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    I was looking at suggestions and this one got my eye:

    I would like to take his idea and do some changes
    Each season appear in these biomes known as seasonal biomes: Plains, Forests, Roofed Forests, Swamps and Oceans and last for 30 days each
    Each season would go to the next one slowly for the day after the season ends (A day thats called changing seasons day... This would be making it feel realistic)

    - Starting season when making a new world
    - Mob chances are same
    - Sun stays same
    - Sky is blue
    - A nature forest background song is used
    - Rain chances increase
    - The biome colors are greener
    - Crops grow fast

    - Crops grow slow
    - Finding natural friendly spawning mobs are low
    - Sun is closer
    - Sky is yellow
    - Biome colors are more lime
    - Light levels high in day
    - Days are longer
    - All snowmen melt and ice from the light levels
    - Cheering music used

    - 28th night (Halloween night) night light levels lower and mobs spawn more and pumpkin heads
    - Sky is orange
    - Calm music used
    - Friendly mobs spawn even lower
    - Crops grow slower pumpkins grow fast
    - Leaves decay faster
    - Biome colors more reddish-orange
    - Sun is same as spring
    - The day night time is same as spring

    - Snowmen spawn naturally
    - Friendly mobs spawn no more
    - Wolf spawn rate increase
    - Icy background music
    - Light levels from sky lower
    - Nights longer
    - Sky is white
    - Chest spawn naturally with cookies
    - Almost impossible to grow crops

    - The last 3 days/nights chest have the present texture

    - Water turns to ice


    Hopefully this will be added in the next update after 1.9

    Hopefully most people want this

    Settings from creating world can disable this

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    posted a message on Dispensing fireworks change

    Fireworks launched from dispensers get launched in different ways when dispenser faces right firework goes right, it would be small but good changes to fireworks.

    (They go straight that way)

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    posted a message on Minecraft PC would have feutures like in PE (Also some other features we would all want)

    Missing features:

    - Mineshafts changes when in Mesa Biome

    - Baby wolfs do not spawn naturally

    - Fallen trees and trees spawn with vines

    - The villages have wood replaced from gravel if on water

    - Shearing colored sheep have the color when sheared

    - Baby squids and squids squirt ink

    - Small worlds (Have a option in settings when make world for limited world 256x256)


    - Dungeons are small... 30% chance for dungeons be big and have randomized mazes, rewards of things like emeralds, to prevent breaking in to reward add unbreakable walls

    - Structure in roofed forest that have Villages? Instead houses they are huts!

    - Sounds to when switching to a held item (Swords make sweep noise while dirt makes dirt noise)

    - Re-add the green robed villager!

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    posted a message on 🏰The Seas Of Gaia🏰 Sail The Seas|Build Your Country|Defend What Is Yours|Expand & Imperialize|Trade & Interact|Dedicated-24/7




    Were you referred here by a friend?[/b]


    If so what is their name?[/b]

    What kind of character are you? (Personality)[/b]

    Nice person, tries not to get in trouble

    You're the victim in a hostage situation and you can only escape alive as long as you bow to your superior. Agree or disagree?[/b]

    Disagree, if I bow to my superior it would be like being banned

    You run into a stranger whilst at sail who holds precious cargo on his vessel. What do you do?[/b]

    Ask him if he needs help

    Have you read and agreed to the rules?[/b]

    Yes I have

    Have you registered to the website?[/b]

    I done that

    You agree that this server is not easy and you will not under any circumstance break a rule if such a situation occurs.[/b]


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