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    posted a message on Long Term Hard Survival (18+)

    My Gamertag: CoilKing

    We are currently looking for people to join our Survival Server, this
    server is on Hard Mode and has just begun. The server will be open for a decent amount of time on a daily basis, and will run long term.


    1: No Grieving Others

    2. No Hacking of ANY SORT

    3. No Duplication Glitching

    4. Respect Other Players Property

    PVP Will be enabled, but we will more then likely have an area set aside, such as an arena for players to work out their differences.

    That being said, we have implemented a age restriction of 18 years or
    older. This is due to the fact that my experience with the younger crowd
    has proven to be ill fated.

    We require everyone on our server to join our party and be active in our
    community. When in the game, you are in the party, and being vocal.

    To join our server, I require you to message me CoilKing, on Xbox with Your age and what you will be doing on our server.
    We ask that you read this post carefully and understand the rules. We wont be giving many free passes.

    If you are chosen to join the server you will be messaged and added by CoilKing
    If you are not messaged, or if you post your Application here you will not be accepted.

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    posted a message on Medieval RPG/Towncraft - Jobs/Currency/University
    And yes I can read, just cant get to my Xbox at the moment..lol

    1. Your age: Old As Dirt (30)
    2. Your access to a mic: Easily Accessible
    3. A confirmation saying you've read the rules: I most certainly did
    4. Your time zone: Im in America unlike the host and owner. (EST)
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    posted a message on Medeival Towncraft RPG (Currency,Jobs,Heirarchy)
    Quote from HeadCollector

    Name : Charles
    Gamer Tag : HeadCollector
    Age : 21
    Job Applying For: lumberjack or miner
    Do you Have a Mic?: yes
    TimeZone: eastern

    Accepted, just need you to send me a friend request Mate.
    Quote from helperman

    We are going to refuse your application due to your age. Appreciate the time you took to read through our server page though.
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    posted a message on Medeival Towncraft RPG (Currency,Jobs,Heirarchy)
    Quote from TheRealMess

    Name : Dustin
    Gamer Tag : TheContentRobot
    Age : 24
    Job Applying For: lumberjack or miner
    Do you Have a Mic?: yes
    TimeZone: eastern

    Accepted, send me a friend request (KanjiStylez)
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    posted a message on Medeival Towncraft RPG (Currency,Jobs,Heirarchy)
    Quote from ONExWAY

    Name : Aaron
    Gamer Tag : ONExWAY
    Age : 25
    Job Applying For: I'm interested in the blacksmith, miner, or guard jobs. Whatever works best the the town.
    Do you Have a Mic?: yes
    TimeZone: Pacific.

    Accepted, send me (KanjiStylez) a friend request. We will discuss your position when the server goes online in an hour and 45 minutes
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    posted a message on Medeival Towncraft RPG (Currency,Jobs,Heirarchy)
    Quote from Walden002

    Name : Walden (for all intensive purposes)
    Gamer Tag : Walden002
    Age : 17
    Job Applying For: Whatever's needed, I'm changeable.
    Do you Have a Mic?: Why would I bother filling out an application if I had no mic?
    TimeZone: Eastern

    Can I build myself a house with my profit?

    By the way, I realize the age thing, but I think I can contribute well to whatever project you have with this map, I take my building and crafting seriously, and won't meddle or do anything that would otherwise compromise the experience for everybody.

    Accepted, welcome to the server.
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    posted a message on Medeival Towncraft RPG (Currency,Jobs,Heirarchy)
    Quote from sambo1157

    Name : Sam
    Gt : x SamBennett
    No mic

    Name : Sam
    Gt : x SamBennett
    No mic
    Time zone England
    Any jobs available

