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    Quote from Korrias»

    No offense, but I don't understand this reasoning. Single-player modes should be adjustable to personal preference. If it was too easy for you, then this mode is great, but why does it have to be an either/or? Why can't there be an option to select one's preferred mode? I personally agree with Junokaii. this new method is utterly pointless except as a penalty for dying, and so I just rely on manual saving.

    This exactly. I don't see why they can't just add back the 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, and than a "continuous" mode as well. Make everyone happy. I lost EVERYTHING tonight because I turned around and ended up in lava that I didn't realize I was anywhere near. It "shouldn't" have happened but the water I was trying to get everywhere wasn't moving around for some reason, it was stopping against nothing, like it was hitting a blank wall. (I was mining obsidian). I had 2 full stacks of obsidian, 15 diamond, a diamond pick axe, a diamond sword, and a lot of iron, gold and coal, and 30 xp. Got back to where I was, but was only able to recover some of the coal and some cobblestone.

    This game is supposed to be about customizing, so let us customize how we want to play.
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    Please bring back the ability to change the auto-save intervals. I don't like the continuous auto-save, but I understand that some people do. I know there's a way to make it changeable, please do this.

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    Looks like most of the bugs I've experienced (and a few I haven't!) have already been listed. I only have one thing to add, and I apologize if it's been mentioned (didn't see it anywhere):

    When eating, I've found that the food bar doesn't go up when the "eating" stops like it used to, you have to eat until you actually see the bar go up. My husband has actually noticed this, too (he's new to the game, only played a few weeks before the update), and was complaining that he was using up food but not healing (found that he wasn't actually using up the food until the bar went up). The animation/noise is out of sync with the actual action of eating (I hope that makes sense).

    Other than that, I think everyone's mentioned the rest (this was the only one I didn't see in the list on the first page and didn't see mentioned in other posts). Not a game breaker by any stretch, but annoying nonetheless.
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