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    Java Edition is more resource heavy than the more recently coded Windows 10 edition, which happens to be written in (the much more efficient) C++. Windows 10 edition is the same version that is able run on phones as well, it was designed to be as lightweight as possible.

    You never posted your PC specs, so it's possible it's a simple matter of hardware. Would you be able to post your specs so we can work from there?

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    YES, I finally didn't barely miss the signups for one of these! Welcome back, good ma'am. I look forward to being involved in this, one way or another. ;)

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    This build is amazing, but I'd like to ask about one thing. In the third screenshot, the middle lamp on the floor seems to be lit, and as I've tested the build myself I have found that it is always on. Was that an intended feature or a bug? Or is that lamp supposed to show that the specific segment is full?

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    Quote from Azanor»

    Sorry guys, I have to put TC on hold. Check the OP for my reasons.

    As others have said before, I completely understand your decision and support it, but please consider open sourcing this. It is and will always be, by far and without question, the greatest modification for this game, and it would be an incredible shame and a waste to let it die. I know you said you may come back to it, but plans change, and open sourcing it would keep you from worrying about having to come back at some point. And of course, if you did want to come back, I know the community would gladly welcome you and hand the reins back over.

    Regardless of your decision, thanks for the fun, man. You and your works are truly amazing and inspiring, and have completely changed my view of game/story design for the better. :)
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    Just trying to sum up what everyone has said above into one post for easy access.

    First of all, I highly suggest downloading your mods from here:


    It's a highly trustable site (run by the same folks who maintain this one) which probably contains one of the biggest databases of mods in existence. To use mods for a certain version of Minecraft, you need Minecraft Forge for that version. To download Minecraft Forge, go here:


    On that page, in the "Minecraft Versions" section, choose the version of Minecraft you are using. Once you've clicked that, go to the "Download Recommended" area and choose the "Installer-win" file. Download that, which will take you through AdFoc.us (if you haven't used AdFoc.us before, it' pretty simple. Wait about six seconds, then click the red "SKIP" button at the top right corner).

    Once you've downloaded the installer, run it, and you should be able to install Forge for your client. Once that's done, open your Minecraft launcher and change your profile to Forge. You may need to edit your profile to change the version to the one you installed - just look for the Forge version number, the one you saw on the downloads page when downloading it. In the launcher, the version should be named something along the lines of "release 1.11.2-forge1.11.2-". You can now run Minecraft with Minecraft Forge installed.

    As for the mods, they're pretty simple to install. A quick note, though: you cannot have mods for two different Minecraft versions at once. You are only able to use one version of Minecraft Forge at a time (though you can install as many versions as you want at once), therefore only the mods made for that version will work. So, download your mods for the version you want, and then go to %appdata% like you have already done. Go into the .minecraft folder, and then, if it doesn't exist already, create a folder called "mods" (with the 's' at the end). Open up the mods folder and move/paste all of your mod .jar files into it. Assuming you did everything, your mods should now be installed. Try running the Minecraft Forge version you installed from the launcher. You should have all of your mods in-game, this can be verified by going to the "Mods" tab from the main menu.

    As also mentioned before, mods for the same major.minor version should work together, regardless of the patch. So you can use 1.11 mods in 1.11.2, and probably vice versa. Another note - if you want to have different sets of mods for different versions of Minecraft, there's an additional step you can take. Inside of your "mods" folder, where you put the mods, you can create additional folders. For 1.11.2 mods, you can create a folder called "1.11.2", and put all of the mods there. You can create a "1.10" folder for all of your 1.10 mods, and so on and so forth and what have you. If you do this, Minecraft Forge is smart enough to look for only the mods in your specific folder for that version, so when you run 1.11.2 Forge, it will start up with the mods in your 1.11.2 folder, and no others (except possibly mods directly in your main "mods" folder).

    I think that's everything put together. I hope I helped a little by organizing it, everyone else here pretty much covered all of it already, it was just kind of spread around and confusing. Good luck on the mods!

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    posted a message on In Defence of the Citric Squad [Twitch News Post Controversy]

    I don't want to argue about this or anything. In fact, I actually agree with most of what you have said here. I would just like point out a couple of things for the benefit of anyone who reads this post.