    My apologies Sam, but this server requires a Mic to participate.
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    posted a message on Medeival Towncraft RPG (Currency,Jobs,Heirarchy)
    Quote from codylcanell
    Name: CodyGt: soapybodyAge 22Job: blacksmith or farmerI have a Mic and I am in eastern timezone.Ima dedicated role player iI llive the system of people only doing what they are allowed
    You have been accepted, we will discuss which job you will take when you get on.
    Quote from Kulkan
    Name Connor Spencer Gamertag UnitedPlacebo87 Age 17 Job Blacksmith Mic yes i have a mic Time zone Eastern standard
    Quote from Hhawk566
    Name :grant Gamer Tag :Hhawk566 Age :16 Job Applying For:general goods Do you Have a Mic?:broken :( TimeZone: American eastern
    Placebo, you have been accepted, and are already in the game..lol.
    Grant, we have had to deny your request. Due to your lack of communication skills, and common sense.
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    posted a message on Medeival Towncraft RPG (Currency,Jobs,Heirarchy)
    Quote from EeveeFTW

    Name : Brandon
    Gamer Tag : Light Fusionz
    Age : 13 (Am quite mature and will obey rules)
    Job Applying For: General Store or Guard
    Do you Have a Mic?: Yes. Turtle Beach - Earforce XL1
    TimeZone: GMT
    We are denying your application because of your age. Our apologies
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    posted a message on Medeival Towncraft RPG (Currency,Jobs,Heirarchy)
    Welcome My friends.

    To Towncraft
    The theme of this RPG server is Towncraft.

    And what we mean by that is simple. When you spawn in you are located in Spawn Town, the MAIN town of this world. A town where you can thrive, find a job, earn money, meet new friends. But alas, you do not have to stay in this town if you choose. You can venture out into the wold and adventure throughout the entirety of the world, but be warned! When you leave the town, you are no longer protected.

    The Currency

    For the currency we have decided to go with Gold Nuggets, Gold Ingots and Gold Blocks

    The Jobs!

    - Lumberjack: Is responsible for the retrieval of wood for the town, you can sell your wood at the bank or to other players.

    - Blacksmith: Is responsible for the crafting of tools, weapons and armor for the Town.
    The blacksmith cand get their materials from the bank or directly from the Miners.

    - Farmer: Is responsible for the production of food for the town. The farmer is responsible for cattle, poultry and other animals, in their respective pens. The Farmer will Be Chosen by Admin

    - General Store : Will be responsible for the selling of Goods to the town, and responsible for buying product from the players. The General Store will ALWAYS buy Cobble and Wood at a set price.

    - Miner: Will be responsbiel for the collection of Ores and cobblestone for use in making of tools etc.

    - Guard: Will be responsible for keeping the town safe from mobs, and everyday riff raff.

    - Brewer: Will be responsible for crafting the potions and things for the town.

    The Rules!
    These cannot be broken, if they are you will be kicked

    1: There is to be no crafting except that which can be made without a crafting bench.

    2: When you have chosen your job, you will do only that job.

    3: All trading, buying or otherwise business related conversations are to be taken into private

    4: No Duplicating, Map Glitching, LagMachines etc. Basically ( Don’t Be a **** )

    5: If you are a lumberjack: NO FLOATING TREE’S..Replant your Saplings

    6: If in the game, you must be in party

    7: No PvP or Theft inside City Walls

    8: 18 years or older, unless otherwise told.

    9: Respect your fellow players

    10: No Mining under Spawn Town


    12: No Stealing Within City Walls

    Banned Items:

    Crafting Tables (Unless part of your job)


    1st Rule Break : Documented Warning and 2 In Game Days in jail
    2nd Rule Break: Kicked from the Server for 1 RL Week
    3rd Rule Break: Banned and Put on Black List

    1st Law Break: 1 in Game Day in Jail or 500 Gold Nugget Fine
    2nd Law Break: 2 in Game Days in Jail + 500 Gold Nugget Fine
    3rd Law Break: 3 in Game Days in Jail + 1500 Gold Nugget Fine

    These can be broken, but if found guilty, you will be punished.

    1: No Thievery
    2: No Attacking Others
    3: No Destruction of Property
    4: No Swords out on City Streets

    (Original Idea for this Gameplay belongs to SmithyRules)


    If you like what you hear then please fill out this form and post it, Thanks!

