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    posted a message on The desperate search for a good server continues...
    Quote from DeafTackle

    I'm in the same situation as you :/ . After the server I like so much was destroyed by long time member who griefed the server, we lost a lot of people and was only available to trusted players. Now the owner is changing the server to a modded one :( . Now I have been looking for a similar one ever since.

    Can't even count the number of times I've had similar events happen.

    Quote from Admiral_AnimE

    Check it out if you want. EU, hard, whitelist, no pvp, building huge projects.
    Hosted on my own PC, so what? As long as the net is good, what's the problem.

    Problem is it's not what I'm looking for, home pc's fail, have power outages, have people use them while hosting the server hence causing server lag and other issues, and in "most" cases, lack the internet connection upload speed to properly host a minecraft server. Like I said, it's not what I'm looking for, thanks anyway.

    Quote from priceywr

    Come chat with me on skype i have some options for you, i believe you wont be wasting your time :) skype: rory_price

    I already did add you to skype and tried to contact you several days ago, I got no response via pm or skype during that time.

    Quote from spawnstah

    Hi guys,
    I've got a server that fulfills all those requirements.
    Though it does not have any players (yet), but that wasn't a requirement ;)

    Basically, we have been working on a new server for quite some time now and are getting close to opening. One of the worlds is a Whitelisted Vanilla Server, that does have Anti-Cheating, Anti-Grief rollback stuff etc in case someone would go mental and destroy a lot. But nothing that should ruin the vanilla experience.

    It's of course a 24x7 server with top-class hardware. All staff are 18+ (I'm myself 35+), with long-term plans and financial capabilities.
    Make a post in our forum at www.genesis-mc.com and I'll add you to the Whitelist to get you in.

    // Markus

    I have a lot of servers to go through, but thanks, I'll get around to checking it out.

    Quote from ryan20_00

    Just launched: Deus Gaming Public PvP Server [SMP][PvP]{GriefPrevention thru Factions}{1.5.1}{Whitelisted, no email}{18+, community based}

    Deus Gaming is a multi-gaming community which has just launched its first public minecraft server to allow more player interactions and as a recruiting tool for the community. Gameplay on the server is near vanilla, uses factions for protect personal buildings, and encourages open world pvp. We are looking for fellow gamers who would like to play on a mature (18+) community based server that has zero tolerance for immaturity, hacking, and drama. To join the server, you will need to post on our forums to be whitelisted (details below; does not require an account or email address).

    Simply put: We are looking for mature, intelligent individuals who are looking for a community oriented, pvp based minecraft survival server.

    Server Details:
    Survival Multiplayer, PvP Server.
    50+ Slots.
    Players not protecting land are protected from PvP.
    Once factions is used to protect land, PvP is enabled.
    Protected Spawn and Outposts that allow quick/safe travel away from spawn.
    Protected Villagers at spawn, open for vanilla trades.
    PvP & PvE arenas coming soon!
    ZERO donor benefits. Never will diamonds or any other gear be given out.

    Respect all players on the server.
    No hacking, cheating, or griefing (perma-ban).
    Age 18+. We are looking for mature and intelligent individuals.
    No record of being banned from other servers.
    Strict use of a vanilla minecraft client with ZERO gameplay modifications.
    Do not complain, whine, ­, or anything to cause drama (you will be banned).
    Do not ask to be a mod or receive OP status.

    What we are providing:
    High capacity minecraft server running on enterprise grade hardware.
    A simple and clean plugin setup providing a near vanilla experience.
    A drama free and mature community experience.
    A TeamSpeak3 server (voip), shared with our general community (limited access to non-members).
    A website and forum for continued communication.
    Zero in-game material benefit for donators. We do not even accept donations as of this posting.

    Above all, we will not hesitate to ban any players suspected of cheating, causing drama, killing ungeared players around spawn/outposts, or anything mods/admins see as inappropriate.

    Joining this server is ONLY a stepping stone into our community and DOES NOT guarantee future acceptance. If you do enjoy our community and have gotten to know our members and leadership then please feel free to apply to the community. Once accepted you will have full access to our website/forum, expanded access to vanilla minecraft servers, and future access to our Feed the Beast server. Members of our community have the potential to join and support the leadership of our minecraft section.

    To join: Visit our site HERE ( http://deusgaming.co...lic-pvp-server/ ) using the password "agree".

    I'm not as much into pvp servers as I am into pve ones (Largely due to minecraft having such terrible combat mechanics as well as lag and ping having such immeasurable effect in pvp.) But I'll still get around to looking into it should others fall through. Thanks.

    Quote from Onionbro

    I'll address the criteria you are looking for individually.

    We are a vanilla server, with the exception of anti-grief, and anti-cheat measures. Everyone, including myself and the other staff build legitimately. Everything, including the spawn was built legitimately. We never used creative mode on the server, not even when we were getting started. We believe that just because we are the owners of the server does not mean that we are exempt from the rules. We are hosted by AllGamer, which is a great hosting company that does not oversell. Finally, nobody on the server is allowed to use fly/no-clip. In fact, admins are not even exempt from anti-cheat measures. How would we know if anti-cheat was always working if we were not being affected by it?