    What I really want to see is one argument against this news post which isn't "Shills!" or "Haha this isn't Minecraft LOL!"

    I made a post on that thread as well. And while I said nothing about shilling, yes, I said that it was unrelated to Minecraft, but I also pointed out this:

    After going to the link to try and figure out why it would be relevant to this website at all, I found that one of the games they are selling is Minecraft: Story Mode. So... I guess it's slightly, barely, kinda, a teensy bit related? But why didn't you include that in the post? It only seems logical to at least mention something Minecraft related on a website that is about... Minecraft.

    The post actually was a tiny bit related to Minecraft, but they never mentioned it. I find that very odd. Sure, Twitch ordered them to make that post, but if they're gonna do it, at least do it right.

    Also, I would like to point out something else. The advertisement at the top of the website was plenty. We have the ads all over the website already. They added a special banner at the top that is not bothering anyone to let us know about Twitch. Then they added a post to the front page about the latest news on Twitch. I understand that they need to make money. I understand why they sold themselves to Twitch. But we all know they aren't the first ones to have this problem. In my opinion, it would be better for them to simply make a post on their front page with all of the advertisements, saying "We cannot keep this site up without your support. Please consider donating to keep it alive."

    That would have explained the situation to everyone and let them prove how much they care about the forums. If the community did not step up to help the Forums after this, then obviously they would not care enough about it to see it live (or everyone went broke at once... highly unlikely). It would be completely understandable, then, if they sold out to Twitch and started posting advertisements... you get what you pay for. But to the best of my knowledge they never asked the community for help, they simple sold themselves to Twitch. They never truly gave us all a chance to realize that we needed to and could help them out, to keep this from happening. If they have already done this, asking the community for help and all, then please point it out to me, because I must have missed it. It all happened a while ago, after all.

    Now, all of that being said, I agree with the rest of what you stated. Not citricsquid, nor any of the Minecraft Forum team are to blame for this. Twitch is the one that wants more money, and are trying to turn a profit from the Minecraft Forums by using them as advertisement (again... that's what the ads are already for, though...). Nobody is doing anything sneaky, as everyone should know that Twitch owns the Minecraft Forums. I cannot think of anything that could repair the situation by this point, except for one thing. Twitch owns the Minecraft Forums, and things will stay that way. But one thing we can do is respond to what they are doing and let them know that we don't really approve of it. I completely understand why they are doing it, but there must be a better way than suddenly, without warning turning to posting advertisements outside of the advertisements sections that are already on the website.

    Which just made me realize the irony that advertisements are not allowed to be posted on this site. Ha ha, that is interesting.

    Anyway, thanks for your post trying to clear up some of the situation for some people who may not completely understand it. I am only attempting to help clear it up some more by stating my perspective on things. Although, lastly, I would like to mention that you will get less positive responses when claiming that most people leave such comments as the ones at the end of your post. Maybe it would be wise to remove those so as not to start a flame war that is completely unrelated to the topic? Just a thought. God bless!

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    posted a message on KalStuff - Another mod with random stuff! v0.8.1 for 1.11.2
    As promised, KalStuff v0.8.0, "The Great Update", has been released! KalStuff has been updated to work with Minecraft version 1.11.2. You can see a full changelog here, but here is a list of a few notable additions:


      • grape seeds with trellis, plants into a grape vine
      • wine and empty wine bottle (still a work in progress, but working enough)
      • boxing gloves, a dyable weapon that "knocks out" entities instead of killing them
      • entire structure/framework required for new entities - no new entities yet, though

    Many bugs have been fixed as well! Please, tell us what you think of the new features, and if you find any bugs, then it would help us greatly if you could post them on our issue tracker here.

    We hope you enjoy KalStuff 0.8.0!

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    posted a message on KalStuff - Another mod with random stuff! v0.8.1 for 1.11.2

    We have an announcement to make. When this project reaches 1,024 downloads, the TEAM is going to release the biggest update to KalStuff yet! If we reach that amount before February 16th, 2017, then we will wait until said date to release the update. Along with many new features added to the mod, the update will bring KalStuff to 1.11,
    so it can be used with the latest modifications! It also cleans up large amounts of messy code, and in general cleans up the mod to make the user experience better.

    So come on, tell your friends, get the word out! Be Bold! Let's get this mod updated!

