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    posted a message on [1.18.2] โ˜ Cloud Survival โ˜ New 1.18 world! [Keep Inventory On] [Claiming] [Pets] [Player Warps] [Player Shops]

    Username: KeikoYurino
    Favorite part of the server: Bunny pets! <3

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    posted a message on nothing

    Mc: KeikoYurino
    Dc: BunnygirlKeiko#7623
    Reason: Plugins look fun.

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    posted a message on ๐ŸŒŸ MC-Ages ๐ŸŒŸ | Minigames | Skyblock | Survival | Towny | Bosses | Quests | McMMO | Jobs | Ranks and more.........

    1. Minecraft Game Name: KeikoYurino
    2. You have read the rules: Absolutely!
    3. Suggestions on how we could improve/change the server: Maybe give people a reason to interact with each other. I don't want to put two or three days worth of progress into a server just to start getting ignored because I'm new.

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    posted a message on Bunnygirl Heaven [100% Vanilla] [Whitelisted] [New Server!]

    Oh, by the way, the server only has a 20-person cap, so I can only whitelist so many people. I'll make announcements here when the server is full and when it has openings.

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    posted a message on AscensionMC | KitPvP | RPG Server

    Empty, unfortunately.

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    posted a message on โœ… โ—„โ€ข ๐Ÿ–๐๐ข๐ญ๐‚๐ซ๐š๐Ÿ๐ญ ๐Œ๐Œ๐Ž๐‘๐๐† (๐‘๐ž๐œ๐ซ๐ฎ๐ข๐ญ๐ข๐ง๐ )) โ€ขโ–บ Crossplay!! =O

    In-Game Name: KeikoYurino
    MMORPG Experience: PSO2, PSOBB private servers
    Job Applying for: I'd like to test your game's content for you, but if you're not looking for that, I guess I could come up with some stories or quests. I'm not good at coding, so I cant add the ideas I provide into the game.
    Hours per week: I'm currently unemployed, but I do have other interests, so we can work out a schedule in person?

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    posted a message on ๐Ÿ”ฎFilthy Casual RPG Survival ๐Ÿ”ฎ

    Do you have any plugins or datapacks for classes or skills?

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    posted a message on The Lands of Mysteria! - Economy - Looking for Players - Progression Based - Early In Development- PG-13 - 1.15.2 - Unique

    This server seems interesting! I'll join tonight since I'm having trouble falling asleep anyway. See you there! <3

    Fair warning: I LOVE roleplaying! <3

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    posted a message on โ–ˆ Roleplay Prime โ–ˆ || Serious Roleplay Made Simple || || 1.14.4 ||

    Out of character:

    IGN: KeikoYurino

    Whatโ€™s the most important rule?: Respect everybody and behave intelligently.

    In character:
    If not born there, what brings them to the wild lands of Bide?: She had escaped the burning of the village she grew up in and left that area to avoid conflict with those that killed her family, as she had no fighting abilities at the time. Needing a way to fend for herself, she became a travelling merchant to make money to live on. Needing a means to defend herself eventually, she taught herself marksmanship though the use of a bow at first, until she could get her hands on a gun and some ammo. She now finds herself in the wild lands of Bide to ply her trade.
    If any, list and explain combative abilities: Prefers to avoid conflict if at all possible but is moderately skilled in the use of archery and firearms if cornered.

    If any, list and explain non-combative abilities: She is a natural forager and is skilled at homemaking due to her lifestyle growing up, is a distinguished trader, has a great deal of experience in surviving by herself in the wild, has a decent idea of what is or isn't socially acceptable. The fact that she is in a new land may dampen most of this. That fact won't dampen her naturally high smell, and hearing, nor her skill in animal handling as she has a natural talent for pacifying animals due to her ability to talk to them. She believes this is due to her native language and isn't aware that it's her innate magic that grants her this ability. She IS, aware, however, aware of her magical ability to identify and appraise any item put before her, which is useful to her due to her occupation.

    RP Test:

    Prompt One: While riding your horse under the unforgiving sun, you come across an overly protective miner camping outside a cave entrance. He starts throwing rocks at you, barking at you to leave. At this instance, a person can be faintly seen coming out of the cave entrance.

