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    posted a message on 128x 64x MineToon < will need another name

    (I'm not English sorry if my spelling isn't perfect)

    128x 64x

    < name will change

    Contact : DISCORD
    (I won't add you as a friend unless we're. I won't do voice chat too for the same reasons. It's just to message me. Thank you.)

    Old screenshot(s) :

    New screenshot(s) :
    With SEUS Renewed shaders

    First I'll start by : I'm sorry.
    I didn't gave any news for years.

    Story : About the pack
    A long time ago. "Cartoon style" packs for Minecraft were starting. I enjoyed the idea but found it "not perfect", so I started to enhance it.

    I wanted to make 3 packs. Minetoon was the name. That why for first I named this topic "MineToon", to help people to remember, if there are still a few around.
    Since someone made another pack called Minetoon, which isn't related at all to mine. (Never talked to the guy / girl or anything.) The name of this pack will change because Minetoon pack allready exists. I don't want to break his / her work.

    The 3 packs I wanted to make, were to fill the needs of everybody :
    - Normal one
    - Medieval style
    - Futurist style

    When the pack started, the game hadn't that much content. Nether was just out (If I remember well). And MODs were not as big as they are now.

    My nickname was Hellender. (I've lost my forum account with the migration.)

    At that time I contacted people to make the pack faster.

    They told me "Ok. But your name will never be in the credits."

    I was working a lot and making a texture pack is a lot of work too.
    I was drawing everyday in the subway (2H of subway per day at that time). Every time in the day that I had free time I was drawing ideas for the packs.

    But that answer broke my motivation.

    Years have passed. Now I've not a full time job, so I've time...

    Which gave me the will to finish what I've started. (At least)

    Project : Minetoon < name will change
    My idea with the pack is :
    - Look at minecraft.
    - Look precisely at the texture they made. (It's their game)
    - Look at the real life texture for mycelium for example.
    - Look at what community did.
    - Don't forget to remember who did what for credits at the end. Ask them if they're ok that you add their content, mostly if it's really close to what they did.
    - Look in game if it's not making your eyes cry and if it fits with the other textures.

    - Finish the vanilla Minecraft pack
    - Make the medieval variant
    - Make the futurist variant
    - Find a big modpack who involves the most types of different gameplays and texture it.

    I was thinking at : Feed the beast : Revelation and maybe Galacticraft too.
    If you've suggestions or better choices I'm interested.

    The day I'm making this thread I've more than 150 blocks done.
    No entities or anything else yet.
    Armors a little.
    - Jack o' lantern is animated

    Actually with the shaders, the game has a Wind waker style. Which totally changes my Minecraft from yours : p in my opinion.

    Problems involved in the pack creation :
    - There is a lot to texture
    - I need the help of graphists. (Who will have credits in the pack of course.)
    - I need help to animate. Maybe there are tools to help you simplify that part, I don't know.
    - I've never made 3D Models for minecraft. So I'm texturing the vanilla things. Not changing any shapes (for now). And I don't know if it's a good idea, because it can be broken, depending of future plans of Mojang. Example I've changed the shape of a Minecart and Mojang adds rockets to a minecart, which brokes my new 3D model. (Waste of work)

    - I don't know what my future will be made of because actually my job situation isn't stabilized. < The goal isn't to make you cry, just to know.
    Everything is ok for me. Don't worry.

    See the work in realtime :
    I'm going to Twitch my work. KendanFR is the nickname. For now we're in the lockdown because of the COVI-19 Pandemic. So my mic will be MUTE most of the time but I'm gonna answer in the chat. In French or English.

    After the lockdown I plan to Twitch way more. I have the plan to make a Twitch / Youtube channel since few years. Part of the plan is to make streaming from 15H to 18H in English and 21H to 00H in French. Mostly gaming content but not only. (Until I've to go back to work ? D:)

    The Minecraft texture pack creation stream can be out of these hours. Without any announcement. (I don't plan the times I'm working on it)

    I can do all of this myself, don't worry. But I'm curious to learn from you too.
    I've left Minecraft since a long time so I'm lacking a lot.

    Feel free to help... Or not...
    I'll do whatever I can.
    And I still love you even if you just read this. : p

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