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    I'm thinking the zombie change needs to be nerfed...or made a hard/hardcore only mechanic. It's should also be changed to only activate when the damage is caused by a player. I wonder if this is their way of discouraging the use of zombie grinder/xp farms? Either way i don't like the change but if it's staying then it needs to be fine tuned still. Think of how this will affect custom maps. Starting a CTM map just became even more dangerous!
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    Quote from CthulhuToo

    Vaks, wut r u doan? The skelly-stacks in Lower Mines were so weird...

    They're riding chest minecarts... i recommend trying to get one ;)
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    posted a message on [Collection] -:Tales of Dreadsky, and other CTM maps by Drago:-(Dreadsky Isles at 10000 Downloads!)

    Finally figured it out. Not sure why posting this was so hard...I think i need more sleep. thats what I get for staying up til 5:30 am playing minecraft then another half hour thinking of feedback...good thing I work nightshift today
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    posted a message on [Collection] -:Tales of Dreadsky, and other CTM maps by Drago:-(Dreadsky Isles at 10000 Downloads!)
    Just finished the map! Poor frank :( I took his remains back to the monument and buried him with an emerald I think he'ld have liked that XD

    Lost count of deaths along the way so just some notable ones

    1: Everdark atlas Imitation fleecy box: I had fire resistance figured whats the worst that can happen....apparently the wort that can happen is the lava's only one deep then void....stupid ghast >.<
    2: Everdark atlas upper portion...apparently some of them floors on the first level are only one thick as well LMAO
    3:Fell off the crane in TDU...Not sure what I was doing out there...It was obvious there was no chests....
    4 :Armpit of the world silver fish knocked me down into the cavern and I missed the water
    and several other deaths to cave spiders ,witches, and creepers and pigmen

    and now some feedback


    Distress fall: PERFECT don't change a thing, water buckets and fun with flint and steel ;) just a tip to anyone struggling with this one

    Trolltech: also perfect don't change a thing

    Remnant villiage: only issue was the amount of damage required to kill a remnant. Liked the iron cave :) and liked the fleecy box placement.

    Monument: BASE in a BOX!! that was very nice of you :)

    Avalon fortress: LOOT!! this was one of the dungeons I enjoyed most. well balanced, Some decent supplies and a good looking fortress.

    Avalon crypts:took you're advice and used the speed potions...then got curious, went back after making sure the wool was safe..You're right I didn't want to know what they spawned. are they killable? sure didn't seem like it....

    Shardveil cove: do it during the day and it's easy as hell, Didn't need to find the chest to know what i'ld do with all that gold...I already had a stack of apple cause I only farm oak trees(apples being the reason) thanks though :) Notch apples are OP by the way I abused them in everdark atlas to combat witches. PS THanks for the picks XD

    Underpass: Diamonds! Iron! Redstone! everything I could ever want :) and It's the first we hear of frank...poor guy he seems sad:( Took me being in the purple wool "room" 3 times before I finally looked up.... area wasn't a challenge, wasn't super easy either

    Brown wool: Well...actually I HAD seen the gravel and I had assumed it was a trap still would have looked under it though, I try to look every where and you wouldn't be the first to hide things under gravel/sandtraps

    IS4: Love the speed/jump potions...gave up jumping across though. missed a few jumps got tired of swimming back up

    TDU: Besides the crane incident, and some angry pigmen deaths it was kinda fun, I like the zombie miners :) little on the hard to kill side making it slower progress but I like the look of the area...Until I found poor frank, I felt like I was just getting to know him :( Difficulty is what I expect of a red wool, pigmen and lava sounds fair.

    Armpit: one easy wool, one less easy wool...I hate silver fish with a passion, Swarm crusher made it less aggravating. but I hate them, and always will...they really need to drop something for the annoyance that they can cause...but tha'ts another thread unto itself. I think i'm just bitter about the one that pushed me off the edge...

