance, we have already had the introduction of an imaginary mineral that is extraordinarily valuable, and having another one exclusively to yourself would be a ridiculous prospect. Also, during the supposed time that you built the rocket, the world was embroiled in World War III, and I seriously doubt that military research would be put off in the pursuit of cryogenic technology, which would ultimately be necessary for your background to work. And even then, how exactly did you get the funds and immense foreign investment necessary to pursue the construction of this rocket supposedly meant to house a hundred to a few thousand people? And also considering that the time necessary to travel to the Kepler system without warp technology would likely be hundreds of years, and how exactly you even managed to survive in a foreign environment and expand into an interstellar empire eludes me. Unless you can elaborate on these points, I fail to see how your civilization could survive and thrive, unless of course they had matter replication technology, which would only be available decades later.))

    ((I pretty much wrote that off as Antarctic Union assistance, the president at the time was eccentric when it came to space, he would have given them huge amounts of money and even research data for the ship, and the ship could have gotten caught in the warp bubble of another starship, it happened to the Founder.))
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    ((Just so you know, Luna II is actually inhabited by AKU citizens, we took control after the Sezben government went into chaos, and I don't think I'm transmitting a gravitational field, unless you mean the negative gravity field that it keeping the Lautusian and Keplerian fleets from crashing into the Liberator.))

    The Living hope's viewscreen became filled with starships, suspicion rose slightly on the bridge when they were counted...
    "50 ships, if they are armed with the weaponry of the Earth-Class Starcruiser they could destroy a planet combined."
    "Sensors are not showing any antiproton signatures, we should let them dock."
    The Living Hope has sent a message to the approaching ships:
    "Please dock in the forward bay, a supersonic tram will be there to pick your representatives up. Please avoid colliding with any of the ships in there, most of them are living beings, and they can feel pain. Gravity generators have been deactivated for the duration of the docking process, after that localized gravitic distortions will hold your ship on the docking port. We look forward to relations with your people."
    ((Just a little note, pretty much all Keplerians are white, and I don't mean peach-colored, I mean literally snow white.))

    Scouting Patrol E-1, Cloaked
    "We have a shuttle on course for Earth!"
    "Does it look like an Alliance craft?"
    "Can't tell, we haven't gotten a look at any Alliance shuttles, scans show Human lifesigns though, but it could be Lautusian or Sirius."
    "The Sirius Alliance wouldn't send a shuttle to Earth, neither would the LLS. They don't have cloaking tech."
    "So it has to be Alliance."
    "Right, and my scans also show it's carrying some kind of weapon! All wings, decloak and fire on it's engines! I want that shuttle disabled!"
    5 wings of Keplerian Hybrid fighters decloak and fire on the shuttle's engines, destroying them. The fighters then surround the craft and the lead one docks with it.
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    Message to the Invaders
    "Well that just makes me feel worthless. About the Archangels, are you sure that they are not just another calculation mistake? Perhaps your "Genesis formula" as we call it creates them without you knowing. Anyway, let's get going on the Archangels, shall we?"

    Tactical Situation
    The AIF fleet has begun firing on the Archangel fleet, they have also sent them a message.
    "We are sorry, the independence of this universe requires your destruction as of now. We have made a deal with the invaders, they will leave us alone in exchange for your destruction. Again, we are sorry that creatures with a noble goal must be destroyed."

    "We just got another message from the fleet, the Archangels are now the target. In response to your question, the Archangels are biological spacecraft with the one and only goal of destroying all spacefaring life in the universe, their goal is noble though. They believe that one of our nations might harm one of the non-spacefaring species, obviously we are fighting them. We had a truce with them for fighting the invaders, but we just made a deal with the invaders: we help them destroy the Archangels, and they leave us alone. Before I tell you the next part of the scenario, I have to ask you if you have a religion."
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    Quote from someguy127

    Group Name: Spirit Industries

    Leader: Duncan Turon

    Activities: Weapons and implants manufacturing, mercenary services, off the books terrorism and chemical warfare manufacturing.

