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    posted a message on [1.2.4]Kew's Cowbell Mod (Update 4)
    Update 4: Now it works in 1.2.4 (We are getting a little tired of the buggy releases coming out of Mojang).
    Update 3: Released version for 1.2.3
    Update 2: We made it so now it spawns baby cows and baby mooshrooms.
    Update 1: We made it do that it works with Redstone.

    See https://github.com/DrMiaow/KewModDev/downloads for the full list of releases and versions.


    Hello, I am Kew. I am 10 years old. I have created a mod that enables you to create cowbells in minecraft.

    My dad helped me. I want to learn how to mod, so he is teaching me. We have started small with a simple block that can do things when the user clicks on them like playsounds and spawn mobs.

    We are going to make more mods in the future. Next one is a block that spawns a huge pirate ship or maybe an airplane or a t-rex or.. :) .. to do that we need to learn how to make our own mobs with 3D models.

    What Does This Mod Do.

    This mod enables you to make cowbells and when you right click on the cowbell, it will play a sound and spawn a cow, or if you are lucky, a moo-shroom.

    There is a secret underneath the cowbell. :)

    Update: Now usable with redstone.

    Crafting Recipe

    To craft a cowbell you will need 5 gold,1 gold nugget and 1 piece of string.

    Also, we managed to get the block to appear in the creative menu (CreativeContainer). That bit was harder.


    The latest version of the mod can be downloaded from http://is.gd/kewcowbelllatest

    Install Instructions

    The usual... :)

    This mod needs modloader installed. Follow the install instruction on his website. You need to do the same thing with my mod, and his is much bigger, so it is good practice.

    Unzip the downloaded file and copy files into your minecraft.jar

    If you are using Windows, Click the Windows Button, Type %APPDATA% and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

    Now click on the .minecraft folder and then the bin folder. You will see the minecraft.jar file there.

    Make a backup of your minecraft.jar because I don't want you to hate me if your install goes badly. :)

    You need to open minecraft.jar and drag in my files. I use 7-Zip, because my dad says its cool :)

    Also if you have a META-INF folder in your minecraft.jar then delete it.

    Close the jar and now run Minecraft and have fun.

    For Help

    If you need help with the mod, we have placed the source code up in github

    Any problems post there in (issues) or here in the forums.

    Also you can see me sometimes on my own server kew.my64k.com I am only there 3 times every week after school because of homework and stuff :(

    I hope you will enjoy the mod.

    Happy minecrafting.
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