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    posted a message on How many times a day do you play Minecraft?

    I play quite a bit, mostly with my skype friends on my SMP server and some MCSG on the MC Gamer Network. I'd say in total 4-5 hours a day.

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    posted a message on What is the highest XP level you have gotten legit in vanilla minecraft in survival?

    The highest XP level I have ever gotten was 122, I sat there for 2 1/2 hours farming from a skeleton spawner.

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    posted a message on Anybody have a good smp server I can join?

    I currently have an SMP server running atm. It has around 12 members, and the most we are looking for is 20. If you are interested in joining, send me a message!

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    posted a message on EXTREMELY Low Freakin' FPS

    Depends ON the laptop, I have a friend with several gaming laptops which run for around 1300$ on amazon and he runs over 500+ fps even with mods installed, so it just depends on the hardware installed on the computer.

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    posted a message on Xenon SMP [20 players max] [Whitelisted]

    Xenon SMP

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have created an SMP server with a few things that are special about it. First off, we are going to be hosting PvP Tournaments for the players in the SMP, the winner gets a predetermined reward. 2nd and 3rd place also get rewards, but of lower quality. The server will hold a maximum of 20 players and has an almost unlimited range to travel: 100,000x100,000! There will be shops and more, once the spawn is built. We have a TS server if you want to use it. You will be given the IP once your applications is accepted.



    1. No cheating of any kind. This includes hacked clients, modified texture packs to allow you to see ores, etc.

    2. No form of killing before the PvP Tournament, this includes using lava as PvE.

    3. No harrasment, or unneeded cursing/language.

    4. Pranks are allowed, but nothing that will impede or harm someones property.




    Post your application following these guidelines and some way to contact you if you do not have skype.

    If you are not able to use skype, contact us and we will figure out a way.

    Current Members:


    1. Kdog605

    2. _Vanquisionibis

    3. Vrotion

    4. AcidCrown6

    5. TaiyoInferno

    6. xDeadShqt

    7. KatsuraDesu

    8. InternalFrost

    9. Buddy152

    10. YoshiNoodlez

    11. NFile

    12. ItsFlushy

    13. ItsTiggaPvP

    14. Ployze


    Server Specs:

    3 GB of Memory.

    Duel Xeon E5-2620 Processors

    DDR3 ECC Ram

    1GBps blended fiber connection.

    Server is hosted by MCProHosting and originates in Virginia, USA.

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