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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread
    Quote from theicychameleon »

    "...!": See your first HIM.

    ... Ohgod.
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    posted a message on Survive & Thrive
    Hey, Name's kart. I would love to join a server like this, it definitely appeals to me. Im a good fighter, miner and Reed farmer. This sounds very interesting, so i'd love to try it out.
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    posted a message on Awesome save file wipe glitch.
    Right, basically i have made this awesome little house and was building a kinda... safe area at the back.

    My pc then crashed and wiped my save.

    so, in annoyance, i made a new world and Cartographed it, and the map showed both my new area, and the old area of my house. i trekked from my new house, to my old house. And it was all there, along with the burning tree i forgot to put out.

    ... Anyway, i got out of my boat, and died seconds later.

    Anyone else had this same kinda thing happen to them?

    Makes me think all the MC worlds are just one huge massive world.
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