    Copied from the CurseForge page. I'm sure someone will notice that.

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    posted a message on [1.16.4] Safechat
    Quote from Colecf»
    Updated to 1.10.2!

    Seems like several people did this, which is cool, but noone forked the github repo / created a pull request :(

    I just logged onto that server with the new 1.10 version and didn't get that. Could you try it with the new version?

    Thank you sooooooo much! I love this mod, it's one of my favorites, and I thought it was dead forever! I cannot believe it's back! You have made me very happy, in case you can't tell.

    Oh, by the way, I thought you may want to know that the download link is broken. For some reason it leads to an HTML page which you have to download (at least for me, in Firefox), and you then have to open the HTML page in your browser to get redirected to the actual download link.

    So your download link currently leads here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2223161/Safechat/forge.html

    But I'm pretty sure it should lead here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2223161/Safechat/Safechat-1.10.jar

    One last thing... would you mind linking me to the official repository? I can't seem to locate it on GitHub, and who knows, I may want to submit a pull request at some point... or someone else could.

    Edit: Never mind, I found the link. For future reference, it's:


    Edit 2: I'm not very smart. The link was on the front page of this thread the entire time. Heh.

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    posted a message on How to set light levels of a magma block using commands?
    Quote from PlatinumHydra»

    How do you set the light levels of a magma block using commands? I don't know what the data tag is


    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Magma blocks do not have any NBT data. The code for the game's lighting is confusing, and I will not even pretend to understand it all, but from the looks of things, every block has a lightLevel variable, which determines how much light the block gives off. For the magma block, it constantly gets updated to check whether its own lightLevel or the level of light around it is higher, and adjusts its own value to the higher of the two. The lightLevel variable, which all blocks have, is not part of the NBT, in the same way that the hardness of blocks, which is how long they take to break, are variables but not NBT.

    I hope I helped you understand how that all works and why what you want cannot be done. I know you didn't ask for a long explanation, but I gave one anyway. I'm sorry you can't do that, though I can think of one workaround which could be feasible under certain circumstances. You could have command blocks that place a magma block and then a torch/light emitting block next to it, with the torch being at varying distances depending on how high you want the light level to be. Then just destroy the torch instantly, and if you want to change the light value again, replace the magma block with a fresh one and place a new torch, all of which should be practically instantaneous with the proper command blocks set up.

    Thanks for giving me something interesting to investigate. Again, I hope I've helped you in some way!
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    posted a message on OctoCourse - Puzzle/Parkour Map [1.10+]

    I'd like to say that this map looks awesome and I can't wait to try it out. Platform Racing 2 was (and still is) an awesome game, and it was high time someone made a map based on it.

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    posted a message on KalStuff - Another mod with random stuff! v0.8.1 for 1.11.2

    What's that, an update you say? Indeed it is. After quite a while, KalStuff has updated and now works in all Minecraft versions of 1.9 and 1.10! In the process of updated a few minor things were tweaked and a new item was added. Actually, five new items, which are daggers.

    Daggers utilize the new speed combat mechanic in 1.9. They swing twice as fast as a sword and do just over half as much damage. Perfect for dealing small amounts of damage and knockback at the same time!

    Please be sure to report any and all bugs you find at the KalStuff issue tracker on GitHub, which can be found here. I THINK it should let anyone report bugs, at least. No one's ever done it besides the TEAM members. So find a bug and be the first person to report! Anyway, enough of this, go try out the update already!

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    posted a message on Kalman98's Redstone Creations - Taking Requests!

    I think that it is high time for me to respond to all of your requests. I'll start this post by saying that I am amazed that I have received so many requests recently. I'm happy to have so many things to work on, but having so many requests does mean that it will take me longer to get them all done. So, now on to my responses.

    Quote from bbrad18»

    Okay now I am a fellow redstone enthusiast, I love the stuff and its the reason that I play the game. I like to consider myself pretty good with the stuff, and I also have the problem of running out of ideas!

    But I had this idea a little while ago about an exchange system in which you put in an item, say a diamond, and it distributes your choice of currency back out. For example (referring to the chart below) you put a nether star into the system, you select that you want lapis lazuli
    back. It gives you 100 Lapis back for the Nether Star because of the pre-set values. BUT WAIT. No command blocks allowed in the exchange
    because that is just way too easy with a simple item filter hooked up to a scoreboard command.

