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    Age: 14 years of age

    IGN: KarlsArmy

    Country: South Africa

    skype: karl_e_wilhelm

    availability: almost every single day on holdidays (unlesss i go away) and nearly every weekend after a school week

    Previous Experiences: i am head builder of the official university of georgia minecraft server, a mod and admin of two different servers

    Why I am dependable: I am a responsible young lad, and excellent minecraft builder and i am strict when it comes to server rules (i am currently building my second parkour map which has taken over 2 months now)

    Can i Setup plugins: not really, i have an understanding about them but i definetly can setup commands and perms, mostly commands.

    How much of a leader am i: i would say a really good leader simply because i give everybody a chance to tell their side of the story and if theres a problem ill try my best to sort it out responsibly, without any "nerd" fights over a game. And dont get me wrong, ill make u **** your pants laughing by just staring at u.

    could u make this server profitable? : perhaps, with some advertising, determination and 24/7 hgelp and work on the server.

    Do yo have experience with Enjin websites or html coding? : Nope :I

    *application comleted*

    thanks for reading this!

    -Karl Wilhelm | KarlsArmy
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    Ok dood. Just let me know-have u dwnloaded the map and played it yet? Thanks dood!
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    Hi there!

    This Is my first custom parkour map! full of fun jumps and all that jolly nonsense! I Strictly Reccomend That You have Pro To Master parkour skills to complete this map!

    Heres the link: https://www.mediafire.com/?40ueardtsmqygxp

    Info of the builder: Name: Karl

    Age:14 years of age

    I live in: South Africa

    Email: [email protected]

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