    History: After the death of his father Robert Turon, Duncan Turon was placed in charge of the Inferno. Lacking the vision that his father had, he disbanded the Inferno, hiring anyone willing to join him in forming a large corporation. Based off the U.A.R Moraes, a massive spaceship outfitted to be a moving industrial district and research centre, Spirit Industries is one of the worlds largest weapons manufacturer and private military company. While the name seems familiar to those who know their history, a strange voice from the radio promises they have nothing to do with a certain group...

    (( Robert died from a bridge explosion on the Moraes while fighting the AoE, after which the Inferno stopped supporting the S.A and buggered off to make stuff. ))

    ((Accepted, and SPIRIT SWORD ALERT!))

    The AKU fleet has entered the Kepler 62 system and found it inhabited! The Living Hope has moved into orbit above Kepler 62e and has begun broadcasting a signal to the entire planet.
    "This is the Keplerian Starship Living Hope, escort for our colonization fleet. It appears that our records are out of date, this planet was not marked as inhabited. Protocol 005 dictates that we must open diplomatic relations, or defend our species by blowing you up if you're hostile, that's protocol H-1."

    The invasion of Mars continues to go well, the AKU "questioners" have learned the location of the magnetic field disruptor and the activation codes, they are now pushing towards it's control room.
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    ((But I wanted the universe to be a result of an AIF predestination paradox! Oh well, religious war ho!))

    Message to the Invaders
    "It took seven of your years for this universe to mature? It only takes a few seconds for ours to mature. Anyway, let's make a deal. You help us destroy the Archangels, and the AIF won't attack you. And by the way, getting people to peacefully join you works best when you don't bring 19 million incredibly large battleships to them after spying on them with invincible cloaked ships. One would wonder why a peaceful empire with no thirst for conquering would need so many ships, especially since they appear to be created solely for offense..."

    The AIF has asked only for a tiny sample of insanium, nothing more.

    Interdimensional Message
    The AIF has sent a message to a universe that appears to belong to the invaders, asking how many of the natives are content.

    Sagitta Core Trouble
    The AIF has picked up massive fluctuations in the Tower of Babel's core, they have sent their best repair teams to stop an overload.

    Mjolnir Defense Platform
    The Mjolnir has rotated away from the invading fleet and towards the Archangel fleet.
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    ((OH god, I'm so sorry for not updating yet. It will come today, and if it doesn't you should probably lynch me.))
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    Colonization Program
    With overpopulation plaguing Kepler 22-B, the AKU has sent a colonization fleet to the Kepler 62 system, which has a habitable planet according to ancient observations. If the observations were incorrect, the fleet will continue on to a planet marked in almost 400 year old records as "Ardala Prime" apparently someone bothered to name it. The colonization fleet consists of 8 David Fleet starships, 50 construction ships, and the Living Hope.
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    can i have a place on Kepler 62 e? (it's a real planet with :YFlower: , :RFlower: , and :Water: :steve_csi:

    here's the map:

    the kar'atuk alliance broke off from a small country in scandinavia called ogzumaria in 2035, and remained small for years after. By the time that the story's earth roleplay began, this country was about the size of modern-day vatican city. It remained not much of a threat, and was thus ignored by all. when the deadly virus was spread, the country used all of their money to build a rocket to ship all of their residents to a far-off world designated Kepler-62 e, found in 2012 by the kepler telescope. After extensive journeying over several generations, they landed, only to find it inhabited previously by an already existing alien race. :steve_rage: The aliens did not want to give up territory for these interstellar travelers despite their effort on coming, so they are locked in battle, fighting for control of yet another planet. As the country is now fighting such a large threat, they expanded to an amazingly large empire, and now resolve to conquer other worlds as backup and reinforcement for the growing threat...

    speed: 1.57 times the speed of light
    armor: light
    weapons: moderate
    use: patrol ship

    speed: 2.19 times the speed of light
    armor: heavy
    weapons: minimal
    use: freighter

    speed: 1.78 times the speed of light
    armor: medium
    weapons: heavy
    use: battleship

    zafrai kudag
    speed: 3.46 times the speed of light
    armor: heavy
    weapons: extreme
    use: mothership

    beware- the alliance is coming soon... :steve_shocked:

    name: The kar'atuk Federated Alliance of Kepler-62 and the affiliated systems, including Kepler-63 and 64.

    form of government: Oligarchy


    Military Description: 60,000 marines, 100,000 general militia, 50,000 spaceworthy vessels.

