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    YES, I finally didn't barely miss the signups for one of these! Welcome back, good ma'am. I look forward to being involved in this, one way or another. ;)

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    Quote from Azanor»

    Sorry guys, I have to put TC on hold. Check the OP for my reasons.

    As others have said before, I completely understand your decision and support it, but please consider open sourcing this. It is and will always be, by far and without question, the greatest modification for this game, and it would be an incredible shame and a waste to let it die. I know you said you may come back to it, but plans change, and open sourcing it would keep you from worrying about having to come back at some point. And of course, if you did want to come back, I know the community would gladly welcome you and hand the reins back over.

    Regardless of your decision, thanks for the fun, man. You and your works are truly amazing and inspiring, and have completely changed my view of game/story design for the better. :)
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    Welcome to the page for KalStuff! Yes, I know that was unnecessary because the title and banner should have already told you what page you're looking at.... KalStuff is a mod that, as the title and banner also say, has random stuff. While originally started by me(Kalman98) to test out modding in 1.8, soon me and some friends decided to start a modding team. We needed something to practice on, so I uploaded KalStuff to GitHub and we started working together. Even though KalStuff was created as a test, by this point it has enough content to make it fully playable(to some extent). With content ranging from chicken nests to moon flowers, it will suit all your random mod needs!


    TEAM Modding Team is currently working on KalStuff, in partnership with Creeps, inc..
    TEAM Modding Team consists of the following members:

    Kalman98 - code, models, and textures, leader of project

    pianoman373 - code, models, and textures

    CircuitLord - code

    PieCrafter314 - code

    ParkerMc - code

    Angelgal246 - textures and art

    Creeps, inc. members blackout4488 and nunyabiznis both help with KalStuff by supplying ideas.


    is a mod that adds random stuff to Minecraft. We can't really think of a
    better description... but maybe this video will help!


    You can download all versions of KalStuff from CurseForge at:

    KalStuff is distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0. Basically, it means you can do
    what you want with our code, even modify and redistribute it, as long as you give us credit for it and
    don't attempt to make any money off of it. You can read the whole license here if you want to.
    Or you could just download the mod and get to playing with it!


    Now! KalStuff is in Beta stage and isn't a full release. We've got more to add before that!
    No idea when the first official release will be.


    Because we can! Do we really need a reason to add new stuff to one of the most awesome games on the planet?
    And besides those reasons, modding is just fun!


    To install KalStuff, simply download the jar appropriate for the version of Minecraft you are using from the links above.
    Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed, and you've run Minecraft with it at least once.
    Then copy the mod jar file into the mods folder in .minecraft, and run Minecraft.

    As for how to actually use the mod, there is a wiki set up on GitHub, which you can find here.
    We update it as we release new mod updates, so it should always have the information you need.


    Most of the current features in KalStuff are:

    Crushed Ender

    Bridge Blocks


    Chicken Nests


    Wild Grape Vines, Grape Vine crops and Grapes

    Walking Sticks

    Some Randomly Generated Shack Thingies

    Trash Cans

    Blocks of Potato, Apple and Carrot


    Jewel Soup

    Blocks of Ender and Blaze




    [1.11.2-0.8.0] - 2016-03-30
    - grape seeds with trellis, plants into a grape vine
    - Great Grape blocks
    - grape vines have a 1 in 500 chance of turning into Great Grapes at full growth
    - wine and empty wine bottle (still a work in progress, but working enough)
    - boxing gloves, a dyable weapon that "knocks out" entities instead of kills them
    - entire structure/framework required for new entities - no new entities yet, though

    - updated to work with Minecraft version 1.11.2.
    - grapes make (more) sense
    - grape seeds are no longer plantable
    - grape vine textures now have a trellis
    - removed open soda cans from creative inventory
    - remodeled the structure of the code to make things more organized in general
    - seriously, it's completely redone
    - the project looks so much better
    - sodas now require endstone to craft, to make them less over-powered
    - all drink items are now usable in creative mode and when your hunger bar is full
    - bridge blocks now give an error message when attempting to place blocks outside of the world
    - updated error message when attempting to use an invalid block/item on a bridge block