    Name :
    Gamer Tag :
    Age :
    Job Applying For:
    Do you Have a Mic?:
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    Xbox Live Gamertag:KanjiStylez
    Age: 29
    Timezone: EST
    Where you live: Florida
    Rate your building skill from 1-10: 6..Maybe..lol
    (If you said 10, why and proof)
    Job you want: Lumberjack, Landscaper
    Comments and Questions?: None at the moment.
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    posted a message on looking for devoted friendly players.
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    posted a message on Waterworld RPG Server - RPG - Survival - PvP
    There are just a few of us left.

    It has been months since the floods began, and only now have we found a spot of dry land. Our food stores have run out, but we still have hope.

    Nearly everyone is gone, the world we knew is below the sea...

    This is a new survival server, and as the title suggests it will evolve over time. Take your place among the other survivors who have washed up on the last dry land in the world; what was once the peaks of mighty mountains is your only hope to rebuild after the Enderdragon ripped open the dimensional gate and flooded Terra with unceasing torrents.

    The map consists of a few barren islands. Only a few scattered trees can be found, as well as several dangerous volcanic islands that are difficult to approach (and barren of obvious resources)

    At the start of the server, it is anything goes; PVP is enabled, limited griefing is allowed (you may break someone's house, but you may not torch every tree in the game, for example), and the participants must decide how they want to proceed.

    Over time, I have developed a checkpoint system that will determine how the rules and game evolves. For example, if several players work exclusively on vigilantism towards griefing, over time it will be abolished from the server. If PVP starts becoming the central focus, arenas will be built with weapon caches hidden around the world.

    There will also be hidden treasures from the previous civilization hidden under the earth and below the sea later on in the game, how the server develops will also determine the frequency and contents of these.

    There are absolute rules that will be enforced:

    If you are caught duplicating items, you will be banned forever. I am a professional statistician, I know the average and fastest realistic times to obtain just about every resource in the game. If I so much as suspect that you duplicated a cube of dirt, you will be ejected immediately.

    This is the same as duping, if there is any indication of this going on by anyone, instaban.

    At least let people wander around a bit. Since wood is so scarce (at least to start), it will take everyone some time before they can get together a crafting table and a wooden sword, let alone iron armor and the ability to take a hit.

    PVP and stealing are enabled; will you work together to rebuild civilization or will it be every man for himself struggling to survive?

    The server will be open every other day, hopefully for 24 hours at a time (between I need time for rule adjustments, adding easter eggs, and playing other games myself).

    It will be set on HARD difficulty, with an age restriction of 16.

    You must post your age and GT here, and also send me (Kanjistylez) a message through XBOX with your age and letting me know you have posted on the forums so I may review it.

    Id like to thank AegisJester the original creator of this template, and the mastermind behind this original concept.
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    posted a message on New Survival / PVP Server
    We are an experienced group of players that are going to be starting up a Survival/ PVP server. The focus of this server is going to be Survival of the Fittest.. Meaning.. it is on Hard Mode so the opportunities for death are bountiful.

    Hosts: Farklesparts & Martinh1992

    Though the server is PVP enabled we want the primary focus to be survival, also we will immediately boot and ban spawn killers, this server is meant to be fun for everyone.

    The Rules are Simple:

    1: No Duplication
    2: No Map Glitches
    3: No Xray
    5: Respect each other
    6: 18 + Unless otherwise told.
    7: MUST have a Mic..Not Kinect

    Players are responsible for their belongings, if you are killed or die unexpectedly your belongings can be taken by your killer or lost in general. You will not be compensated nor will we listen to your whining.

    If you are interested in joining the server. You will message me (Farklesparts) through your xbox with your age and if you have a mic. We will invite you to a party, and then decide whether you are accepted or denied.
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    posted a message on RPG Nation Server
    GT: Farklesparts
    GT: Martinh1992

    We are both interested in joining your server. I (Farkle/ Age: 29) wish to be a nomadic Lumberjack.
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