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    Hello, I have a computer that is completely dedicated to running a Minecraft server with an AMD FX-8320E (8 cores, 3.2GHz) and 8GB of RAM. I'm sure it's a CPU problem since I have allocated 7GB of RAM to the server and ~50% of it is free.





    Actually Additions




    Better Achievements

    Better Builder's Wands

    MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod

    Chisels & Bits

    Cooking for Blockheads

    CraftTweaker JEI Support

    Just Enough Items



    Doomlike Dungeons

    Elevator Mod




    Just Enough Resources



    Pam's HarvestCraft

    Persistent Bits

    Quick Consume

    Random Things

    Recurrect Complex

    Redstone Paste

    Refined Storage

    Roguelike Dungeons

    Simple Conveyors

    Slash Blade

    Spartan Shields


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    The mod for the lazy


    Simple mod that adds 2 extra slots for consuming food with the click of a key.

    By default the two keys are G and H, but they can be configured. To swap items in your current primary hand with the slot, press shift + the key of the slot. To consume the item in the slot, simply press the key of the slot.

    Vanilla health potions can be added to the slot, but because they cannot be stacked, are not optimal. This mod solves that issue by introducing a normal healing potion and a greater healing potion. To create the normal healing potion, combine two gold nuggets and an Instant Health Potion I in a filled cauldron and right click with a stick. To create the greater healing potion, do the same process as before but with two gold ingots and Instant Health Potion II. The heal 2 and 4 hearts respectively.

    Mod-added items should be compatible if they abide by the ItemFood or ItemPotion classes set by vanilla Minecraft.


    For more information and downloads, visit the Curse page (you can donate there too ^_^ )

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    Are there any updated resource packs that are similar to this one?

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