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    Name: Kevin

    Age: I'll PM you.

    Gender: Male

    IGN: Weeguy

    Skype: I'll PM you.

    Why Do You Want To Join: I've been considering getting back into Minecraft for a while now. I used to be extremely good at building and I'm sure given a short amount of time it'll come back to me and I will also bring a friendly and, once in the swing of things, helpful addition to the server.

    Have you been on an SMP Before?: Yes. I was the Lead Admin on a server a few years back called CNJ.

    Tell me something about yourself!: I'm currently employed full time so I will be as active as possible. I enjoy coming up with events and making fun adventures while building. I do play Dungeons and Dragons so some creativity may flow from that.
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    posted a message on [1.4] X-Ray 13 [CAVES] [MODLOADER]
    I've been a :SSSS: on this site for a while now and figured to finally make an account and comment about this.. There are now ways to prevent people from using it for bad reasons in SMP, if the servers pay attention to their logs (Sure there are exceptions) but it can for the most part be tracked.
    So I will ask the mods to stop locking the threads of his..He reads comments, updates it, and cares for it.

    I know people who used xray mods(Not so much this one but previous versions) for good reasons to make a server tons better and not for their own personal gain..

    I do enjoy it for the fact it has a cave finder, I don't really plan to use the xray (Unless I'm playing on my personal world then I will :Pig: , Can you blame me?)
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