    Everdark Atlas: Yep, I hate you, thanks for all the diamonds though! I needed them after the incident with the lava floor....ugh. Sadly I had even considered checking out the upper structure first, but let laziness dictate I take the path that didn't require going back for more blocks, never second guess you're self folks! at least I knew the layout going up...mind you I was terrified a ghast would update the lava in the black wool room . That would have been the end right there i had no more fire resistance... Many deaths in both of these areas witches are evilit gets scary when they attack each other

    Final Thoughts:
    1: Map scales in difficulty fairly well, minor balancing aside it's a fun map to play
    2: thank you for making it water rather than void. I normally don't like these type of maps cause falling off means losing every thing.
    3:shardveil cove needs to be somewhat more challenging, maybe a few more spawners in the wool area, endermen barely spawned move the spawner to allow more spawning space
    4: No nether area? Well I have a suggestion! hide(bury) a nether portal somewhere(unlit) and leave only one block of obsidian exposed in an unusual place, hide some custom loot on the nether side, and see how many people investigate the random obsidian block. Needs to stand out against the block palette used in the area though or no one will ever find it.
    5:While I most likely not play the new version you're releasing I will most definately play a future version and give further feedback.

    Thanks for a few days of "fun" I look forward to the final release and a sequel!.

    Edit: Not sure how to post a picture....it's showing up when I try to post...but not showing up in the thread...
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    posted a message on Has Minecraft Gotten Worse?
    Quote from DiggedyBeat

    Has minecraft been getting worse? Is it possible that these new updates Jeb has been implementing have worsened minecraft? I believe so. In fact, I believe that these new updates have ruined the basics of minecraft and I decided to downgrade to version 1.0.0. and I will not update until the new updates improve. There are many reasons that the older versions of minecraft are better than the modern version. These are the reasons minecraft has gotten worse:

    - Items that were once treasures like cocoa beans, slime balls, and apples are no longer rare or valuable
    Slimes weren't very rare. Coco beans aren't very good, I still haven't made cookies! And Apples are really only good as golden apples,or extra food in custom maps ;)

    - Because of the too many generated structures (such as jungle temples, desert temples, NPC villages, ect), diamonds and emeralds are too easy to find
    Let's say you get REAL lucky, you spawn at the intersection of a desert , jungle, and plains. Both temples, two villages(with blacksmiths) and a ravine with a mineshaft...9-13 chests With the Mineshaft being a random number (1-4ish) Most of those won't contain diamonds,you'll still be lucky to get enough for a pick and sword. Most likely even less.

    - Hunger bars only annoy the player because now you constantly have to take breaks from mining, builcing, or whatever it is you do to fill up your hunger bar
    You still had to eat back in the older versions to heal damage. Regen is much better, and sprinting is awesome!
    - There have been too many pointless additions (bats, witches, desert wells, dragon eggs, endstone)
    Who cares? I still haven't found a witch in my survival worlds, I leave the dragon egg,you don't like endstone or the end dragon? Pro tip: Just don't go to the end! Desert wells make sense but I think an oasis would be better, and I happen to like bats
    - Practical tasks such as docking boats and getting wool are harder, because now boats fly away at the touch and wool now requires shears to get the most wool
    Boats have been improved, more control, they take more damage. Wool also grows back now so you don't have to murder naked sheep. Not to mention the Mechanic you're whining about is in 1.0.0 the version you said you downgraded too, the change was made in 1.7 got to downgrade even further to avoid it.
    - Redstone wire now dims the farther away it gets from the power source, making the need to make more redstone torches, but this is impractical and unnecessary
    Redstone signal has always traveled 15 Blocks,the dimming was added in beta 1.3, still gotta downgrade even further to avoid this one
    - Because of the addition of two bosses, minecraft has become a game of killing bosses rather than building
    Dragon is optional, no one makes you make complete a portal..and is once again in 1.0.0 the version you downgraded to. As to the Wither, out of the roughly 20 people I know that play minecraft i'm the only one with a (legit) beacon..so yeah looks like every ones out killing bosses eh?

