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    I’m looking for a team of builders to add to my staff team I currently have one that would love extra help with a few more builders! I am the owner of the server and I desperately need some help from builders! I am short on cash so I can’t really outright to afford to pay you right away but if I am able to within a month I will with my own pocket money I’m also planning on giving my builder team a cut of percentages of donation money to compensate them for their hard work in dedication to the builds of the server! I can also help compensate you by allowing you to take pictures of your builds to help build your portfolio as a new starting or pursuing professional builder which will assist you in getting paid work it’s a win win for us both your helping me while I’m helping you as a new starting out builder!

    (Our servers theme)
    Our server is a modern city rp server with a working player elected government where they can role-play mending new role-play laws or repeal existing laws their will be many realistic RP careers and a huge city to explore and live in!

    You must be able to build modern builds efficiently and effectively it must look professional and attractive to ensure we retain new players upon release we are looking for dedicated builders that are committed to getting things finished and ensuring we make progress in the building of the city! You will be granted access to use worldedit so it will help you save some time for things like building roads etc!

    If interested you can contact me via discord


    Or you can fill out a staff application directly! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe79O2mZZ3GWGSehSWMNXkpBYaHEkN2xd0wB1sWVkvB11UARw/viewform

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    Gilliard City RP Need Staff! (Guns) (Cars/vehicles) (Custom Jobs) (Custom Plugins) (Government) (Laws)
    Hey there,
    My name is Keefer200 I’m the owner of this modern city rp server we haven’t released to the public yet so ips won’t be disclosed publicly only people who will get the server ips are staff members!
    (Our Server Theme)
    We are a modern city role play server where theirs will be an working realistic lifelike government run by players of the server who can make laws also repeal current laws, change things like taxes etc. Their will be laws like in real life city’s if their broken you can go to jail if caught and have to serve time in the slammer! Their will be a ton of custom careers that players will be able to get within the server it will be the way they earn cash by starting a career some are legal others will not be legal jobs they get to choose their path in their life within the city! Their will be a custom car plugin where players can drive 3D modelled cars that look like the real life vehicles with the help of a resource pack but that won’t be until our head dev is done with the servers core plugin! Most of the servers plugins will be custom coded by our developer so we will be extremely unique compared to other current city rp servers that use the generic plugins made for this type of server on spigot etc.
    (Types of staff we are currently needing)
    Firstly we are in desperate need for builders we really need the extra help right now to help speed up the development of the servers city map currently it is only me and my developer who have really worked on it as it stands theirs only a small little spawn right now with a couple of roads we need someone whom has building skills and a talent for building unique intricate builds within the city we’d also like someone whom can be committed and complete things within a fair time frame as we are short on time to get the city map done it needs to be done, you will be given access to world-edit to help you build things like roads or to change the terrains to give it more of a natural and realistic look instead of just a flat world basics knowledge in world-edit commands will be seen as an asset, I don’t like the idea of having my developer feel obligated to help me because none of my other current staff will assist me with the building aspect of the server map which is why I’m seeking some builders, I personally can not afford to pay someone to build it right now which isn’t shocking with how our economy is right now with the current pandemic happening in the world right now I have personally lost a job due to covid so money is not in my favour right now, but that being said if the server gained some attention and got a buzz and donations started coming in those who helped build the city map will be paid a little bit of a one time cash payment to compensate them for their work on helping this server start!
    (Resource Pack Designers)
    Secondly we are looking for someone with experience with creating custom resource packs for Minecraft servers we’d like to have our own custom resource pack to enhance the gameplay and realistic factor of the server will help us with the game mechanics as well! We’d like some 3D models of vehicles for our server that will work with the car plugin our developer is working on as we speak, it will make the cars look realistic and make them 3D models of real life cars their will also be sounds for vehicles like a horn for civilian vehicles and sirens for ems vehicles, we would also like maybe a sounds for when two cars hit one and another like a crash sounds, or even a car like engine sound when entering and driving the vehicle on the server, We’d also like 3D models on our servers guns that will work with our servers gun plugin that provides the weapons for the server for the rp aspect of the server we’d also like their to be realist gunshot sounds when shot. Things like Swards can be made into knives to enhance the realism, also maybe even making the sky look more realistic like in real life world, even the sun and moon looks unrealistic with the normal texture for mc! We’d like someone whom would be willing to possibly stay with us as we expand and grow so that they can work on the resource pack when new features and items get released to improve the rp factor! You’d need to know how to create realistic life like 3D models for creating a realistic lifelike resource pack for the server!
    Thirdly we could use a few more developers to add to the dev team to assist our head developer in the server administration you’d be working alongside him! And by developer I’m talking someone whom can program, and code plugins for the server to add more features to the server to keep it new and interesting for players while also increasing the role play aspect of our server, although helping with configuration of plugins and the server itself would be nice too but your roles as a developer would be discussed with by our head developer! You must be familiar with the spigot API also must be able to code custom plugins!
    Fourthly we can use a few more helpers to help welcome and assist new players within the server while also helping to moderate the server ensuring players are following the rules of the server also keeping our players safe and ensuring the servers players have a good experience while enjoying their stay while playing on our server, you’d also be responsible for helping players with any questions, concerns, or problems they may encounter while playing on our server! They basically do the same thing as a moderator!
    (Graphic Design Artists)
    Fifthly I could use a few people whom are good at graphic design who can help us create marketing materials for the server and graphics for us to use for advertising our server on various websites for server advertising would be nice to have a few people who can create animated server banners and non-animated marketing materials you’d have to be able to create quality unique graphics also is an asset if you can use professional grade design software like photoshop etc.
    Would also be nice to have a few people good at writing documents as we will need a lot of documents created for the rp aspect of the server would be helpful to have a few people who are good at writing and creating documents etc.
    (Social Media Team)
    I will likely also be hiring 1-2 people to help manage the servers social media’s alongside the higher ups to ensure we are engaging with our players and hopefully gaining more attention meaning hopefully getting more players on! We currently have a Facebook page and an Instagram page for the server currently! Experience in marketing and social media’s are an asset to us!

    Im a firm believer in paying it forward when someone is kind to you! And while I may not be in a place financially where I can compensate you now I may be able to provide compensation to the staff members that contributed to the servers development while being created if the server every received donations I’d be sharing them to those that helped me the most in getting things that needed to be done the most especially if I asked them to help and they helped me get it done! Meaning those who helped develop, build, create to help speed up releasing time will be paid if donations come in!

    If you would like to help please message me on discord! ThreeLife#0560 and I will provide a online staff application forum so you can apply!

    Thanks for reading and good luck to those that apply to become staff! ❤️

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