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    XEliteZ Mods

    Description of XEliteZ
    XEliteZ is a modding/gaming group which loves to make mods and videos so show some support by subscribing. You can find more information about XEliteZ and our mods on the wiki here

    XEliteZ Youtube Channel

    Kalvin's Mods
    Now on CurseForge: CLICK HERE!!!

    FrostCraft is a mod with multiple features in a winter theme, including: mobs, blocks, items, weapons and machines.
    This mod is open source and you can view the source code and the changelog here

    note: until the wiki has been completed it's recommended to install Not Enough Items for information about recipes. I implemented extended NEI support for this mod so all the freezer and frost enforcer recipes should show up as well in NEI
    Feature list
    Energy System(still requires some debugging and additions where needed but for now it works fine)
    Not Enough Items Recipe compatibility (currently unavailable since NEI is not yet released for 1.7.x)

    Green - Finished
    Blue - Currently working on
    Orange - Started
    Red - Not yet started
    Purple - Planned

    Castle (currently just a tower):

    A new boss, Frost Wing:

    A bunch of machines:
    More Screenschots

    Moved to CurseForge(Requires Minecaft Forge Recommended build and installing the XEliteZ Update Utility is recommended)

    All Downloads
    -Decreased the annoyingness of icicle spawning
    -It's finally possible to craft all machines
    -Added Frost Guard
    -Made some small visual changes
    -Fixed a few minor issues
    -Guardian's crossbow has been updated with new visuals and actual crossbow bolts (note: guardian items will be a rare drop for the Guardian's of the frost castle/tower so unobtainable in survival yet)
    -Fixed icicles not spawning while snowing
    -Fixed some Enforced Tool rendering bugs
    -Fixed Frost Wing's tower spawning
    -Kind of increased the level of translations of Enforced tools
    -Added some translations
    -Updated to 1.7.2
    -Fixed some stuff with the XEliteZ Update Utility plugin
    -Enchantment effects on enforced tools don't render as usual anymore
    -Temporarily dropped NEI support
    -Fixed Frost Generator gui name display
    -Fixed Frost Enforced tools render issues
    -Official release
    Planned Alpha release date:01-03-13
    Planned Beta release date:07-09-13 Beta program removed. The visual updates that would have been in the Beta updates have moved to after the official release.
    Planned official release date:21-12-13

    Iron Pressure Plate
    Ever wanted to make doors that automaticly open without the chance of mobs getting in(unless they spawn inside your house).
    Here's the solution: The Iron Pressure Plate!!

    Iron Pressure Plate is now Open source, so take a look at the code here

    The new custom texture support can make your pressure plates hard to see.

    1 min review by Frozen Inferno:

    The all new Advanced Iron Pressure Plate:

    The new settings tab adds passwords:

    More Screenshots
    Screenshots taken in version 3.0 of the mod:

    The recipes are now on this page of the XEliteZ Wiki
    Downloads Moved to CurseForge Project.

    (Requires MCPortCentral bukkit build, Forge version and a compatible client version: recommended:
    Download for Bukkit Server(1.4.6)

    1.2.5 Technic/Tekkit Special(Based on 3.2.1)
    Bukkit(required for tekkit servers)

    Server(for non-Tekkit 1.2.5 Servers)

    Get Forge here
    All downloads here
    Even older downloads here
    1.Download the mod
    2.Download Minecraft Forge here
    3.Install minecraft Forge in your minecraft.jar
    4.put the IronPP zip in your .minecraft/mods folder
    5.start minecraft and see what happens

    it's reccomended to pick up all pressure plates before updating(or backup your world
    1.Download the new version of the mod.
    2.replace it with the old one.
    Q. Why are some versions in the changelog red?
    A. These versions are/were only available by manually compiling the source code, becouse I only upload a new version if I have a new Major build or if it is asked and I always update the source code to work completely.

    Q. Can I add this mod to my modpack?
    A. Of course you can, but you must credit me(XEZKalvin) in the modpack or the full name of the mod including a link to this page.

