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    posted a message on Ideia for a hole season/version/update : "Welcome to the Jungle"

    So, first things first: This is my first post in the forums, so I'm a newbie at "foruming" and those things, but I think I'm very creative, so I'm sharing my Ideas with the people. (Sorry for any english mistake)

    "A sound in the deep jungle calls for a heart beat, what could it be...?"

    In this Update, players would find a more complex jungle, turning the "Just leaves and tall trees" into the wild and dangerous scene a jungle must represent. Lets topic the most important:

      • Jungle Temples
      • The old one, we know for a very long time, will stay the same, but... There will be a thing, called Jungle Monument (pretty like the ocean one, but in the jungle :P) The Jungle Temples will have more than one template, and will have more secrets on it, like Old Maps and related stuff.

      • Jungle Monument
        • This one is big... Like an ocean, but Its deep and has many rooms like the stronghold, nether fortress or the end citadel. At first, players would need to find it, and then, solve puzzles to get inside.
        • You'll get tons of traps, enemies and treasure. But one thing waits the player on the end of it... A player can find good treasures like a Totem of Undying (It will be placed in the last room, in a hiding spot) and diamond stuff.

      • New mob: Goblins
        • Goblins are new Hostile mobs that live in the jungle. They are like pillagers and will keep travelling the jungle, killing any mob and hunting the player if possible. They are fast and clever, so it would be really annoying to handle. They use spears and blowpipes (rarely poison blowpipes).
        • Goblins can be found in Goblin Villagers, with structures made of wood and leaves.
        • If you have lucky (or he has lucky) you can find an Adventurer trapped in an iron jail. Adventurer is a new villager profession I will explain later.
        • Killing goblins can get you an effect called: "The greener, the better".
        • "The greener, the better "effect get you to be pursued by goblins until the effect wears off. They will come in crews of 2 or 3, or a solo thief. The thief is special, because it won't hurt you, but take some random Item from you, or from your chests. He is silent, and once he gets what he wants, he will sprint to far.
        • There is a rare goblin type, that need to be killed in order to save the villager. Its the Chosen. The chosen is a big goblin that is transformed by a shaman when you hit it the first time. He is big, like an Iron Golem.

      • Adventurer Profession
        • You can't take a villager and turn it into a adventurer. Adventurers must be found in the wild. They can be trapped in Pyramids, Pillager's towers and Sometimes in Strongholds. once you let him free, he will start walking to the wild, searching for adventure, and so, the nearest temple/monument. Don't underestimate a adventurer, they are strong and can survive up to 4 nights alone. They have a sword and can be upgraded by dropping stuff to them. Once a Adventurer reach the last treasure of a temple, the adventurer will be completed and the player will receive the "Hero" effect, as well as some emeralds. Then, the adventurer will run to the next village and will turn into a trade villager in some days. He can apply for cartography or rarely for Adventure Provider, giving players a mix of enchantments, rare goods and treasure only items.

      • Now the best: The heart of the Wild
        • This is the item you get by killing the boss that is inside the monument, the black panther. The black panther is a big cat that will scratch you with so much damage. When you kill it, the monument will start to Flow in lava and the panther will drop the Heart of the Wild.
        • This item have a durability and be repaired by an Jungle Altar, in the top of a Jungle Temple. The Altar is a interactive block, that leads to a screen were you can sacrifice meat for Heart of Wild durability.
        • If you lose your heart of the wild, you can summon a black panther by crafting a cat whistle and throwing it on the lava inside the temple.
        • (A cat whistle is used to get your cat out of your chests, bed, etc. Its made of a diamond in the middle. and 2 slabs of wood in the edge.

      • Using the heart of the wild
        • You can use the heart of the wild in animals to provide them wilderness. This is the transformation list and the drops:
          • Ravager - Wild Ravager (He's not tamed anymore, but you can tame it now)
            • You'll need to use a weakness potion on it first, otherwise It will kill you

          • Dolphin - Shark (Drops Shark Teeth, used to repair trident)
          • Parrot - Giant Macaw (Drops Macaw Feathers, used to craft potions we will discuss later)
          • Ocelot - Saber (Drops Saber Teeth, used to craft potions)
          • 2 Block flowers (Easter egg?) - Flytrap (Kills bees, bats and phantoms. Drops a daisy on death)
          • Squid - Octopus (Its a big octopus. It will drop tentacles and a big ink sac)
          • Pig - Great Boar (Drops Boar Fangs)
          • Sheep - Ham (You can ride it. It slams with head)
          • Cow - Bull (Just run... Seriously. Fact: Bulls will be attracted to red blocks)
          • Bat - Vampire Bat (Its a big bat, that kills you and drop their wings)
          • Snake - Python (Python drop snake skin)

        • Potions in Jungle!
          • First things first, You'll need to get a new item named Snake Sting, If you use a snake sting in a bottle of water, you'll get an snake poison. There is a effect named Snake's poison, that makes you hungry and when your food gets to 0, It takes off your life. So you'll need an Antidote to survive it. To make the antidote, just put a milk to brew in a snake poison bottle. With Snake poison and Antidote you can make new potions.
            • Snake Skin Potion : Antidote + Snake Skin
              • When using this potion, you will protect your armor to run out of durability

            • Vampire Potion : Snake Poison + Bat Wings
              • You'll steal life.

            • Wild Potion : Use a Boar fang in a Speed potion
              • Running right straight to your enemies will knock then back and do damage

            • Enchanted Wings : This is not a potion, but is a enchanting Item. If you combine an Elytra with Macaw Wings, you'll get a colored Elytra, based on the color of the feather.
            • Far Hitting Potion: Tentacle with Weakness potion
              • You'll deal more damage to enemies that are far from you.

            • Saber Potion : Don't Drink it. Lingering Wild Potion with 8 Saber teeth in the crafting table.
              • Turn a Cat into a Saber.

    Thats my Idea, folks. Ty if you read.

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