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    Quote from thrd4me»
    Minecraft IGN: Pyzinsky
    What’s your age?: 19
    Why are you interested in joining?: Looking for a community to join and be a part of
    What are you supposed to watch out for?: Swarmlings

    Accepted! You've been whitelisted. Welcome to the Void!
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    We’ll put fancy headers here eventually. Promise!

    || THE VOID ||
    Gaming community & family!


    Current Version:

    Welcome to the Minecraft Forums post for The Void! We’re a community of friendly folk that are looking to branch out and bring people aboard our fledgling community bandwagon. And what better way to do so than by hosting a Minecraft server?

    Fancy shaders...

    What’s the experience like? Features?

    If you’re looking for an experience that isn’t run-of-the-mill survival, then look no further. We’re using custom terrain generation that renders the Minecraft landscape a shattered realm. Hundreds of floating landmasses dot the world, hovering over the deadly abyss below. Resources and space are limited, animals are scarce, and the most valuable of ores such as diamonds only generate at the very bottom of islands. Even traveling from island to island can be a terrifyingly exciting experience, as all it takes is one wrong step to send yourself to your doom.

    While we’re looking to be unique, we’re also looking to preserve the vanilla-esque gameplay experience. We use Essentials to provide a few quality of life commands such as /tpa, /sethome and /spawn, but omit plugins that drastically change the overall experience (beyond our Skylands generation). Player enforced anti-grief is done via the Factions plugin; further allowing friends to team up and work together… Or do the opposite.

    What are the rules?

    1) Don’t be a ****. Keep it civil. Treat others with respect.
    2) No slanderous, hateful or derogatory speech.
    3) No spamming, click-baiting or trolling of the chat.
    4) Listen to staff’s law (Overseers & Hive Mind).
    5) Keep the world looking as pretty as possible! Please no 1x1 pillars or floating trees.
    6) Watch out for the Swarmlings!
    7) Cheating of any sort will get you punished at staff’s discretion.

    Get whitelisted!

    We’re a mature community with usage of crass languages and occasionally a crass joke or two. We do not currently have a set age requirement, though that may change in the future. For now, we judge based on overall maturity of a person. We will be heavily biased towards people that are 16+, though there are exceptions.

    Minecraft IGN:
    What’s your age?:
    Why are you interested in joining?:
    What are you supposed to watch out for?:

    Post your application on this thread! One of our staffers will see to it ASAP.

    In the meantime, get involved!

    Join us on our official Discord!
    Our Minecraft channel is open to the public, so feel free to pop in and see what's going on.
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    IGN: Kaide_

    What’s the most important rule?: “Most importantly respect everyone and behave intelligently”


    Name: Cadence

    Profession: She calls herself a huntress, though take that title with a grain of salt

    Weapon(s) of choice:

    Elegy (shield);

    The line between the defensive item and herself tends to blur heavily. While she can largely mimic human appearance and blend in with them, the facade tends to be weakened as soon as people see her arm. Specifically her left arm, beginning around the elbow downwards, appears to have been stripped of the coloration and texture/material that makes the rest of her so convincing. This was done out of utility, as this said arm has been modified to support the attachment of Elegy. The metal shield itself can collapse in on itself for compact movement, but when it is uncollapsed and ready for use, it resembles closely to a knight’s shield of ye’ olden times. It is lightweight and incredibly sturdy, but doesn’t possess any special abilities beyond it’s compact mode.

    Reprise (sword/sniper);

    (For quick visual reference, imagine this but with a blue and black color scheme)

    At first glance, Reprise is a compact firearm that can extend out to reveal a full-fledged sniper rifle for distance-oriented combat. With a click of a button situated conveniently around the grip, however, the weapon slides out a blade from underneath, folding in such a way to become akin with the likes of a sword. The firing mechanism is still perfectly usable in this stage, and Cadence often utilizes it to keep up momentum during fights. She tends to utilize mostly Dust-filled bullets, and this is evident by the fact she touts around clips of various colors around her belt.

    Race: Android

    Why are they coming to the wild, dangerous town of Lerwick from the safe, civilized city of Vale (if not born there)?: Cadence’s creation was commissioned by a wealthy but somewhat controversial Faunus businessman in Vale. She was originally intended to act as human-likeness companion and bodyguard for his daughter, whom was eager to get out and experience the world as a Huntress. This companionship was unfortunately cut short, when his daughter was killed in a terrible act of racism-fueled violence. The man, sensing what appeared to be genuine regret and remorse in Cadence with the fact she wasn’t able to protect her, allowed her to be sent off to the likes of Lerwick in order to attempt to carry out a legacy cut all too short.

    RP Test:

    -Wandering around the partially ruined (spawn) town of Lerwick, you spot a local Hunter fighting a large werewolf looking Grimm by himself just down the hill from where the town sits. He's struggling with yellow Aura levels. You can see a person in the distance walking down the same road you're on. What do you do?

