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    posted a message on 20+ Friendly Survival

    Age 20+ Friendly Survival-Hard Looking for awesome adults to join in our MC world! Active server hosted almost 24 hours (in Eastern Time zone) but can go down for maintenance. Mic required but party chat not always required. Please respond by posting your GT, age, how long you've played Minecraft, and what you like to do in Minecraft! Thank you!!

    * We would love to either visit a world of yours' or see screenshots of your work, but it's not required! :)

    Server rules:
    #1 No Griefing-don't be rude and don't vandalize people's builds.
    #2 No Stealing-if you need something just ask or see if it's already available in the community warehouse (contributions to the warehouse are greatly appreciated).
    #3 Do Not enter another player's personal house without permission.
    #4 Help keep the map beautiful/natural by not spamming random blocks everywhere, don't leave 'floating trees', and fill in creeper holes (etc).
    #5 Do Not mine in one direction for forever (keep mine in generalized area), this keeps people from mining into eachother.
    #6 Build out of rendering distance from other players or ask your neighbor first before starting to build.

    #7 No duplication of blocks/items.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Xbox 360 Prison Server [24/7]
    Sounds fun! GT Kato2009101
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