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    posted a message on Inspiration by TobiwanK3nobi - v30, updated May 28
    I really enjoyed your video, looks like a nice creative process you've got there! Mind if I ask how long you've been making art, and when you decided you wanted to make a texture pack?
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    posted a message on ★★★ SKCraft ★★★ | VANILLA + FORGE MODDED | Play with others, without theft! | Mature community | Since 2010
    In-Game Name: KamiCosmic
    Your Age: 16
    Info: I jump from servers a lot, usually because I try to find one suited to my liking. For the most part, I like music, and I'm always willing to have a nice calm discussion with others. For the most part I keep to myself, though I like to work with others to make large-scale projects.
    Overall, I think your original post was very attractive, and it's part of the reason I'm applying right now. I do have a project to show, which was a large scale ship I built:
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Hey! I love the work you've done so far. But, In light of the HD support, I'm not sure if HD fonts are being supported too?

    It seems that through HD Patcher's method of allowing HD Fonts on the patcher menu, you've got patch it for HD beforehand, meaning you can't use HD Fonts through Optifog/Optimine alone.

    Just thought I'd alert you :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.7.3]Faster block breaking in Multiplayer, and reach further!
    Quote from WeRiseAtDawn

    Optifog gives players more fps. They gain an advantage.

    Minimap allows players to see all round them. They gain an advantage.

    Worldinfo lets players see biomes and time till day. They have an advantage.

    The goal of this mod is to reduce the grind of minecraft resource gathering and increase the time they have to create amazing creations.

    Well, if you really look at those mods, they're primarily a convenience.

    Time till day may not be known per se, but it can be estimated, so that just makes it more specific. same for biomes.

    Minimaps are slightly different, but with new map additions, everybody has access, lessening its impact as an "advantage", seeing as all players have access to them.

    Gains in FPS are advantages, but not unfair. It's nice to allow people whose computers aren't very good the opportunity of a faster, smoother gameplay.

    This on the other hand is basically cheating at less of an extreme: Say for instance, the mod allowed instant block breaking. Then it'd further people in griefing efforts. Or that I have infinite range with which to attack people.
    Now, while your mod doesn't do this, it DOES help towards griefing, and gives unfair edges in combat too.

    If you want to make things easier in the building aspect of MC, play easily on Singleplayer, or on a personal server -- Don't give this kind of an edge to players.... That's just my 2 cents.

    EDIT: Preferably you should make it a server mod. That way it can be given to all players on a server, not just ones who know about it :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on ♚ █ ★ Three Kings Roleplay ★ █ ♚
    Quote from Onesi

    Yea... there are some facts missing there bud.
    Try rewriting that so that it says "In addition, Ahlatki wants me to clarify he did in FACT call Hosolon a "Pretentious C**k Sucker"

    Helps to be in the channel

    Oh I wasn't ever sure if what I related was true. I'm simply relating what Ahlatki wanted me to say for him.
    I still want to make sure he's represented, as a friend.
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    posted a message on ♚ █ ★ Three Kings Roleplay ★ █ ♚
    I'm relating a message from Ahlatki

    Hosolon was banned for harassing a Moderator. eg. "a**hole" "f****t" etc.

    In addition, Ahlatki wants me to clarify he did NOT call Hosolon a "Pretentious C**k Sucker"
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    posted a message on ♚ █ ★ Three Kings Roleplay ★ █ ♚
    Cool, my first post on the new forums design!
    Anyways, I'd love to join an RP server. Though I've never Role played much, this server seems to be what I'm looking for in a RP server.
    In the OP it mentions "Kingdom Wars", but I have one question/idea. (My apologies for looking demanding in an introductory post!)

    Many times, towns are lots of fun to build, but they can get deserted, because people go to build elsewhere. I would love it if towns could be damaged, BUT, only in planned, formatted attacks. So once a week, or two weeks, etc. You would have two towns duke it out and then citizens would rebuild in the aftermath. But by making chests protected, and planning the attacks, and making certain buildings immune (like some huge public church) it could be a lot of fun... I just I'd through the idea out, because it's something I'd like to see, heh.

    Anyways, My apllication:

    First Name: Christopher

    Minecraft name: KamiCosmic

    Age: 16

    What you want to accomplish: I'd really like to build on a server whose atmosphere and environment keeps me wanting to build. Too many times I've gone on a server, only to be bored of building, because the community/server organization isn't active and exciting. RP as well as the community seem kind and fun, and casual, which is really comforting.

    Create a Short Biography: A wandering romani(male gypsy) and music aficionado, I enjoy trekking around the world. Searching for cozy villages or welcoming towns to stay, until I find it time to leave, and begin another journey, I make use of my time in each town. While I usually find music my main pleasure, I have since expanded my skill-set. Whilst in towns, I attempt to spruce them up, doing small bits of manual labour and crafting shrines, dungeons, shops, and whatever tickles my fancy. But, while generally happy and carefree, I also have strong anger underneath my otherwise empathetic front.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] [July 11] BetterBlocks 3.7
    Ever think about adding gates?
    It's something that's been suggested for a while, and it looks like you might good working with fences ;P
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    posted a message on ☼OmniCraft☼[MinimalLag|MatureCommunity|Vent|iConomy|On 1.5!]
    In Game Name: KamiCosmic
    Age: 16

    Why You Want To Play Here: I'm currently looking for more servers to play on, try out, and to hopefully frequent on, due to lack of a server that I can really call "home" (Sorry to sound a little cheesy there). Zesty cheese aside, the most attractive thing about the server is in the topic title itself: [Mature Community]. If there is one thing that makes a server, it's the community, and you seem to understand that. I'd love to join you guys!