    - The bonus chest option ruins the point of punching trees and remove the basics
    It's an option you have to specifically turn on, I've never even used it.....in fact I tend to forget it's even there

    - Too many additions to the game are no longer block-like, therefore removing the block aspect of the game, such as cobblestone walls, anvils, flower pots, ect
    Spiders aren't block like, Neither is wheat, or grass, or flowing water/lava, silverfish, fences.....Cobble walls are a fence variant...that is even more block like than fences.....next you'll be complaining that they gave us colored wood planks/stairs

    - Beacons make the player too overpowered
    For a PRICE, a high price...farming wither skulls takes forever. Beating the wither requires good armour,sword and bow. and health/regen pots or golden apples....THEN you have to spend 1476 Iron,gold,emerald or diamond to craft the 164 blocks that it takes to make the 4 level pyramid....1476 for something that makes me Op in my base and nowhere else

    - Mobs that were once viewed as valuable and rare are now common like silverfish and slimes
    SIlverfish are still rare,and were never valuable...they have no drops and give crap xp unless in huge numbers, and slimes were never all that rare
    - Sandstone NPC villages are pointless and ugly
    I like them, mojang likes them you're the minority here

    - There are pointless new additions of crops and food that provide no purpose
    Not pointless, people had been requesting pumpkin pie for quite some time, Potatoes are a vegetarian option to meat that beats bread/apples...and carrots allow you to make night vision and invisibility potions.
    - New swamp color is ugly
    But more swamp like...
    - New minecraft textures for blocks like grass, leaves, and cobblestone are uglier
    use a texture pack then, thats why they exist. Mojang likes the newer textures, i like the newer textures, Most people don't even care...once again you are the minority
    - The new terrain generator can generate two opposite biomes to spawn right next to each other, such as deserts and tundras
    Tundra is actually a type of desert...But yes world Gen sucks....but not because of biome placement
    - Minecraft has lost its old feel
    Then go play classic
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    posted a message on [Collection] -:Tales of Dreadsky, and other CTM maps by Drago:-(Dreadsky Isles at 10000 Downloads!)
    Quote from Laxaria

    The one thing I may suggest here at this point is to take out the enchanting table, but add an anvil and some enchanting books; I suggest this because an enchanting table this early in the map makes subsequent areas somewhat easier (especially with the chain armour that can be enchanted). The enchanting books also gives a cost-benefit scenario of either using the books or saving them for later.

    You only get 3 bookshelves, not exactly going to be the best enchantments...I think the Enchanting table is perfect here! In spellbound caves you get one in the white wool dungeon, and in waking up it's in the first intersection. An anvil would,at least for me, make things even easier. I got lucky on some enchanted rare drops that I would have loved to be able to repair ;)

    That being said. I'm at IS2 just finished getting back with the yellow wool :) So far my complaints are:

    1: Digging out the white wool dungeon was annoying
    2: Not enough blocks for all the required bridging....I've spent way too much time farming trees for blocks(and charcol)
    3: Reading above that there is no sugar cane in the map >.< There better be plenty of bookshelves later on...

    Only deaths so far are:
    1: I was mining a spiral stair down the pit and mined a block under my feet dropping me to my death
    2: Cave spider, skeleton,creeper combo in troll tech...Was funny as hell
    3: Fell out of a water fall onto my boat...was also funny as hell
    So Stupidity:2 Map:1

    Loving the map so far! Only suggestions are add a cave spider spawner to the house with the enchanting table, add a blocks chest at IS 1,and maybe add a little more coal.

    PS: I noticed you mentioned the monument is a jungle biome? don't remove the biomes just remove any grass in an area that isn't ocean biome. Not many people will think to carry grass across the map looking for those random spots with an animal producing biome. just cause I have a cow and chicken farm at IS2 doesn't mean everyone will.
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    posted a message on Lets Play Islands (A CTM Map)
    Just Finished the map! Including the fan made portion.Thoroughly enjoyed it. The area's look great, and I got a kick out of some of the easter egg type items :). The TNT spawners got me almost every time, as did flying skeletons in leather armor....I could barely breathe I was laughing so hard as about 30 armored skeletons dropped out of the air. Good job, Keep em comming. I'm always looking for good CTM maps, I've played almost all of the ones listed in the "SHOP" threads, and would love to see a sequel to this one :)
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    I joined as well :)
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