    My Ideas for the values were something like this, obviously feel free to change them if it would make it a bit easier, but I also would like
    to keep Nether Stars much more valuable than Diamonds or Emeralds.

    Nether Star = 100

    Mob Head (Any Kind Except Wither Skeleton) = 50

    Diamond = 10

    Sponge = 5

    Lapis Lazuli = 1

    etc. (Feel free to add more as well or edit this list, but I like to use non-farm-able resources)

    ^I don't really care what the items in the system are or their values, just trying to give you a baseline

    Another aspect to the system that I would like to give you is being able to register how many items are in the system "vault" at a time by pressing a button and getting a message. This should be easy enough with command blocks and i think that it is the only way possible so command block usage for this part is okay.

    Obviously I don't need this to be survival friendly, but I would like to throw in the final challenge of making the system as compact as
    possible! Good Luck! I have tried for so long (off and on) to create this system. I tried to hook up repeater locks to item filters, or use
    the dropper counter thingy that i don't know the name for and nothing works on assigning the items a value, but maybe you could figure it out
    with a fresh pair of eyes.

    And feel free to come back at me with any questions on what I'm trying to describe and whatnot, I understand that these long requests
    can be a bit hard to follow! But like I said good luck! And I hope that this project poses a bit of a challenge to you too, I may have outdone
    myself with it hahaha

    That is definitely an interesting build, and I have started work on it. I will at least attempt to make a storage meter that works with survival redstone, but I'll most likely have to build one out of command blocks like you said. This is a rather big request so I can't guarantee I'll complete it before some of the requests I received after it, but I am working on it.

    Quote from F1SHST1CK5»

    Hi pal, it's me again. How do I make a working car? Like it has invisible armor stands with blocks on their heads?

    I'm assuming you mean a car with acceleration, steering, breaks, and all kinds of stuff like that? I know you requested that a long time ago and you may not need it any more, sorry about that. But if you do still need it... I honestly don't know how you'd do something like that without causing a ton of lag. I'm assuming you wanted it for some sort of racing minigame. Let me know if you're still wanting this and I'll see what I can do, but no promises.

    Quote from Alexis0Zorbas»

    Hello. I'm working in a Disc Farm based in a Disc Farm released by ilmango (I used some things from ilmango, like the mob farm, the mob sorter and the redstone jukebox from him) and, from what I saw still now, my Disc Farm is the best that exist. But I'm sure my farm can be improved, because I'm not a redstone expert, I'm just good at it. Maybe you can check it out and see if you can improved it somehow making more efficient, or more compact, or less laggy (although it is not laggy now). Here is my farm, I hope you can work with me in it: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/redstone-discussion-and/redstone-creations/2658439-disc-farm-the-most-advanced-disc-record-farm

    I'm trying to put more skeletons (with no blocks between then) to shoot at the creepers, using your system
    The skeletons won't pass in front to another because they will be sitting in their minecarts, so they won't shoot each other. I have to adapted this system in case some skeletons despawn and I have to do another adaptation to not lose minecarts, but until now I could not get with a solution.

    Also, I would like to see these projects come true:

    1- An Automatic wood farm made not by wither, but by creepers explosions. A mob farm and probably a mob sorter will be necessary. Also, if I put in peaceful mode and later in hard mode, the farm will continue to work.

    2- A charcoal machine attached with a furnace system. Here I would like to see a system in which the charcoal machine starts whenever there is a lack of charcoal in the furnaces and the charcoals is distributed automaticaly from the charcoal machine to the furnace system. No minecart running, no pistons on, no circuits on while the charcoal machine or the furnace system is not working.

    3- 4- A wool farm like this one, and a link to download (unfortunately xisumavoid created but he didn't put a link to download):

    For your main request, I think I can make that happen. I'll work on it when I get a chance. As for the others:

    1 - I can probably do that, but it would require the player to be inside of the contraption to get the creepers to blow up.
    2 - I think I can do that as well.
    3 - I haven't had a chance to look at the video yet, so I can't say much about it. Hopefully I can recreate it properly, if you're sure there's not a tutorial anywhere.