    Commercial Statistics: nearly unlimited money from exporting the very rare mineral hematritium. basic unit of currency is a Fugme, which is $20,000 in United states Dollars equivalent.

    History: (see backstory above)

    Demographics: 98.2% (49,400,000) kar'atukian, 1.7% (850,000) alien, 0.09% (4,500) other.

    Foes: none currently, except the aliens.

    Suggestions: could I act the part of both the aliens and the country? I would present the political views of each race, and the plans & secrets of one another.

    ((Accepted! And sure, but you might want to tweak your FTL capabilities, it would take you longer than a human lifetime to reach Earth.))
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    The 1st Universal War
    The AIF ships have begun firing on the matter creation ships, the Sun Childs of the Turian Dreadnoughts ripping apart the enemy shields while antiproton beams disintegrate their hulls. The AIFS Pride of Sol, the first Challenger-Class Dreadnought, has sent an audio and video message to the invading forces:
    "I am the captain of the AIFS Pride of Sol, why are you attacking us? What have we ever done to you?"

    -AIF Fleet under joint command
    -60 Transports with nukes strapped to them
    -1,500 Modified Wisp-Class Civilian Yachts
    -600 Custom-Made Battleships
    -1 Lance Empire Ultraship
    The entire UDO fleet has moved to engage the invading forces.

    -Dimensional Scanning Array: =No details released=
    100% Currently scanning for enemy universes.

    3,002,750 Battle-Ready Starships
    -400,000 Human Cruisers
    -400,000 Kindir Scouts
    -400,000 Kindir Battleships
    -2,500 Cirrus-Class Lightships
    -300,000 Unity-Class Battlecruisers
    -300,000 Boskop Explorers
    -300,000 Ethra'Hirel Warships
    -300,000 Niktesh Protectors
    -200 Turian Dreadnoughts
    -50 Challenger-Class Dreadnoughts
    Psionic Destroyers R1:150000
    Tib-Ships R1:150000
    Hercules Troop Transports:7100
    Orca MK2s R1:150000
    Firehawk MK1:150000
    Drones:20 million drones

    DS1 Psionic Disturbances
    AIF Psionic personnel have reported getting strange signals around some of the diplomats, he cannot tell their species, so they could very well be alien spies trying to gather intelligence on this universe.
    Plans are being put forward to interrogate and possibly kill these spies for crimes against the entire universe/multiverse.

    The AIF has offered to outfit the Elder Kleinstern with antiproton beam strips, which are like turrets but have a larger firing arc and look more elegant.
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    "We are working on scanners to make sure no innocent dies, if there is even one being that hasn't committed an atrocity, we will attempt to 'sterilize' their universe, making it impossible for the aliens to travel between dimensions. However, we feel that we should destroy these invaders for what they have done, perhaps there is a way to do that, but we wouldn't destroy a universe unless it was absolutely necessary. The first universe we destroy without substantial reason puts us on the path to corruption, a path that we have walked too far down already, WAY too far."

    Meanwhile, in some AIF facility on a redacted planet known only to the members of the AIF's 5th fleet...
    "There is a 0.02% chance of future war with the Equestrian Empire on the grounds of conflicting goals, and a 52% chance of war with the CDE over our conflicting philosophies. Recommend a preemptive strike the moment relations begin to cool. The Sagitta is a major threat, their weaponry is extremely advanced. Recommend sabotage when relations cool."
    "Begin drawing up plans, have our agents in the senate begin spreading false information on the Sagitta, CDE, and the Equestrians... especially the Equestrians. They have too much potential."
    "Yes Admiral."
    ((And the planned coup is revealed.))
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