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    Pokemon MMORPG:
    This server is based on a Pokemon Mod called PokeCube, the server is mmorpg based and is currently almost complete! We have 8 Cities, 14 Towns, Safari Zone, Battle Towers, Elite 4, and more! Custom Quest Lines, Custom Poke Spawns, and even Custom Plugins. If you want to be a part of this big project nows the time to join!

    Custom Npcs:
    I am in need of someone with a bit of experience with customnpcs. I need a few quest/ text lines put together today, and yes it is a paid job. As of today I believe I need 10-15 Npcs setup. Over the next month I have around 90 more that need to be put together.

    Also looking for builders who are good with pathings, and outdoor scenery. I need dedicated people for this who are willing to get the job done with quality work and in a decent time frame. The map is around 90% complete almost all the buildings are up. Also if anyone wants to build a City we have 2 left for commission.

    How to Apply?

    AgeWhat are you applying for?How much time do you have daily?Experience in your field. For Builders Photos of old work, For CustomNpcs explain what you have done.

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    posted a message on MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod v4.1 - The Outdoor Update! (Updated: 9/1/2017)

    Checks everyday for 1.12 update x,D

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    posted a message on ~DecoCraft 2.4.1!!~ Decorations for Minecraft! Updated to 1.11.2 !!! ~DecoCraft 2.4.1!!~

    Waits patiently for 1.12 =)

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    posted a message on ◀UPDATED! K-Pixelmon•5.0.4•Keep Inv•Lvl 150•SlotMachines•CustomPlugins•No Lagg▶

    Welcome to K-Gaming Pixelmon!

    We are LAGG FREE!

    We Do Not Crash!

    We are Stable!

    24/7 (100 Slot) Dedicated Hosted Server!

    Server IP: play.kgamingmc.com

    K-Pixelmon 5.0.4 when you start off its your choice to use the Adventure Map or to go straight into Survival! The Adventure Map is grief proof and loads of fun for trainers. Currently The Adventure Map has 8 gyms that are npc ran, and 8 that are player ran! We also have an Elite 4 which is run by real trainers! I am working on this as much as i can between building, plugins, and helping players ingame! No swearing on the server! You need to understand Pixelmon pulls in all age groups and here at K-Gaming we try to respect that.

    We need Gym Leaders! If you are interested in joining us Leave a Post on our website in the Forums!

    K-Gaming Forums

    K-Team will always be adding more to make the server the way (YOU) the player wants it!

    Features: KPixelmon 5.0.4:

    *Slot Machines
    *Player Shops

    *Max Lvl 150!
    *PvP Area!
    *Elite 4!
    *8 Gyms and Routes!
    *Safari Zone!

    *Custom Scoreboard!

    *Custom Gym Plugin
    *Custom Vote Plugin (Can obtain VIP from voting!)
    *Everyone can use IV,EvS
    *Custom Shop Npcs
    *Land Claiming
    *Custom Adventure Map
    *NPC & Player Gyms
    *EV Training Room
    *Training Towers
    *Friendly Staff
    *No Hunger
    *Weekly Tournaments
    *Daily Events

    How to Connect?

    Server IP: play.kgamingmc.com

    Website:K-Pixelmon Website


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    posted a message on ◀UPDATED! K-Pixelmon•5.0.4•Keep Inv•Lvl 150•SlotMachines•CustomPlugins•No Lagg▶

    Updated to 5.0.3, seems most of the 5.0.2 bugs are gone Ty again Pixelmon Community =)

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    posted a message on ◀UPDATED! K-Pixelmon•5.0.4•Keep Inv•Lvl 150•SlotMachines•CustomPlugins•No Lagg▶

    UPDATE: 3/23/16

    Elite 4: 50% Complete

    Region 2 Gym 9-16: 80% Complete

    Web Store Is now open

    Added Builder Rank

    Reworked NPC Wording Again

    Increased Spawn Rate by 10

    Increased Hidden Power Chance

    Fixed Voting

    Removed random Pokechest (Infinite Bug)

    This upcoming Monday March 28th 7pm Est we will be holding a Tournament again for Lvl 35 and below pokemon. Anyone can join who falls into that bracket and prizes will be handed out to each participant, No Shinys or Legendary handouts! Come Join us!

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    posted a message on ◀UPDATED! K-Pixelmon•5.0.4•Keep Inv•Lvl 150•SlotMachines•CustomPlugins•No Lagg▶

    UPDATE: 3/17/16


    • EV's IV's
    • WonderTrade
    • Town System
    • Auction
    • 2nd Currency (Auction, Towns)
    • Voting
    • Lag Remover
    • Jobs
    • Legendary Spawn


    • Npc names have been reworked
    • Leaders IV's/Moves have been changed
    • Reduced Exp Gain to 50%
    • Changed up Staff members.
    • (WonderTrade Mod) Removed Legendaries/Shinys Nerfed Lvl to 20
    • Reduced All Npc's Levels
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