    *Arthur chucks a rock at the passing bunny.
    *Keiko feels a sharp pain in her shoulder, and accidentally pulls on the reins of her mule, Baron, causing him to stop running and buck in disdain, though she manages to keep from falling on him.
    Keiko: Shhh, Baron, it's okay. I'm sorry I pulled on you like that, I was just startled.
    Arthur: Git outta mah land, varmint! This here's MY mine!
    Keiko: Sir, I'm a merchant, not a miner. Even if I wanted what's in that hole, which I DON'T, I don't have the strength or skill to get it for myself anyway.
    Arthur: ...merchant, huh? Ya got any food, varmint?
    Keiko: Yes, sir.
    *Keiko pulls out a quarter-stack of cooked porkchop servings. Each serving is individually packaged to maintain freshness.
    Keiko: I'm a herbivore, so I can't eat this. If you like, I can sell it to you for five cents per unit.

    Arthur: That's, er... I ain't no good at math, varmint.
    Keiko: Oh, sorry. At five cents for one porkchop, it would cost you eighty cents to buy all sixteen porkchops.
    Arthur: Oh, eh... I forgot I ain't got no money on me, varmint. I can trade gold for it, though.
    Keiko: Oh, that works. I have magic that can determine the value of gold nuggets.
    Arthur: Heh! I might just ask ye to come with me to tha bank then when I'm done with this, then!
    Keiko: Sure! Here...
    *Keiko gives Arthur a slip of paper with her contact information.
    Arthur: Ah. Thanks, var... er... Kay-ko? Kee-ko?
    Keiko: Keiko, yeah. (the first pronounciation)
    Arthur: Oh... aight. Here, how much is this worth?
    *Arthur hands Keiko a gold rock, significantly larger than a nugget though still small enough to hold in one hand..
    *Keiko holds the gold up and focuses on it, allowing her magic to operate.
    Keiko: This is about... wow, this is worth twenty whole dollars!
    Arthur: Weird, I've gotten less for chunks that big.
    Keiko: Well, a bank would probably offer you less due to having employees to pay.
    Arthur: Shifty bastards... well, hey! Can I just sell it to you, then!?
    Keiko: Sure! I can't buy all your gold - I only brought a small amount of money on me - but I'm fine buying this one chunk. Do you want the full $20, or do you want that minus the price of the food?
    Arthur: ...th-the other'n, yeah.
    Keiko: Okay!
    *Keiko puts away the gold rock and hands Arthur $19.20 and the quarter-stack of individually packaged cooked porkchop servings.
    Arthur: Thank ye kindly.
    *Cody sneaks out of the mine, trying not to be noticed by his rival or the bunnygirl trading with him.
    *Keiko's rabbit-like ears perk up at the sound of Cody's footsteps echoing off the cavernous walls of the mine. She instantly looks up at him, worry gracing her features.
    *Arthur follows Keiko's gaze and sees his lifelong rival walking out of his mine. He then draws his gun and points it at Cody.
    Arthur: What are ye doin' in my mine, ye daft git!?
    *Keiko pats Baron, encouraging to mule to run out of the crossfire, her cowardice forcing her to leave Arthur and Cody to their conflict.

    Prompt Two: As you set up camp for the night, you come across a Fjorn which is a creature I just made up and you're totally allowed to do as well. Make up what the creature is and handle it your way.

    *Keiko puts her flint and steel away, and basks in the heat of the campfire she just made, warming her body that had been chilled by the cold mountainous air. Baron, her mule, lies next to her, and she pets his mane calmly.
    *Fjorn - A bipedal creature appears in the light created by the campfire, covered in thick white fur as if covered in snow and significantly bigger and thicker than the petite rabbitkin.
    *Keiko gets up immediately, looking up at the creature in abject fear.

    Keiko: Wh-w-wh-what do you want!?

    *Fjorn - The creature ignores the frightened bunnygirl, focusing instead on the campfire. It sits next to the flame and holds its front paws over it, warming them.

    *Keiko stares at the creature, but slowly calms down as it isn't trying to kill her and/or eat her. Her eyes flit to Baron, who looks as though he hasn't even noticed the creature, and she calms down considerably, though it's clear she's still on alert.

    (time passes)
    *Keiko digs into her bags and pulls out a packaged serving of cooked porkchop.
    Keiko: Y-you hungry, big guy?
    *Fjorn - The creature looks down at Keiko's offering, and slowly takes the package from her. He opens the package with ease and holds it over its head, sliding the meat within out of the package and into its open mouth.

    *Keiko backs off, grateful that the creature accepted her offering, but still afraid of it.