    If your question isn't between the ones above feel free to ask it as a comment.
    -Pressure Plates can now be placed on some 1.7.2 non-solid blocks
    -Updated to 1.7.2
    -Updated to 1.6.4
    -Added changeable power strengths (currently only item weight is editable, all other entities their weight value can be edited with NBT file editors)
    -Added a new cool rendering for the advanced Iron pressure plate
    -The slot icons are now chosen between five set images (usefull for new texturepacks, also makes the old texture patches unusable)
    -Fixed server pathfinder crash bug (hopefully) version)
    -Quick update to 1.5.2
    -Allowed downloading through new Update Utility
    -Fixed config file location (hopefully)
    -new PP Renderer
    -1.5.1 support
    -Highly reduced startup slowdown when checking for updates
    -Implemented XEliteZ Update Utility support
    -Updated to 1.4.7
    -Switched to new download provider
    -Fixed connected textures (and possibly more) compatibility
    -Quick fix for blocks with metadata
    -Fixed texture on side display
    -Fixed mod blocks with a custom texture file not working correctly
    -Fixed the id's.
    id's are now 2150 and 2151 if you delete the old config file.
    -Re-added Bukkit Support
    -Fixed Gui to not drop Items if you misclicked the PP-Slot
    -Update to 1.4.6
    -Fixed gui for better compatibility with NEI and TMI(not confirmed)
    -Fixed update Checker
    -Started using minor Build number
    -Added update checker
    -Fixed configuration
    -Added update settings in configuration
    -Fixed Pressure Plate not powering the block under it
    -Updated to 1.4.2
    -Added option in settings tab to ask password on block break
    -Added settings tab
    -Bug fixes
    -This update should fix Multi Dimension support
    -Fixed SMP support again
    -Added more advanced shift clicking.
    -Fixed transperant vertical line in texture tab.
    -Fixed Pressure Plate loosing texture when chunks unload.
    -Added update key.(F4)
    -Now support shift-clicking
    -Added custom Texture support.
    -Added all Entities to the list.
    -Fixed LAN support for forge 240 and up
    -Fixed Server not loading
    -Added the Players tab to the advanced pressure plate
    -Added the advanced iron pressure plate
    Texturepack patches
    How to install texturepack patches
    1. Get the patch for the texture you want(if available)
    2. Save the image as APP.png(right click on the image in the web browser to save)
    3. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft/texturepacks.
    4. Open the (zip)folder of the texture pack.
    5. Open the gui folder.
    6. Copy the APP.png in the gui folder.


    All patches are made by kalvin so for the patches count the same license as for the mod and the texture pack and do not redistribute without my permission.

    XEliteZ Mod Update Utility for 1.7.10
    The XEliteZ Update Utility is a small thingy that XEliteZ mods are currently using to display the available updates.
    Downloading Works:

    After shutting down minecraft using the shutdown minecraft button it copies the files:

    If the first link doesn't work, try the all downloads link below.Download(Requires Minecaft Forge Recommended Build)

    All Downloads

    Discontinued mods
    greek mod: here
    Battleaxe: here
    Action Icon API: here
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    Quote from Paint_Ninja

    Thanks. :) Now the only issue is that the modpack is MC1.4.7 and the issue isn't fixed on the MC1.4.7 version of this mod. :(
    In that case... I found out I can get my code back from github history, so I made this new update for 1.4.7 (is now also listed in older versions)
    So here you go:
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    This is just a little tab in creative mode in which you can put an Item and then it shows all the enchantments you can get on that item and maybe you should be able to set custom levels(even levels that you can't get in vanilla MC). This might be usefull in custom/adventure maps.
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    Quote from BliinkfifteyVG

    #1 Idc if he gets banned

    #2 Idc if its in the wrong section i just want an answer

    #3 nty im on a mac

    #4 dunno wtf thtat is

    #5 im only 14 i dont got a job or dont got money

    #6 read this,.

    lol i'm 14 and even I know what that all is
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    Quote from ironbran

    nothing against you, but i just dont like this answer anymore.

    people do search. but something that was not relevant a week or a month ago, may in fact be relevant now.

    mirrors would add a new, creepy depth to minecraft. currently, paintings are useless too. why not add useless mirrors?

    Finaly, somebody who agrees and not just says "it's not possible and useless" and leaves.
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