    Post/Link A Cool Project You Have Done: Although not yet complete, I am working on an enormous ship approximately 100 blocks long, and 37 blocks wide. The reason I chose to make the ship big is because I like dealing with curvature of projects as well as "building big" when possible.
    Links: http://db.tt/Hsi4TE9 http://db.tt/XQbNcfb

    Where Did You Hear About OmniCraft?: Funny story, actually. The guy who is applying before me (fool) thought it would be nice if I played on this server with him; We've also played on the same server together.

    Have You Been Banned From Another Server Before?: No, I've never been banned, and I'd love for it to stay that way.

    Have You Read The Server Rules?: To summarize the rules, No crooked behaviour (Stealing, Hacking, Duping, Exploiting, Griefing), Be respectful (Language, Not trespassing, Abide by town rules), and finally, Use common sense.

    What Will You Build First, and How Will You Make It Aesthetically Pleasing?: Contrary to my big projects, I will obviously need to form a basic headquarters and base of operations.

    Any Additional Info: The only thing that I haven't mentioned is that I'm quite lazy! I'm hoping that with a new server, I can possibly correct my bad habit of leaving projects incomplete, though.
    Oh, and I forgot to mention I'm trying to 1-up fool on his application :3

    Gah, I'm extremely stupid: To sit in solemn silence
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    posted a message on [<=1.6.2] TehKrush's Mod Archive - Timber!, PlasticCraft, HiddenDoors, Squirrels
    Hello there, TehKrush.

    I wanted to let you know that More Flowers 1.4 doesn't seem to allow for the creation of dyes from each flower.
    Though, I notice that it should allow for dyes, in the original post.

    The flowers are fine in the game world, though. The only issue seems to be dye creation.
    I didn't happen to see anything about it in the last few pages, but, sorry in advance if this has already been mentioned.

    The issue happened very easily when I created a new world.

    Thank you for the mods, and I hope you can help me :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    Quote from Kainzo »
    Server down at the moment - working on putting it back up.

    Hate to bug you while you're trying to put it back up, but, do you know the cause,
    and might you know how long it'll be until the server comes back up?
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    posted a message on Mega Man Legends Texture Mod (RELEASED)
    Quote from MegaManTrigger »
    Quick spoiler: Dyes have become varied colors of lipstick. Your paintings will lack talent without it! Be sure to pick some up from the nearest beauty parlor.

    Hah. I read it over once, and was like... why the hell is dy- HAHAHA.
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    posted a message on Modders Kicking Notch At His Own Game
    Wooh, this thread is a lot to read through.
    Anyways my input is this:

    Notch did make minecraft, and though it contains many unoriginal concepts, it is still fun.
    So yeah, props to Notch for garnering attention to a fun game.

    The modders also get props, for the constant stream of content they add to minecraft.

    Like a guy a couple posts said, Notch has, unfortunately, gotten lazy.
    Thing is, because it's in development, I think it's OK to criticize Notch's work ethic, but not entirely.
    I mean, other games (sometimes) spend long periods of time in development too.
    Thing is people need to have patience, like now, BUT, in the case of Minecraft it has gone on a bit too long.
    It's not even the slowness of Notch's work that angers me. It's that he's doing other ****.

    Now, I would say that modders are sort of on-par with Notch. He provided the structure (Not willingly, through API or anything, but regardless he provided it) And they added content.

    Seems kind of like a give-take thing if you ask me. (If it weren't for Notch's work ethic)

    To anybody talking about how the money makes no difference, you are right and wrong. You argue that those who "complain about a game having bugs" don't realize it's in Beta. But MC has way to many bugs than it honestly should. In addition, yes it's only $15, but It's "money" no matter what way you look at it. And if I pay for a game, even if it's in development, I expect a damn game to be developed. If he pushed out development it'd be fine. But he isn't.

    I mean, by all means complain about Notch, but you know, realize that it's just complaints themselves that are warranted.

    tl;dr: Basically, notch is "alright" but his ethic sucks. And modders are cool, but they didn't make the core of the game.
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    posted a message on Herocraft =FULL RESET/MAP WIPE [Towns=PVE=Lvls=Spells=Coin]
    Kainzo, Did you ever decide whether or not we are going to reset the map?
    I would assume so with the "super-Hardcore" attitude you're directing the server in.

    Can we expect things like loss of Global chat, or anything or the sort?
    Also, have you taken in any though as to introduce a formal trade system?
    (You'd probably have to look for a mod, and only once it's updated)
    I'd appreciate not having a "drop the stuff" system, because in a
    "dog-eat-dog" style of game-play, It'd really make trade hard.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    Quote from Kainzo »
    Pushing an update - server down for 5ish mins.

    And maybe whitelist some people? ;3
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