    *Fjorn - The creature looks satisfied with the meal but refuses to move.
    (time passes, and the sun begins to rise)
    *Fjorn - as the fire dies out, the creature rises to its feet and wanders off.

    *Keiko wakes up, having no idea when she passed out. Seeing that the wooly giant is absent, she rubs Baron's fur until the mule awakens, gives him food, and then starts preparing to ride away. When Baron is awake and on his hooves, Keiko takes a baked potato out of her bag, unwraps it, and eats it. She then gets on Baron's saddle and rides away. The cold campfire is nowhere near any vegetation, so there's no risk of a fire spreading. for that reason, Keiko leaves it alone and rides off.

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    posted a message on Any RP servers up?


    It DOES have Towny for now, but the devs are looking to replace it for a custom settlement-based plugin as war and 'conquest' are one of their big selling points.

    That said, these things are NOT mandatory by any stretch of the word and you can just be a Knight of an Order looking to protect the land or a wandering merchant looking to make your living among the people of Arkacia if you like. That said, even though RP is optional according to the rules, just about everyone is doing it and there's nothing stopping you from creating your own settlement if you please (although there are some REALLY good ones already in the works if making your own is too much work for you and there's nothing wrong with that by the way)

    That said, though the terrain is custom, it isn't policed. You can mine wherever you want and break whatever you want so long as you're not at spawn or in another player's domain. There are also a boatload ofinteresting plugins and features and the staff are working literally the hardest to add more and more as time moves on.

    It's a wonderful server and I love it like crazy (and I"m usually the one that hops from server to server out of boredom) but I can understand how it wouldn't be for everyone. That said, PLEASE try it for yourself! Also make money so you can buy stuff from me. Remember how I mentioned being a wandering merchant as an option? Yeah... that's what I'm doing actually. xD

    Oh, and uh, there's no whitelist involved, so that may turn you away. Just so you know.

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    posted a message on โ™šD&D MEDIEVAL FANTASY RPG SERVER โ™š

    Please provide an active discord link.

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    posted a message on ArkaciaMC: The Realm of Kings[1.14.4][Custom Crafting][CustomMobs][CustomMap][LandClaim][TerritoryClaim][PvP][PvE][RP]

    I really love this server! Everybody's so nice and helpful and fun to RP with. If I had to say one bad thing about it, it's that there aren't really a lot of players on, but I'd like to see that change! There are quite a few towns already but most only have a few people in them, which is a shame because there are a lot of great builds in each of the towns. The server would only get better if we had more people to play on the server with, and the RP would get more interesting that way, too, although the RP is optional. It's okay to focus on mining or some other aspect of Minecraft instead.

    By the way, if you do join and find yourself in need of something, I play a rabbitkin merchant and will sell just about anything I can get my hands on. There are also NPC merchants in the starting town you can sell items to and a PC blacksmith in one of the towns if you want custom work done on your weapons or armor. So don't worry about the difficulty, we've got you covered!

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    posted a message on IoniaPvP [RPG Factions][Minigames][1.9-1.16]

    Legacy combat plugin, so you won't see me playing on this server.

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    posted a message on ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธSMP-United๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ ( 1.14.4 ) ( whitelisted ) ( Trading ) ( Datapacks ) ( World Map )

    What is your Discord name? [/b]BunnygirlKeiko#7623

    What is your Minecraft IGN? [/b]KeikoYurino

    What is your name? [/b]Keiko

    How old are you? [/b]27

    Do you fluently speak english? [/b]Yes.

    How long have you been playing minecraft? [/b]Since 1.4.7

    Why do you want to join this SMP? [/b]Because I want to make friends and build something that lasts.

    Are you a content creator? [/b]I'd love to be, but my computer isn't built to record gameplay, so unfortunately, no, I am not.

    How often will you be on this server?[/b] At least a few hours a day, may or may not be more due either to my mood or whether something else catches my interest.

    What goals do you wish to achieve on this server? [/b]Making friends, building a nice base, having a shop that people actually buy from.

    Would you like to add anything? [/b]I'm kind of a quiet person and can be a bit shy sometimes. I hope that doesn't dissuade people from wanting to talk to me, though, because I do enjoy that. But I do have a bad habit of forgetting to pay attention to chat if I get focused on something in-game, like mining, so I hope nobody holds that against me.

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    posted a message on Free Vanilla Minecraft Server! No Whitelist!

    is vry fun server! :)

    pls join!

    I want hav ppl to play with! ;D

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