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    Personally I like the fact that you have to think about AE builds now. Creates a bit of challenge. You just need to get creative. Don't just look for obvious parts to stick together, utilize sub networks and you can do more. A few posts back shows 2 of my automation builds for processors, fluix crystals and pure crystals. I now have a basement to house my cables and double walls with a walkway in between for my structures to accommodate the cables I need to lay out. If you don't like that idea, then there's always facades to disguise your cables as whatever block you desire.

    Figured out that the ME controller is limited to a 7 block cube. But also figured out that it doesn't need to be solid. Came up with this configuration to maximize the useable interface surfaces because the greyed out blocks do not conduct.

    Setting up my molecular chambers, I could have 5 faces with interfaces but I like having one side viewable. I don't understand why you think you need 2 sides unusable.Using a subsystem to set up a TE induction smelter reducing the channels needed by the main system from 3 to 2.Took a bit but I figured out autocrafting for fluix crystals and pure crystals.And here's a look at my basementTo follow in your footsteps I'll probably be far too honest myself. It's complaints and QQing like you did that have driven Algo off the project. He made a complex system that benefits and adds so much to the game. I, for one, appreciate everything he has done. Sure, AE2 is much different from the original but I like it much more. Just takes a little more thought.
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