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    posted a message on Why aren't connected textures working with 1.9?! Please help

    I have the same issue on a lower scale. Certain blocks like Sugarcane and oak leaves don't work. What settings in Minecraft and Optifine do you use? I use Fancy graphics which usually fixes a lot of issues, just not the sugarcane or leaves. And with optifine, it crashes when I turn on connected textures as well as any time I change my resource packs. This, I think is the route of my problems. So my question is more, why Minecraft crashes with resource packs or connected textures.

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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator

    Hey, I want to backdate WorldPainter, can this be accomplished? Btw, love this program, and use it all the time! Thanks for making it, and free!

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    posted a message on [DOWNLOAD] Newcart - Modern city map

    Dude! This is a crazy good map! Can I use it for a zombie apocalypse custom map?

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    posted a message on Mob Spawn Controls 2! Back + Better than ever! Updated

    I love this mod to bits, and you have got to update it to 1.7.10! I and others would seriously appreciate it. :)

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    posted a message on EnviroMine (DISCONTINUED) - A little bit of realism New physics, Temperature, Hydration and more!
    Quote from Funwayguy»

    It is in fact an earthquake. They currently take a while to reach the surface but we plan on fixing that soon. It looks like we forgot to make a page for Earthquakes on the wiki, that should be fixed up pretty soon.

    Oh I see. Thanks for the reply!
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    posted a message on EnviroMine (DISCONTINUED) - A little bit of realism New physics, Temperature, Hydration and more!
    Hey! I love your mod and am using it in a map of mine (Full credit is given!). So I was playtesting it, and suddenly, there was this distant rumbling, and then there was a full-scale earthquake! No ravines have split open yet, but I have no idea why the rumbling happened. Is it in this mod? I looked on the wiki page and found nothing on natural disasters. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Forest Floor Survival Map 1.7.10-1.8.1 Modded
    Quote from Karrotsmuthi»
    Thanks guys! I don't see why you wouldn't play the map because it is "outdated" though. Please, tell me why? :)

    Never mind the second part. I figured it out. ;)
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    posted a message on Modded Survival Map
    I am currently finishing up my map found on this thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/2359644-forest-floor-survival-map-1-7-10-1-8-1-modded Take a look, I'd love another person recording a lp of it! :) Again, it is not fully released, but it will be within a week from now.
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    posted a message on Forest Floor Survival Map 1.7.10-1.8.1 Modded
    Thanks guys! I don't see why you wouldn't play the map because it is "outdated" though. Please, tell me why? :)
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Minecraft My Way (0.85 WIP) - Minecraft the way YOU want it.
    Thanks so much for this mod! The only issue is that I can't use it because it is so outdated. Are you planning on updating soon? I couldn't find a note saying the mod was closed.
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    posted a message on Forest Floor Survival Map 1.7.10-1.8.1 Modded


    Finished, dl coming soon! A let's play might be out soon as well!

    -=Real Survival=-

    This modded survival map takes you on an adventure through a forest of massive trees and dangerous creatures. You must stay warm, get food and water, keep yourself sane, and all the while avoiding the dark things that lurk in the forests.
    Traverse multiple ecosystems, from Pine Scrubs to Swamplands! Find treasures and powerful beings! And test your inner minecraft instinct!
    Can you survive for 30 Days? Find out!

    I know the picture has text inconsistencies...


    You begin in a field with a book, map, and some water, and you must survive the nights. The mod "http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1293048-enviromine-a-little-bit-of-realism-new-physics" is required. You must read over the manual given to you in the download that details skills. You must spend resources in order to gain skill levels which allows new crafting and actions.

    Follow an optional storyline to help keep track of your days.

    NOTE: Please take note that the map is compatible with minecraft 1.7.10 or 1.8.1! Only minor issues may occur when playing in 1.8.1 such as the existence of Bunnies. It is recommended that you simply play in 1.7.10 as this is the best version. Trust me, there's no reason why you would have to play in 1.8x. :) Thank you!


    The required mod by TimbuckTato adds thirst, sanity, body temperature, food spoilage, and new block physics as well as an air quality mechanic. I recommend you read about the mod a little before jumping in head first.