    Me: *glances back at the person in the distance walking down the same path, shouting* Be wary! There are Grimm nearby! *she takes off sprinting down the hill towards the Grimm and Hunter, nearly losing footing on the descent*

    Grimm: *roars in increasing agitation and ferocity at Cadence’s arrival, attempting to strike down once more upon the Hunter*

    Hunter: ******* got-- *parries the attack just barely with her sword, managing to push it away* ******* got the jump on me!

    Me: *is watching the Grimm carefully as Reprise unfolds into sword form. She’s looking for an opening to strike*

    Hunter: Don’t just stand there! *he shouts angrily, turning his attention towards the android*

    Grimm: *snaps its jaws angrily, swiping sideways at the Hunter*

    Hunter: *yelps out in pain as he’s caught off guard, being struck off to the side and losing grasp of his weapons*

    Me: *is kickstarted into action by this, activating her shield as she tries to charge in between the monster and the wounded Hunter to prevent further injury*

    Grimm: *tries to strike down upon Cadence’s shield, its other set of claws trying to rip at her however it can*

    Me: *obviously is struggling to hold off this much pressure and weight from the Grimm* Get out of here! I can protect you while you run!

    Hunter: *grunts in pain, managing to clammer his way over to his sword. He transforms it into a pistol form, taking aim from his spot on the ground and attempting to fire several rounds upon the Grimm*

    Grimm: *the shots actually manage to hit it off guard, causing it to falter and stumble back in disoriented pain*

    Me: *immediately gets the hint and vertically swings her sword upwards at it, trying to move in for the kill as fast as she can*

    Grimm: *is cut upwards, and stumbles backwards further, clawing at its own face and the wounds its sustained. It’s not happy*

    Me: *reforms her stance, Elegy raised preemptively and Reprise poised for an attack*

    Hunter: *grumbles as he hauls himself back to his feet* Such hesitance… *he spits at the ground in distaste* Whatever. I’ve still got a lotta’ kick in me yet. *he laughs, charging towards it* Let’s take this mother****er down together!

    -After investigating the recent robbery of the town's scarce food supply, a Hunter with sparse evidence accuses another Huntress of doing it. As he threatens to kill her on the spot during these desperate times, a crowd of town members appear around them. You're in this crowd. What do you do?

    Me: *carefully but hastily nudges her way up towards the front of the crowd, able to see the scene unfolding in entirety*

    Hunter: *is yelling at the Huntress, stepping towards her threateningly as he anger grows along with the crowd*

    Me: Stop! *steps towards the man, fist raised in attempt to get his attention*

    Hunter: *suddenly spins around away from the Huntress, instead pointing his weapon at Cadence* Don’t you dare get involved in this!

    Me: *freezes up, lowering her fist slowly* … This isn’t wise. *she states slowly but flatly* Please think about this. Violence is unnecessary and senseless against each other. We should be standing together as one, right? Not divided. *the crowd slowly but surely begins to agree with her, getting progressively rowdy by the moment towards the Hunter*

    Huntress: For once I think the girl is right. *she hisses out in annoyance* If you’re going to accuse me of such a crime against this town, then at least present proper evidence. Stupid imbecile.

    Hunter: *growls under his breath but slowly lowers his weapon pointed at Cadence, especially with how rowdy everyone is getting*

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    Is this server still active? I'm itching to get into something like this.

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    posted a message on || The Collapse || An immersive RP/Horror/Survival server [Now recruiting players!]

    IGN (In-game name): Kaide_
    Why would you like to have a pre-defined role?: It seems like it would be an interesting take on a roleplay, helping fit my character into the puzzle of a web with other players. Overall, it seems like a good way to piece things together.
    Are you experienced with roleplay?: Yes, I would say so. I currently have about five years of experience under my belt, with roughly a year or so of it being on Minecraft RP servers.
    In roleplay, what does Metagaming mean?: Metagaming is the act of exploiting otherwise out-of-character information in-character. A good example is your character suddenly knowing exactly when and where a war is going to begin, simply because you heard OOC that it was planned to happen.
    In roleplay, what does Powergaming mean?: Powergaming is, as the name implies, making your character unreasonably powerful through unrealistic means. It's a bit of an umbrella term, but an example scenario is having my character leap out of the bushes to lop off your character's head in one fell swoop without a chance for you to react. It's both unrealistic and not allowing you a chance to resist.

    Please provide a RP example/response to the following scenario, using this format:

    Me: Don't touch me! *Screams*
    Bandit: Listen! Give me all the goodies you have in your bag! Now! *Starts pointing him with a gun*

    You are walking through the streets of "Varisvara", a small old town located in an island. As you walk you notice a shining object in an alley. You attempt to grab it but as soon as you crouch and try to catch this object someone appears behind you. Then this person says something to you...

    "Hey, what do you think you are doing?!"

    Me: Me? I was just trying t--
    Bandit: Don't start **** with me, girl. *points pistol at, staring her down* You're treading mighty thin ice here.

