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    posted a message on No anvil damage (By usage)
    Iron Golem farms are an exploit to the game's mechanics, and therefore, they should not be brought up in discussions involving game balance.

    Having to mine all of your iron would suck as far as maintaining hundreds of anvils go. I agree that they should have infinite uses - it's not like crafting tables have a number of uses, and they are obviously far more useful and cheaper.
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    posted a message on Anvil's to resource expensive?
    Quote from Arrek86

    Here is a suggestion (likely not a good one) for tweaking anvil design as it is right now.

    1) Anvils work differently on Unenchanted vs Enchanted gear.

    2) On Unenchanted gear, it uses no .....

    I am a fan.
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    posted a message on VERY RAPID Redstone Pulser
    I hate to say it...

    But this isn't really new. :(

    I used this concept connected to a stable piston clock to create a continuously burning out redstone torch for the sound effect it makes. Can't do steampunk without steam, right?

    'Course, it wasn't stable enough... anything that involves burnout has to be manually reset eventually, as far as I know. Would be nice if I could produce smoke and steam endlessly, though.
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    posted a message on Sponges and Seaweed: How to make them possible
    You should be able to use fish and seaweed to craft a new food item.

    I'll let you guess it.
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    posted a message on Im scared. Please help.
    Just build your base in such a way that it's well-protected and well-lit. Not all that hard. And instead of cave-diving, you could just strip-mine... more time-consuming, but almost perfectly safe.

    If you build your base correctly, you can be completely self-sufficient, and never need to leave it.

    For protection when building new projects, just tunnel from your strip-mine to your new build site. This would not only create a cool underground tunnel network connecting your whole world, but you would have no fear of creepers - aside from the time it takes to make a perimeter around your new project. Just carry a bed with you, though, and build during the day.
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    posted a message on Anvil's to resource expensive?
    Quote from darklordmack

    I find this funny because one of its uses it to repair things so they don't break. If you can handle a pickaxe wearing down then I'm sure you can handle an anvil wearing down, especially because the anvil will repair your pickaxe. I don't see much use for the anvil if you don't use pickaxes because they break.

    I will still be using the anvil. I would just prefer for it not to wear down.

    The fact that it can save a valuable pickaxe from destruction is very helpful to me.

    It is odd that the anvil can break, seeing as brewing stands and enchantment tables don't - both are quite a bit cheaper to produce, too.
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    posted a message on Anvil's to resource expensive?
    I will probably try and get a mod to remove the durability loss, if one becomes available.I disagree with it, as a feature, mostly because of my anti-entropic nature.

    I just can't stand things that wear down or break.
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    posted a message on Would you want a download of no lag?
    I think he's saying that there should be a single-player Minecraft/mod.

    I think.
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    posted a message on What Minecrafter are You? (Updated Frequently)
    Definitely farmer.

    If I don't have a farm for every resource, the world just isn't right.
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    posted a message on Ever find an emerald?
    I've found quite a few. About twenty I'd say.
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    posted a message on Let's try find out why Minecraft has gotten worse. [Mature Only]
    The title of this thread is very ironic, given that the subject matter is, by its nature, immature.

    It's not my opinion that Minecraft has gotten worse, as a game. To me, in order to get worse, a thing must take a hit in either the quality or quantity of its content, and because Minecraft has only seen a net increase in quantity of content over the last year, and no decrease in the quality of the content before it, I could not say that the game has gotten worse.

    It's possible that the design philosophy has become weaker, but the game itself has only gotten better - from an objective point of view.
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    posted a message on I'm sorry, what was that Mojang?
    The random dark spots don't matter to me...

    ... and frankly, sometimes they really help make the atmosphere of a place.

    When they're annoying me, I just go up and make them disappear.
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    posted a message on Top 5 things you wouldn't mind Minecraft not having.
    1. Creepers
    2. Steve
    3. Pickaxes
    4. Biomes
    5. BlocksJust kidding.

    1. Enderdragons
    2. Minecarts with furnace
    3. Gold hoes
    4. Cauldrons
    5. Ocelots
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    posted a message on Unwanted snow is taking over.
    I have to admit, it's kinda cool having a world being taken over by snow.

    I mean, how often does something like that happen? It's totally a cool RP thing.
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    posted a message on I can't believe Mojang gave up on the sky dimension
    Quote from IronMagus

    Not as it was originally envisioned, I guess, no. It's like if you put in all the ingredients for a nice yellow cake, but then at the last minute you decide to put some chocolate in. You could say that that particular cake (the yellow one) will never be baked, but I would say that it's still the same cake, you just decided to put some chocolate in.

    It's a little more like wanting to bake a chocolate cake, and then deciding not to put the chocolate in.

    Sure, you get a delicious cake... but it ain't chocolate.
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