    I'm actually looking for a nice, compact XP farm that could be put inside a base, without looking out of Place. (LOL that rhymed) Is that possibly possible? I can't find a design fitting the description anywhere.

    Yes. There are plenty of ways to generate XP. If you want me to use a specific method(e.g. mob spawner, mob trap, smelting) let me know, or I'll pick whichever one I think will work the best.

    Could you make 1.9 mods. I had an idea of 6 items and two old simple mods combined into one. Unfortunately i wouldnt be able to play it as im on console limitations til i get a better pc.

    But in meantime, could you build a non-command block 3x3 flush door with an 3x3 trap door in front of the reg door with 3x3 trap door opening half way through the 3x3 flush door.

    I know confusing, but something im wanting.

    I don't really know what you want me to do with the mods. Are you saying you're gonna ask me to make them in the future? Either way that's more for a PM. About your redstone request though, do you mean a 3x3 door and a 3x3 trapdoor intersecting each other in their middles? If so, I'll see what I can do, but I'm not sure it's possible in Survival.

    Quote from F1SHST1CK5»

    Hey Kalman! Yeah it's me again. I was wondering if you would like to collaborate and make a Minecraft map! (If your busy, then that's o.k) So far the map name is called Natives, and it's about mutant survival. The point of the map is to find an antidote and kill the zombie (or mutant creatures) with it. It's a multi-round map with a custom texture pack the I created! (Map logo is at the bottom)

    Please let me know if you can help!

    Thx, NariLyt

    While that does sound interesting, unfortunately I do not really have time for it. Thank you for the offer, and I hope you can manage without me.

    I think that is everything. I'll try to get these all done as soon as possible. I never expected to have so many requests when I started accepting them, and I am honoured to have you all asking me for help and am more than happy to assist, but having so many requests of course means that I cannot complete them all very quickly. I hope you all understand and will be satisfied with them when I get them to you. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Kalman98's Redstone Creations - Taking Requests!
    Quote from Bryanlongwell»

    I posted this under another spot but figured I would post it here in case u can help.

    I have several fully afk farms such as melon, pumpkin, wheat, sugar cane etc... my problem is lag. So I need a system that works for me. Here is what I have atm and what I need:

    Wheat farm: hopper cart running under a 18x18 villager farm. Dropped into a chest. Then a chest minecart under the collection chest which runs to my auto sorter.

    What I need: instead of my cart going to the hopper only grabbing the 3 seeds and 6 wheat that's in the hopper and leaving. I want it to sit there and only move when that chest minecart is completely full then not running back and forth so **** much causing so much lag.

    Please help me. I have searched everywhere for a system that works and have yet to find one. Now I am a little bit of a redstone noob so a video would be perfect or pics of every angle.

    Thank you soooooo much in advance.

    Also is there a way to have a minecart go to multiple pick up points stop, fill up with what's in the chest and hopper then leave again on the same track going to the next pick up poin. Then to a unload station?

    So start empty, stop and pick up, keep going to next stop, pick up, keep going, stop at next spot, pick up then head to my unloading sorter? All fully automatic without me having to push buttons and etc.

    Please please please help

    I finally made a video for you! I'm sorry it took me so long and I didn't get it done last month, but as it turns out last week(when I planned to make the video) was one of the busiest weeks of my year so far. At the time of me posting this the video is still uploading, but it'll be up and viewable as soon as it's done. Here you go:

    You can download the world here, and also from the description of the video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zrq0m47iuhngy2n/Chest%20Minecart%20Stations.zip?dl=1

    I hope that this works like you wanted, and enjoy. By the way, do you think you could remove/change the word from your post which I starred out in the quote above? You never did it when I asked before.
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    posted a message on Kalman98's Redstone Creations - Taking Requests!

    a missle that doesnt require many resources

    ...And I've finally made a video for you! I'm sorry that it took me so long, but here it is:

    You can download the world file here. I hope it works for you, and thanks for the request!

    Edit: Um... what's going on, Minecraft Forums? For some reason that world download link leads to this page, even though I've set it to go to the DropBox file multiple times now. If you want to download the world, I suppose you'll have to copy and paste it from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xrzuxdyxdszosyq/World's Cheapest TNT Missile.zip?dl=1

    Edit 2: ...And now that second link works but the first one still doesn't. :huh: I don't know, just click the second one if you want the world.

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