    Me: *puts hands up, beginning to back away* It was just something shiny! I'm not trying to harm you.

    Bandit: *growls, glancing around to see if they're alone* I'm giving you ten seconds to scram, unless ya' want a bullet in your head. Don't come back, 'else I'll kill you for sure.

    Me: *nods slowly, quickly turning on her heels and fleeing the scene*

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    posted a message on RWBY Server Interest Check :: "From Dust"

    I'm a huge RWBY fan, so this is definitely something I would super interested in. You have my interest!

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    posted a message on 1.8 | The Last Ark | A Server Based on Exploration and Discovery l A New Role playing Experience l Fully Launched and Rocking!

    Don't forget your old shipmates!


    In game name: donyat123

    Timezone: Pacific

    Age: 17

    What role-playing experience do you have?: Three or so years of general RP experience through things such as forums, and loosely a year of experience in MC RP.

    Why did you choose us?: A smaller-ish map is the first reason, mainly due to the fact I dislike RP servers with huge sprawling maps. Secondly, the server isn’t run of the mill high fantasy which is rarity too good to pass up in my eyes.

    Skype Name (Optional for Group Chat): cow_mugger (yes, don’t look at me like that lol)


    Name: Sarah Wright

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Place of Birth: U.S.S Defiance

    Defining characteristics and physical appearance: She’s considerably short, standing at roughly 5’1. Very light blonde and somewhat dirty hair that goes down to around her chest, tied back in a ponytail. She has blue eyes. Can basically always be found dressed in a blue and gold vest and hat which presumably is meant to resemble the getup of a captain.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Sarah is swift on her feet and seems to possess a natural flexibility, both of which she tends to utilize in her courier endeavors. She can come off as naïve though, leading her to sometimes make mistakes because she doesn’t know any better. She is also uneducated about the world beyond the Defiance, her education not going much beyond reading, writing and very basic math.

    Does your character own property on the ship? If so, what kind: She resides in a cabin with her mother and father, which she likes to think she “co-owns”. As for personal property, she has an old leather satchel which she carries around to store things in and a worn pocket knife.

    Background Story (At least two quality paragraphs): Born fourteen years ago in the sick bay of the U.S.S Defiance, she would grow to basically call the sprawling ship as the only world she knew of. Sarah was precious to her parents, a true blessing sent to them in a time of hardship. This led to them becoming pretty paranoid about her venturing off the relative safety of the carrier whenever they docked, only allowing her to do so if they absolutely had to. It was all for their only child’s safety. For the most part growing up, she was relatively okay with this. The ship was big as could be for a young girl like her, and the outside world didn’t sound that fun anyways.

    As Sarah grew older, she came to realize she had a knack for being swift on her feet. She found running to and from around the ship freely to be pretty enjoyable. This coupled with an instance where her father asked her to deliver a package across the ship for him at roughly twelve years old led her to realize she could help people by acting as what was apparently called a courier. From then on, with permission from her parents, Sarah was doing all she could to help people deliver stuff to and from whenever possible. It didn’t really matter what it was a person wanted delivered; as long as she could carry it (preferably in her satchel), she would deliver. Her familiarity with the ship certainly helped in her little job and soon she found a steady flow of requests to get done. To sweeten the deal, she also sometimes got rewarded with little knick-knacks and treats by those happy with her work.

    Now in the present at the age of fourteen, she has begun to wonder about the outside world beyond the ship. As with most teenagers, she has begun to get the urge to become more independent and spread her wings. She has decided to go on her own personal little quest for knowledge of the land still left after the seas rose up whenever possible, with or without the consent of her now frequently busy parents. She still very much enjoys her running-and-delivering though and she very much intends to continue work with it.

    Rp Scenario (Two paragraphs, any scenario you'd like): Sarah pushed the door to her and parents’ cabin with a heave, poking her head in to see anyone was currently inside. Unfortunately, it seemed to be her parents were nowhere to be found. This had become quite common now-a-days, her parents more often than not off working their butts off doing who knows what around the carrier. She still saw them, of course, but she wished they didn’t have to be so busy all of the time. Entering the cabin, Sarah shut the door behind her before slipping off her dirty brown boots and setting them down to the side out of the way. After that, she went over and climbed onto her bunk and allowed herself to lay down on her back with a plop.

    Staring up at the ceiling of the cabin, Sarah allowed herself to relax for a bit. She didn’t deliver anything today, but she had spent the free time she got from that by practicing her running. You had to stay in shape, after all! She thought she did pretty well, only ending up bumping into one person through it all. Smiling a bit, she remembered a few mere pieces of candy she stowed under her pillow. Blindly reaching under, she grabbed one of the pieces of candy in a wrapper and unwrapped it, popping it into her mouth. Obtaining the sweets she had was really rare, but she figured she could indulge. She’d spend the rest of the evening lying in bed, allowing herself to imagine what adventures there was to be had off the Defiance, all the while waiting for the familiar click of the cabin door unlocking and her parents stepping inside.

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