    - grape vines now drop the correct items/amounts when broken
    - daggers no longer extend swords/have the sweep attack
    - bridge blocks eating up your items when attempting (and failing) to place blocks outside the world


    - Updated to Minecraft versions 1.9 and 1.10

    - Added teleport sound to bridge blocks

    - Added daggers using the new 1.9 combat mechanics

    v0.6.2c beta:

    - Added sodas

    - Moon flowers glow based on the lunar cycle

    - Added the block of baked potato

    - Made the food blocks edible

    - Minor changes

    * Bridge block particles and sounds now work

    * Fixed bridge block orientation bug

    * Fixed bacon textures

    * Fixed grape vines dropping way too many seeds

    v0.5.1 beta:

    - Added config option to change cottage rarity

    v0.5 beta:
    - Added lots of stuff. Very detailed.


    Here ya' go, some screenshots so ya' know it's real:

    grapes image

    Bridge Blocks:

    Thus marks the end of the page for KalStuff. We really hope you enjoy the mod, and please, give us feedback if you try it!

    Bugs and issues can be reported here(I think, at least), but you can also leave them in the comments of this post, although they may not get answered as quickly there. If you have ideas for stuff we could add to the mod, by all means, post them down below, although I would prefer you have tried the mod before asking for us to add stuff to it. If you happen to want to make a mod review, I'll happily post it on this page as long as it is family friendly. Thanks for reading through to the end of this post! Unless you skipped straight to the end here. If that's the case, you missed out on a bunch of nice plain text.
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    Quote from PlatinumHydra»

    How do you set the light levels of a magma block using commands? I don't know what the data tag is


    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Magma blocks do not have any NBT data. The code for the game's lighting is confusing, and I will not even pretend to understand it all, but from the looks of things, every block has a lightLevel variable, which determines how much light the block gives off. For the magma block, it constantly gets updated to check whether its own lightLevel or the level of light around it is higher, and adjusts its own value to the higher of the two. The lightLevel variable, which all blocks have, is not part of the NBT, in the same way that the hardness of blocks, which is how long they take to break, are variables but not NBT.

    I hope I helped you understand how that all works and why what you want cannot be done. I know you didn't ask for a long explanation, but I gave one anyway. I'm sorry you can't do that, though I can think of one workaround which could be feasible under certain circumstances. You could have command blocks that place a magma block and then a torch/light emitting block next to it, with the torch being at varying distances depending on how high you want the light level to be. Then just destroy the torch instantly, and if you want to change the light value again, replace the magma block with a fresh one and place a new torch, all of which should be practically instantaneous with the proper command blocks set up.

    Thanks for giving me something interesting to investigate. Again, I hope I've helped you in some way!
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    What's that, an update you say? Indeed it is. After quite a while, KalStuff has updated and now works in all Minecraft versions of 1.9 and 1.10! In the process of updated a few minor things were tweaked and a new item was added. Actually, five new items, which are daggers.

    Daggers utilize the new speed combat mechanic in 1.9. They swing twice as fast as a sword and do just over half as much damage. Perfect for dealing small amounts of damage and knockback at the same time!

    Please be sure to report any and all bugs you find at the KalStuff issue tracker on GitHub, which can be found here. I THINK it should let anyone report bugs, at least. No one's ever done it besides the TEAM members. So find a bug and be the first person to report! Anyway, enough of this, go try out the update already!

