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    posted a message on [1.5.2/2.0] XCommands - Public Release (Last updated: 16th July)
    I'm getting the same error with /reach. Tried both using the console, and /c.

    Additionally, this works WITHOUT forge installed. So, it's a forge compatibility thing, I assume?

    This was using the most recent Forge release as well, not the recommended. Trying with the recommended version..

    Edit: Even with the recommended version of Forge, this happens. Additionally, upon starting my SSP world or logging onto my server, it says [XCommands: checking for XCommands on client] which doesn't happen without Forge.
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    posted a message on Minecraft : Massively Forge Modded

    Episode 3.

    Apparently I don't have any editing software that works well at all, so I'll be looking into that in the future!
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    posted a message on Minecraft : Massively Forge Modded
    Howdy folks!

    Starting up a fancy Let's Play series over on my Youtube channel : http://www.youtube.c...ser/Kairuni1234

    Essentially, the server is modded quite heavily.

    Primarily focused on building neat things, machines and otherwise. Episode 1 and 2 are up, currently. Recording a few episodes over the next few days, as I will be gone for a week or two here and there for work. =)

    Anything I do with Computercraft will be available sooner or later. After I get more resources, I'll walk you through building some Redpower 2 machines (resources shouldn't be a problem any more after Ep 2.)

    Not Enough Items
    Rei's Minimap
    Buildcraft + Additional Pipes + Thermal Expansion
    Chicken Chunks
    Computercraft + MiscPeripherals
    Ender Storage
    Industrialcraft 2 + Gregtech + MFFS + Nuclear Control
    Twilight Forest
    Redpower 2
    Iron Chests
    Misc Peripherals for Computercraft
    Advanced Solar panels for IC2
    Portal gun
    Soul shards
    Steve's Carts
    Balkon's Weapon mod
    Wireless Redstone

    Config file will be available at a later date.

    The redpower 2 low miner there actually has several issues with its functionality, and I had to basically block off the sides and the top for it to be remedied. If I can ever get to it, I'll show you guys in a future episode. Currently, it's something like 15,000 meters away from the base.

    Cheers, hope you enjoy. =)
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] FiniteLiquid v5.93
    Only problem I'm having is that I cannot drown unless I hold still. Love it, beyond that!
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    posted a message on WHATS WRONG WITH ALPHA??????????????
    Quote from Emphursis »
    Quote from eatenrug »
    quick specs: 4 gb of ram, 250 gb hd
    gcard: moble intel(r) 4 series express chipset family, tot memory 1.7 gb

    You have a laptop with a shitty integrated graphics card. You will lag, a lot.
    The 1.7GB 'total memory' is in fact largely shared memory which is practically worthless. You probably have about 128MB of dedicated GPU memory.
    The only way a laptop can run MC is if the graphics option is set to 'fast' and the fog distance to the minimum. Even then you will get lag.

    It runs perfectly fine on my laptop.

    ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5870, 1GB of VRAM.
    17.3" display.
    8GB RAM.
    Intel Core i7 720QM
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    posted a message on Stronger REDSTONE with picture
    oh god no more iron recipes please ):
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    posted a message on Destruction, and Building
    As a means to make water and lava traps more feasible, I would like to suggest adding a 'build time'
    This would also combat people trying to make it through your defenses, as it would take significantly more time to build a tower up above your walls, and it would help make it harder to flood entire areas, as has been demonstrated to be fairly easy!
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    posted a message on Baezon's Redstone Simulator v2.2!
    Buttons operate like switches, but only stay on for a moment. t's very easy to delete a switch when you try to simulate a button's delay.

    Also, for some reason, things like this aren't working:
    :Red: = redstone on ground
    :Orange: = a block with a torch on top of it
    :Red: :Orange:

    works fine.
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    posted a message on Tradeoff: Compact Circuits (REVERT CHANGES)
    Quote from The_Fool76 »
    Quote from tp1212 »
    Hmm, I only see two opinions in here...

    1: The red stuff is lame in general, make it go away!
    2: The update to the red stuff did not make it better, revert it!

    and no "The update made everything make sense again!" opinion, is there anyone who agrees to it?
    Otherwise I'd say reverting is a good idea.

    You are missing the third one.
    3: The update removed functionality, here is a suggestion for a way to give that back without reverting.

    Hmm... I still don't see the red block idea in the suggestions forum.
    (Which is where we are supposed to put ideas like that yes?)

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    posted a message on Red Stuff Block, courtesy of cocyte
    Quote from cocyte »
    Quote from Samonite »
    Quote from ZarroTsu »
    A solution for everyone: Have it so circuit nodes are only a specific material instead of ANY material?

    Thats actually a good idea. What about using iron blocks? This will also make gates expensive..

    Indeed, a good idea... Here is a variant :

    Those blocks should act like the dust form, but allows construction and block passages. All the previous ultra optimized circuits will be buildable again, and the fact that other blocks can act as isolators will lead to even smaller designs :smile.gif:

    Also, if they glow when powered, 7-segments leds will be prettier than ever!

    Quote from ZarroTsu »

    Why not just some other red powder combination for a new block?

    Doh. editing the image took some time...

    Quote from Lithomatic »
    Also, I think circuits are going to become the new pixel art in multiplayer. Annoying crap with no creativity involved, spread out everywhere. I know a lot of people (myself included) are going to be trashing any circuits they see unless it does something really, really cool. Traps, automatic doors, that sort of stuff is okay, but if someone starts making RAM or something in an MP server, you'll regret it!

    RAM for the sake of RAM is useless.

    But you will NEED them for more advanced devices : I was working on a 3-way full directional rail junction, switchable from any side :

    [] [] :|: :White: [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] [] :White: [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] [] :White: [] [] [] [] []
    [] :White: :White: :Red: :White: :White: [] [] []
    [] :White: [] [] [] :White: [] [] :|:
    [] :White: [] [] [] :Red: :White: :White: :White:
    [] :White: [] [] [] :White: [] [] []
    [] :White: :White: :Red: :White: :White: [] [] []
    [] [] [] :White: [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] [] :White: [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] [] :White: :|: [] [] [] []

    with :White: being fixed rail tracks, :Red: being the switchable rail tracks and :|: the command levers or buttons.

    Please tell me how to do this without gates and latches?

    Maybe something a bit less expensive though, 2x2 in crafting, perhaps? Depends on what Notch wants to do, really.
    This would allow us to still do fancy optimized stuff, and mix in a bit of the old 'red stuff' torch functionality.
    Also allows us to create wall-alarms, like we did before, etc.
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    posted a message on "red stuff" logic gates
    Except then you need to add in another layer of blocks for the red stuff to sit on :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Tradeoff: Compact Circuits (REVERT CHANGES)
    You forgot the third option, tp:

    Create a red-stuff block that functions as every block did before the change.
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    posted a message on "red stuff" logic gates
    Won't work, torches don't pass their signal through any blocks at the moment =(
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