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    posted a message on Noob with dorky question?
    It sounds like you either changed the control settings to switch the left/right mouse click, or something is wrong with your mouse. Have you tried checking the control settings? Checking your mouse settings (Control Panel -> Mouse)? Plugging in a different mouse?
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    If I wasn't so busy with work then I would totally do it. Depending on what kind of software it is. Ex: What sort of functionality is it going to have?
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    If you mean adding brown gem or white gem then I choose white gem.
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    posted a message on Why you should not go to college
    Quote from RealmsOfHW

    There is some people who live for money, and some who live for passion.

    Yeah, everybody has their own goals and definition for success. JohnTheRipper's goal is a good goal, and if that is his definition of success then go for it John(cool name btw).
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    posted a message on Why you should not go to college
    That was an interesting article. I agree with some parts but disagree with others. Here are my thoughts:

    1. Creativity: Most college teachers don't teach you how to be creative and you are lucky if you find one that do. The teachers are there to only to teach you the basics and it is up to you to become creative and think outside the box. No one else is going to make decisions for you.

    2. "Students who enrolled into college will acquire massive amounts of debt": That's true for those who do not do their research and make wise economic choices. If you cannot pay back the loan and do not have enough money to go to college then don't do it.

    3. "Money does not contribute to more happiness": Duh, but we need money to be able to buy the supplies that we need to live, just like the quote "There is no such thing as free lunch". Such a messed up world we live in lol.

    4. "People who skip college and work with creativity, endurance, and passion will always succeed": Not necessarily the skipping college part but the rest of it I agree. Creativity, endurance, and passion will always help you succeed.

    5. Education: Going to a library and/or use the internet is highly recommended if you don't have the spare money for college.

    6. College in general: When I went it was going at a pretty fast pace at first but that was because the teachers wanted to get rid of students that are not serious with their career choice and are only doing it for trying to get a lot of money. College does not guarantee that you will instantly get a job when you graduate but they could be able to provide you with recommendations to places that you will be most suited for. One of the good reasons that I can think of about going to college is that you will meet new people that will most likely share the same passion as you and will help develop your social skills.

    7. Degrees and jobs: Most high paying jobs will require you to have some kind of degree just to show that you have taken your time to go to college and/or have ALOT of experience. My recruiter told me one time that the two best engineers he ever worked with have either dropped out of college or never went. But he would at least like to see someone have an associate degree so he knows that the person is dedicated enough to work in such a competitive environment. You can still earn a degree without having to pay a lot of money. Just learn everything from the internet or from whatever source you are using, go to college, take the test, pass out early, and get your degree. There are also colleges that are offering short classes for those who want to earn a degree at their own pace (shortest I have seen was 8 weeks for an associate).

    8. Overall thoughts: I agree mostly with this writer and you should only go to college if:
    • You have the money to pay it off without needing loans (I had to get loans but I was able to pay it off with my contract job).
    • You want to meet other people that will be your potential co-workers and shares the same passion as you. You need to have great social skills if you want to be successful.
    • You have learned everything from other sources and just want to pass the test and get your degree.
    • You know what you are doing and how the college is going to operate. Do not except the teachers to hold your hand till the very end. They are going to throw you into the pit at first, let the survivors out after about two weeks, show you the basics (it is up to you to be creative), then throw you back in at the end to see if you will make it in the real world.
    I didn't mean to write so much, I just wanted to get it all off my chest so I can get back to work in peace.
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    posted a message on What is the Biggest Lie a Teacher Has Ever Told You?
    The biggest lie I ever heard was from elementary school.

    "USA is a democracy!"

    Many years later to junior year in high school

    "USA is not a democracy it's a Representative Republic."

    I wonder what else they have been lying about...
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    posted a message on Which is your favorite skin's
    I like using the Enderman or the P-body skin. It's funny to scare my friends with the enderman when they aren't really playing attention to the names, and I just love portal 2.
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    posted a message on Skull Candles! [+200 Supporters!]
    That will be awesome! Could use this for a scary-theme adventure with the glowing eyes.
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    posted a message on Millénaire - NPC village - 16/09/18 : Millénaire 7 open beta
    Why have I not seen this mod? Can't wait to try it!
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    posted a message on [1.4.6] [1.4.7] [SSP SMP] [FORGE] MoreFood! Over 2000 Dowloads!
    Man this mod is making me hungry lol. Nice mod, but for some reason i'm thinking that you should grow the orange instead of using orange dye with apple. Not complaining, it's just a suggestion, I still like the mod though and I'm planning to download it when I get back to my house.
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