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    Hello everyone who has requested for me to make things for you. I can't explain how sorry I am that it's taken me this long to get the creations to you, but I recently started a new job which has been taken up most of my time. Also Lent is a really bad time for me redstone- and video-wise. I'm getting my schedule worked out though, and as you can see from my front page and my YouTube channel I have managed to make another video now(by the way you should seriously check that one out). I just want to let you all know that I will be making videos for what you wanted FOR REAL this time. I'm hoping to have them all done within a month from now(I know that that's a long time, but I've got a ton of requests stacked up now). I'm planning on having them all done a while before that, but I'm saying a month just to be safe. I'll be making videos whenever I am able to, so keep an eye out for them. Again, I'm sorry that it's taken me this long, but I just haven't had the time for this. Even though I enjoy it extremely, I do it for free, so I can't make it more important than some of my other obligations. And no, this is not an April Fools joke. That would just be cruel.

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    Welcome, to:

    Kalman98's Redstone


    About two years ago, I was a beginner at redstone, and I enjoyed it. With my limited knowledge of it at the time, I built things. They were big and overly complicated, but they worked, and I was happy. I thought it would be cool to have a place where I could show other people the things I had created. And so I made this thread. And now, I'm(fortunately) much better with redstone, and I still want to share what I make. I've got lots of creations that don't end up on here, but the ones that I think are good enough I post. I also take requests from people. If you have some redstone creation that you want created, just ask me. I can probably help you. I enjoy the challenge of creating new things, so please do. Anyway... on to the redstone!


    This is a list of my personal inventions, circuits, and machines.

    1.9 (almost)Infinite Diamond Generator

    I think that the title is pretty self explanatory, but yeah. A DIAMOND GENERATOR!!! Watch the video and then go make one before Mojang releases an update to fix it! Sheesh, why are you still reading this? What more do you want me to say??? GO WATCH THE VIDEO!


    Villager Sorter and Trading Hall with Powered Rail Input

    I made this on the request of GrifterMage. It's survival friendly, and takes villagers in at a very fast rate on powered rails to drop into trading booths. It's 1-wide tileable, and doesn't use a massive amount of redstone. It also includes a reject button on each cell in case you want to remove a villager, in which case another one will replace him. Her? It?


    Maps and Games

    This is the fun stuff you can download and try for yourself!

    Minecraft "Tutorial"

    My own version of a small Minecraft "tutorial".
    Pictures soon...

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kxalx5ljnk1z9q9/MinecraftTutorial.zip
    Works in version 1.7+. I decided to make a demonstration of the new commands in 1.7. This is the end result. It's basically a "smart" machine, in that it detects actions of the player, from cutting down a tree to crafting a pick. It uses scoreboard commands with stat values. I think that this is an amazing idea, allowing for basically full-on RPG maps, that detect everything the player does, and respond accordingly. Anyway, Mojang has done a good job on this one. Enjoy!

    Toys and Tools for Mapmakers

    If you're a mapmaker, stop by here to find some ideas!

    Indiana Jones Chest Weight Trap

    Perfect for that cave that needs a special touch to make it more dangerous.
    An aerial view of the whole thing:

    The chest's contents, can be any item, just has to have as many as possible in it:

    Some shots of the repeaters and comparators, and what settings they have to be on:

    So, I came up with this a while ago. I was messing with comparators and their new features, and here's what I got. What happens is, comparators can read how full a container is through walls. When the chest is completely full, the comparator gives of a full strength signal. That signal goes directly into another comparator, which has another full strength signal going into the back of it. The chest's signal cancels out the other comparators signal, so no power goes through. Whenever you remove even a single item from the chest, it's signal get's weaker, so it doesn't completely cut off the other comparator's signal. The second comparator has a repeater in front of it so even the weakest signal will get boosted through, and that signal goes to two places. It goes to a wire that tries to set off the trap after a small delay, and it the other wire it leads to a sort of gate, when there's power, the first wire can go through, when there's not, it doesn't allow the trap to be set off. This allows an item to be taken out, and another one put in to turn back on the gate to close it. Wow, that was harder to explain than I thought it would be. Well, the pictures should help, just set it up like they show. Now, if you'd like to see it in action, here's a sort of showcase of it, if it were in a map.


