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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: KanzuGaming
    • Platform you play on: PC
    • Age: 18
    • Gender: M
    • Country/Timezone: Eastern USA
    • How someone should contact you: Discord, KanzuGaming#1449
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: A few years
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: Mainly survival recently, but I enjoy doing lots of different things.
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    posted a message on Looking for SMP partners

    Lately I've been in the mood for a good ol' fashioned SMP, and I'd like to start one before I head off to college. For anyone interested, we could do this with as little as one other person or as many as like six other people. I'm not sure what version we would use, but I definitely wanna try to use something before 1.9, but nothing is set in stone. If interested, I have a discord server for this at https://discord.gg/h6dPY49

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