    The Guide Book:

    I have copy-pasted the complete guide book here for your convenience. :) So much work! xD

    Cooking = 0
    Tailoring = 0
    Smithing = 0
    Stoneworking = 0
    Fire = 0
    Glasswork = 0
    Building = 0

    You need to unlock these skill levels with the materials which you can put in your starting chest as your payment. Until they are unlocked the things they allow are impossible.

    Required Levels: (Required goods to level up)
    Cooking: (3 Eggs) Can't cook
    1 Cook Meat
    2 Craft Bread
    3 Cook Fish
    4 Craft Mushroom Stew
    5 Craft Pie, Cake, and Golden Apples

    Tailoring: (1 String and 1 Leather OR 1 Iron Ingot total) No armor crafting
    1 Leather Boots and Cap
    2 Leather Tunic and Pants
    3 Iron Boots
    4 Iron Helmet
    5 Iron Chestplate and Greaves

    Smithing: (1 Iron Ore) Can't smith.
    1 Smelt with only Coal
    2 Smelt Iron
    3 Smelt with Charcoal as well
    4 Smelt with anything

    Stoneworking: (2 Cobblestone) Craft no stone tools
    1 Craft one Stone tool a day
    2 Craft two Stone tools a day
    3 Craft three Stone tools a day
    4 Craft four Stone tools a day
    5 No Limit!

    Fire: (2 Flint OR 3 Charcoal) Can only light 1 open fire per 24 hours
    1 Can only light open fires and limited to 3 Fire lighting a day until level 4
    2 Can now light furnaces
    3 Can now relight torches
    4 Five fires max
    5 No limit to fires

    Glasswork: (1 Glass) Can only smelt 1 a day
    1 Can smelt 2 glass a day and can hold only 1 Glass bottle until lvl 3
    2 No limit to glass smelting
    3 Can hold two bottles
    4 Can hold 4 bottles
    5 No Limit!

    Building: (1 Dirt and 2 Wood planks) Before 1, no block placing beside appliances.
    1 Can only place dirt, sand, and leaves
    2 Can now place wood logs
    3 Can place wood planks and glass
    4 Can place any block

    Literacy: (1 Book OR 12 Paper OR 10 Ink) Before, no books or enchantment tables can be crafted/used.
    1 Can now craft 2 Books/Day
    2 Can Craft/Use an Enchantment Table once
    3 Can now craft 4 Books/Day
    4 Can now enchant 2 more things
    5 No limit on enchantment!

    Carpentry: (4 Wood Planks) Before, only 4 Planks may be crafted/day.
    1 Can now craft 12 planks/day (3 Recipes)
    2 Can craft 20 planks/day
    3 32 planks/day
    4 64 planks/day
    5 No limit!

    Can Craft without Skills:
    Wooden Things (Other than Planks.) (Bowls, tools, planks, etc...)
    Golden Apples
    Diamond and Gold things
    -=And please ask about things I may have forgotten! :)=-

    Mods, Textures, and Optimizations: (All included)

    Required Mods for ultimate experience:

    Recommended Mods:

    Big "No-No" Mods:
    -Minimap Mods
    -XRAY Mods
    -Content Mods not required/recommended
    -Mechanics altering mods not required/recommended
    -Or any Cheating mods

    Recommended Resource Packs/Order:
    OzoCraft (On Top)

    My Soundpack
    BDcraft Sounds Pack
    Default (On Bottom)

    And remember: You are not alone in these woods. There are dangers creeping behind nearly every shadow. One of them, is immortal. Yay!


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    posted a message on [v2.0.0] Realistic Survival - Live on the Edge!
    I love this mod! Thank you!!!
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    posted a message on The Lord of the Rings Mod: Bringing Middle-earth to Minecraft - Update 34.3
    This mod is awesome! I've played it since it's early stages and love all the new features! In the 1.7.2 version, the map wasn't working and I experienced lots of lag, but I'm excited for this version. Also happy you haven't made it for 1.8. I get about 1-10 fps in that minecraft version.
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    posted a message on MODELER NEEDED MINERSCROLLS - Reloading Minecraft (MSRM)
    The mod is coming along fine! We have a ton of blocks coded in, and a three-member team beside myself. :P
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Structure Generation Mod and API
    THANK YOU! :) I will probably use this for my elderscrolls mod. :P
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