    Race Track Lap Counter

    I made this thing on the request of F1SHST1CK5. Using command blocks, it keeps track of what lap on a race track players are on, makes cheating impossible, and announces who wins the races. Does not include betting.


    Outdated Stuff

    Are you SURE you want to see it? This stuff is waaaaaay out of date, and from a time when I wasn't very good with redstone.

    Are you really REALLY sure? Please brace yourself if you somehow are:

    Minecraft redstone is amazing, the only problem with it is it's lack of randomness. Well, I set out to find an answer to that problem, and here it is! A fully working redstone random number generator, just press a button for a number:
    One Section of the generator:

    Five sections put together:

    The contents of the dropper, thus giving you a number five out of nine times:

    Pressing the buttons five times in a row:

    The entire setup, including output wires:

    The back:

    Update! Just so everyone knows, later on after I created this, SethBling went and basically outdid me with a much more compact and reliable version, which can be found .
    Altogether, this is a pretty compact piece of circuitry. I did not come up with the tile-able pieces, those are Sethbling's idea, from his Item Sorter video . I just added the dropper, and the output wires. Please note also, the slabs are there because of the fact that blocks under the minecarts do not seem to work anymore. Place the track piece on the hopper, place the minecart, push it, and break the track. The minecart will float out of place for a minute, but will then fall into place. Do not put the next minecart in until it does. You also need to make sure that you keep it inclosed and lit up, as mobs can mess up the minecarts.

    Rock, Paper, Scissors!

    Here's my first big project to post. It may not be everyone's favorite game, but it's made with redstone!
    Just a few screenshots of different parts of the game.

    An above ground shot of the game, showing some of the circuitry.

    Download: http://www.mediafire...ors.zip Of course, it uses my randomizer as the computer, and it runs about as fast as if you played it in real life. It shoots out the item it picked, tells you who won, and plays a little song depending on it. It's nothing too special, but for me, it's my first actual release of something I made. You can download it and try for yourself, if you'd like. If you do try it, please tell me how you liked it!

    Double Jumping

    Yes, double jumping in minecraft! Useful for many maps, and works anywhere!
    Pretty much the whole thing right here:

    What is typed into the command blocks:

    A screenshot of my remote activator:

    Pretty much, when It is powered, the nearest person to it is switched to creative for less than a second. This allows them to double tap space bar, going up several blocks, depending on the delay of the repeater. After the time is up, they are changed back to survival. You would have to modify it for whatever you want to use it for, of course. If you have any ideas on how to solve the problem of the player being able to break blocks while in creative, please tell me. Also note that I am using Sethbling's trick, slightly modified to work better. You can power it however you want, though. I used the remote activator because it allows the player to decide when they can jump.

    Mario Kart Item Box

    Originally by SethBling, but this version, by me, doesn't use McEdit! (Note: Yeah, I may have over-documented this one)
    The front, just to make this look nice and fancy:

    The pressure plate, with the "Item Box" next to it:

    A player running through:

    The box breaks as the player runs through:

    After a short delay, the box pops up again:

    The left of the contraption, with a piston deciding if the player can activate it, and another that breaks the grass/flower:

    A quick pulse shortener:

    A wire running next to the piston to under ground, dispensing the player's item:

    Another wire leading around to the other side, with delay:

    The wire on the other side:

    The wire, leading to the dispenser which grows the grass/flower again with bonemeal:

    A simpleRS (NOR) latch to make sure the player can't activate until the box is back:

    The piston that allows or cuts of power from the pressure plate:

    One final view of the left from above:

    So, this is a nice redston-ey way of doing it, with no MCEdit required. Of course, SethBling's way is probably easier, but, if you can't get MCEdit, or you just don't want to, for some reason, this is what you need. Items given can be anything, but a stackable item is better, since you can put more in the dispenser. It should be possible to line up multiple ones across a road, like in the real game, with a little fixing up. Water can also be used to break the grass, but I figured a piston moves faster. Enjoy!

