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    Well, I think tier 3 is kinda broken. To explain, the wall didn't do anything. One of my small homes has a wall in it.
    My church was built over the ocean. I'm kind of afraid to see what my mage hall does.

    Luckily, I recently got toomanyitems and can get it all back. But still, I'd like a fix. That would be great.

    Worked after 3 tries. Not kidding. It would be nice if we could get at least less laggy version. Great mod, though.
    Also, as a suggestion, to make it so the kingdom generates correctly if on high points, you could make a giant hill generated with it. Make it so that it goes down, and whatever of the hill isn't used get's covered with dirt. If you understand my idea, hope you use it.
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    posted a message on medieval RPG
    Minecraft name:Karl913
    What job you want:Knight
    Why should we let you join:Because, I have no reason to greif or any of that junk. I'm also a good roleplayer.
    Why you want to join:Because, I like roleplaying, and this is simply the first server I found.
    What are your skills:Redstone, Building, Fighting, and roleplaying.
    What colour tribe you want to be in:Green.
    You will obey rules: All of them, why put this here? I've experienced griefing. Not fun. l don't want to be one.
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    posted a message on [A Multifarious Nation] || New server now open!
    Hope you don't mind if l come in! Looks epic.
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    posted a message on <><>The Followers of Herobrine<><>[RECRUITING]
    Ever use factions plugin:no
    Old factions if so:
    Minecraft Professions:Building, Killing, and mostly redstone (l have made all kinds of crazy contraptions, ask Jacopley)
    Good at PVP:l can't really answer this, but l kill werewolves from Mo' Creatures for fun. (They have an insane amount of health)
    Good at Raiding:About the same answer, only its millenaire
    Ever been banned:No
    How can l trust you not to steal:Because, we're on the same team.
    What job do you want to be? Give me some examples on why you are good at that job:Redstone Engineer, or a Kinker. (As l said, l'm a Redstoner.) l have made things like cannons that you can change direction on, lava bridges that are perfectly timed so you can walk across on a 2x1 platform and get to the other side, pop out houses, with seats that don't come from the floor, *as in the wall lowers, comes out by to pistons, and comes back in* the pop out house has hidden wiring, aswell. l could go on and on with this list of creations, like my portcullis, hidden wiring, with a button to reset it. (Sorry about the long post)
    Who will you worship (End Realm monster, Nether Monster, or Herobrine): Herobrine, as everyone, along with Jacopley.

    (Note: l got an account on the forums just for this thing!)
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