    We intend to stick around, you will have to take my word for it of course. We have been around since January, and have been a public server for almost two months now.

    If you want to apply feel free to check out our thread, or visit our website.

    Thanks for responding, your server does seem to be the closest match from what you've listed to what I'm seeking, I should get around to checking yours out soon. Thanks.

    Quote from Melodytune

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I'm trying to be helpful.

    Do you think you think it is possible you have had a hard time finding a server because you have a very negative attitude.

    I get that the server search can be difficult and frustrating but perhaps if you go into it with a better attitude, you might get a bit further. :)
    I would advertise here, but I don't want to waste your time!
    I, honestly, wish you luck in your search.

    No insult taken. And your right, I am very negative currently. And you would be too had you been searching for over 6 months for a reliable server, and had a innumerable number of people say that their server was a perfect match, only to have each every single one of these people lie straight to your face. And the few that didn't along the way, shut down the server after a few days into your projects without any warning whatsoever and disappear, leaving you with no evidence of what you had built.

    I mean just look above, at least one person has already posted their server that flat out doesn't match what I clearly asked for. Now at least this person didn't lie about it not matching, but I can GUARANTEE you that around half or more of the people who post on here their server, I will log into to find out within 30sec that their server isn't even on the same planet of what I'm asking for, and they lied in order to try and get me to play on it, knowing full and well it would just be a waste of my time.

    You try going through this day in, and day out. And try to retain a positive attitude toward finding the server you want. If you can, your not human.

    Quote from pwnkeeper

    Check us out here http://www.minecraft...wl-152-ts3-247/ we have EXACTLY what you are looking for on every single point. Best of all, our player base is mostly adults, and the date on our server thread can speak for our longevity. Just read our description and visit our site and see what we are all about, you will not be disappointed. Thanks!

    I'll get around to checking it out, thanks.
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    I've spent a good 6 months looking for a server matching the below, they either all fail to do so, or close down after a few days.


    1. Be vanilla gameplay. (Perfectly ok with mods for grief protection, optimization, and player trade/economy as long as there is no server/admin store, just nothing that alters core gameplay in any way.)

    2. Must be played legitimately by "EVERYONE" (Including admins/mods/creator etc.) on the server. No spawning/creating stuff "EVER". (Including no magically created solid diamond/bedrock palace spawn points.)

    3. Must be hosted on a dedicated 24/7 server. No hosting it off little johnny's home pc running with dialup/dsl.

    4. Must not have player flying/no-clipping for "Anyone". And teleporting is ok when admins need to check on potential cheaters etc, just not used for travel or by normal players.

    5. And anything else that shouldn't exist on a "LEGITIMATELY" played server. I'm sick of playing with cheaters that ruin the fun of playing the game the way it was intended.

    6. Intends to keep the server running for "AT LEAST" several months. (I've wasted so much time on projects to lose them overnight when the server disappeared.) And I want notification a few days in advance of the server closing so I can screenshot/record my projects.

    7. Needs to have anti-cheat software/plugins/etc. Because one cheater can ruin a server.

    If your server doesn't meet """""ALL""""" of the above criteria, don't even bother posting/pm'ing me. As I will have ZERO interest in your server, and if I join one and find that any of these wasn't met, I will immediately quit playing on it. So don't waste my time or yours.

    And finally some information about me.

    IGN: Blackomen9000

    Age: 26

    Voice coms used: Mumble, Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Skype, etc.

    Been playing since alpha.

    Very intricate builder, can and have spent months on projects of absurd proportions.

    Work very well as a team on group projects as long as every builder has some general level of talent/creativity.

    Prefer to play with people aged 18+. (Don't mind mature younger people, the issue is the per-pubescent voices over voice chat give me a migraine.)

    Prefer groups that use some form of voice chat for coordinating on group projects. It helps a hell of a lot to coordinate quicker.
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    Wasn't what I was looking for, thanks anyway. :)
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    A legitly built world? Didn't think anyone actually did that anymore. Would love to play on a server where every admin isn't spawning in 100,000 stone or using creative mode to build everything. (I honestly doubt this server does this, out of the last 200 servers, all of them eventually cheated to build, but I can hope.)

    Age: 26

    IGN: Blackomen9000

    How much do you play: Depends directly on the quality of the server and players on it, anywhere from 10sec in forever, to 8+ hours a day on a fantastic server with great people. (And depending on situations at work.)

    What do you like to do on minecraft(ie mining building etc): Everything really, mining/building/being a resource broker. Not into roleplay however.

    Have you been banned before: Not that I can ever recall.

    If so why have you been banned:

    What do you bring to the server: A mature player, that works on group projects, plays 100% legit with no mods, etc.