    Well, that's everything I have here at the moment. I hope you enjoy this, questions and comments are appreciated! If I build a unique idea you had, I'll post it here, stating that you thought of it! Feel free to use my ideas if you would like to, but don't claim that you invented them, please. Don't put my maps up for download anywhere else either. Make sure to check back again for future updates!
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    pefan is correct. Pokemon games and what they can be played on can be somewhat confusing, as there are a whole lot of them. I'll try and list out which games are what here:

    First off, any game made for a DS works on a DS Lite. There are no Pokemon games made for the DSi either, although the DS ones work on a DSi as well. Also, Pokemon games come in sets, as has been established. Depending on which game in the set you get, besides slight variations in the storyline, there are also a few Pokemon you can't get. Which means you need both games in the set, so you can trade Pokemon between them to collect them all. That's one of the most fun parts of Pokemon: getting friends with the other game so you can trade with them. The third game in each set has some Pokemon you can not get on the first two, as well as some that are unobtainable and must be traded from the first two. Now...

    I won't put the original GameBoy games here, as they won't work on a DS Lite.

    The first games I'll list were originally made for the Gameboy Advance, but work fine on a DS Lite:

    Fire Red and Leaf Green. These are remakes of the original two Pokemon games, Red and Blue.

    Ruby and Sapphire. These were the first Pokemon games that were not remakes to be released on the Gameboy Advance.

    Emerald. The third game after Ruby and Sapphire, sort of combining the two. In my opinion one of the best Pokemon games ever.

    And now the DS games:

    Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Remakes of the Gameboy games Gold and Silver.

    Diamond and Pearl were the first Pokemon games that were not remakes to be released on the DS.

    Platinum is the third game after Diamond and Pearl, sort of combining the two.

    Pokemon Black and White are the next generation after Diamond and Pearl.

    Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are part of the Black and White generation, where the storyline begins two years after Black and White's storyline ends. They are still their own games though, separate from Black and White.

    End of list.

    And every Pokemon game since those are for 3DSs so far, and can NOT be played on a DS Lite. The 3DS games include Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y.

    You by no means need to play the Pokemon games in order. They are all their own games and can be enjoyed on their own just fine. Also, I feel like I should mention that in every Pokemon generation, about 100 new Pokemon are added on top of the ones that there already are. That means that, for instance, Pokemon White has around 100 more Pokemon that Pokemon Diamond has. That doesn't make Diamond any less fun to play than White, I just thought I would let you know. Oh, and there are lots of spin-off games, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger. Those are fun, but the main games(which I have listed above) are the best.

    You've gotten lots of replies to this topic by now, and I'm not trying to be better than anyone else. I'm just trying to list all of the information in an ordered form so you can look at it all easily. I hope this helps you some. Even if it doesn't, at least I got to show off some of my Pokemon knowledge. :D

    Edit: My list is for the US versions of the games. In Japan, the original two GameBoy games were Red and Green, not Red and Blue. But that's unrelated.

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    Quote from Jacob_Ellinger»

    make me a sandwich

    Redstone Sandwich - Completed.

    I made a redstone sandwich mod for 1.8 for you. It adds one item, the redstone sandwich(obviously).


    You can craft a redstone sandwich like so:

    Eating a redstone sandwich doesn't restore your hunger bar, though. In fact, it takes away 1 bar of hunger. I don't think redstone is very nutritious, do you? But redstone is powerful. So in exchange for the bar of hunger, it gives you 8 saturation. That's more than three times the amount of saturation you get from a golden carrot.

    You can download the mod here.

    I hope you enjoy your fresh redstone sandwich.

    Download source code.

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    Quote from Jacob_Ellinger»

    make me a sandwich

    I'm on it.
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