    Any other info: I'd really like to believe this server builds everything legit and doesn't spawn crap into existence. If you do spawn stuff in, please immediately reject this application with that as the reason so I can move on. Those types of servers are a dime a dozen, and I have absolutely no interest in one, and will only quit the server the moment I see it.
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    As wonderful as your initial thread was, and genuinely had me excited, I logged in to find out you give away diamonds to everyone, and that just utterly ruined any sense of achivement. You have a great concept for a server and I wish you luck, but for a non-admin-abuse system, everyone starting out as if admins just handed you the game, kind of kills it for me.

    Good luck anyway.
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    IGN: Blackomen9000

    25 years old, been on the hunt for a good vanilla server. I'm a bit cautious of servers without cheat-protection, as I've even had friends fall into it eventually as long as the temptation is there, and minecraft is pathetically easy to cheat in. But if it's a small knit community, and everyone plays legitimately, I'd be willing to give it a shot. As for playtime daily, it's soley based on the server population, as long as others are on I feel motivated, soon as everyone leaves, motivation drops sharply.
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    Quote from Looking7Glass

    :< Can't believe you passed up seeing my server. It has everything you require and its 18+ only so the playerbase is really mature and we love to have fun. Check it out if you're still interested. We have everything you ask for.


    I'll have a look at it. Reason I passed over it is due to the limited information you give regarding it. The only things you list are that it's 18+ and is vanilla. This doesn't cover most of my other concerns, but if you say that it does cover those, I'll check it out.
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    posted a message on Looking for outgoing, mature and friendly people for pure vanilla server
    Name: John

    IGN: Blackomen9000

    Age: 25

    Do you feel you fit the criteria: From what you've posted yes, only a test run can really say.

    How often do you play and at what times: This is highly dependent on the community, however I have an abundance of free time currently, I am central US -6GMT, and currently play more during the day, however due to job hours i eventually switch back and forth between day/night playing hours.

    Why would you like to join: A mature community for one would be nice. Also you stated on my looking for thread that your server meets all my requirements. http://www.minecraft...vanilla-server/

    Other: Not really anything more to add.
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    Quote from llDunno

    Check out here! Our player base isn't to big because a lot of members have jobs so they can't log on as often as they'd like.

    Sadly your server uses borders, I enjoy exploring, and this limits that.

    I'll check this one out thanks.

    Quote from Gliceas


    we have a very small number on here at a time, only admin /protection plugins (minimum)


    I'll check this one out first, as there is no wait to try it.

    Quote from L0rd_L1nk

    We have exactly what your looking for!

    For every $2.00USD donated, you will receive a stack of items or blocks of your choice.

    I'm sorry, but I simply can't accept any form of item/block spawning. I perfectly understand wanting to make an incentive for donating, however this simply is something that bothers me more than anything else in servers. Thank you anyway.
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    I'm searching for what seems to be a non-existant server type. Hoping one actually exists, otherwise I may have to make my own.

    Absolutely "MUST" have:

    1. No item/block spawning of "any sort, shape or kind", by any admins/mods/operators/etc, every single thing must be obtained legitimately by "everyone".

    2. Does not have admins/mods/etc flying around with godmode on all the time. (Teleporting, and checking on griefing is fine when the need arises.)

    3. Anti-grief/cheat mods, I prefer vanilla but these are unfortunately a requirement nowadays with rampant cheat/hack usage.

    Things I'd "like" it to have, but aren't a downright requirement.

    1. Minimum plugins, as close to vanilla as possible, but must have the anti-cheat ones of course.

    2. A smaller but active playerbase. (I don't like 100+ player servers, but if I wanted to play in a ghost town I already have singleplayer for that too.)

    Anyway, I know it's a small chance in hell of finding one, I went through 56 pages of servers and not a single one met even 2 of the 3 requirements. But if you know of one, please let me know via reply here, I don't read PM's so please use a reply.
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    IGN: Blackomen9000

    Real Name: John Mclain (Yes like the diehard movies)

    Age: 25

    Time Zone: -6 GMT (Central US)

    Since you didn't give much more to go on, I'm looking for a mostly vanilla server with a smaller community. (I'm ok with "some" plugins)
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    posted a message on Craftville - Minecraft done right.
    UPDATE: He gave the incomplete server IP, which is why noone can connect.
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    Unfortunately I can't recommend this server. I was actually kicked from the server for cheating I guess when one of the admins claimed I "flew" when I "figure" he experienced lag or something. I took this as a very personal insult as I don't even use cheats in singleplayer let alone on servers.

    I'll chalk this one up as him experiencing lag rather than malicious intent, still it left a very sour experience and I warn others of the same issues with them.

    Aside from that, it was a home pc server, (non dedicated) and had some high latency, sadly I wasn't around long enough to say more about it, I'll be looking elsewhere for a good vanilla server. Try this one at your own risk.
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    DERP wrong forum post, sorry about that.
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